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HP primarily in winter and spring season 3 which includes monsoon. The spring season begins in February to April. The winter season starts in October to March. Winter is the ideal season to visit Himachal and a huge crowds of tourists is to see this season.


Hindi is the official language, but hilly Himachal Pradesh, which has various dialects and sub languages ​​used widely by the people here can be seen easily. Mandiali, Kulavi, Khluri, Hinduri, Sirmouri, Miahsawi more.

HP Tourism

Seeing the beautiful site of the main 12 districts, religious sites, fishing, hiking, gliding foot, trekking, river rafting, golf, Paragliding, always with skiing to the attention of tourists from around the world have come.

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Enjoy the fresh snowfall in Shimla and Manali

Winter season is one of the best time to travel in himachal pradesh to experience the breathtaking beauty of Snow Clad Mountains, frozen lakes of Himalaya and winter sports activities. The Himalayan state Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand experience heavy snowfall during the winter season in India. Famous Winter Travel Destinations in Himachal tourism are Shimla

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tourits trekking in himachal

Himachal Pradesh famous sights for adventurous auto-trekking

If you are passionate about traveling and trekking then India is a best place where you can fulfill your passion. We are talking about Himachal Pradesh. It is a place where is a beautiful rivers, greenery mountains, tall snow-clad, climb, to fine tune from there by looking at the surrounding landscape is very good Experience.

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Himachal Pradesh’s Study Of Rivers

Himachal Pradesh’s five major rivers in the state, which is constantly moving, Beas, Yamuna, Sutlej, Chenab, Ravi river. Four of the five rivers that flow in HP is mentioned in the Rig Veda. At that time they were known by other names such as chandra bhaga (Chenab) Purushni (Ravi), Arijikiya (Beas) and Shutudri (Sutlej) Yumnotri fifth

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Hundreds Of SBI ATM Card Block In Himachal

State bank of India has blocked around Six lakh debit cards in all over India and also blocked hundreds of ATM card in Himachal Pradesh. With millions of customers across the country by cyber criminals to swindle the bank took this step as a precautionary measure. HP, along with other states for the protection of

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Himachal Pradesh Beautiful Acres

If you love the mountains and in a quiet and beautiful place to spend a few days, then there can be no place better than HP. Fresh in summer you will not only state, but will bring you closer to the nature. The blanket of snow covered Himalayan looks gleaming white peaks, miles and miles

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Society and Culture of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a multilingual and multicultural state. Since ancient times because many lives were under strain because of the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh is very diverse, colorful and rich. 

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Popular Religious Places

Popular religious places Himachal pradesh is Known as the name of Dev bhumi Himachal, This state is very famous also for religious places. Many touristers are come here for visit in these religious places. There are some Religious places : Maa Naina Devi Temple : This temple is located in 51 km  away from Bilaspur.

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Himachal pradesh is a state in North India, forming part of larger punjab region. Himachal pradesh has a several hill station.