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5 Best Himalayan Treks To Explore in 2021

Best Himalayan Treks

Amazing treks can be found in the Himalayas, and many people come from around the globe to experience them. The Himalayas are surrounded by beautiful scenery, including lush green lands and tall stranding peaks. Trekking in the Himalayas used to be considered difficult and dangerous. However, the Himalayas became accessible to adventurers after the first ascent of Mount Everest. Trekking to Everest is the most popular, but many peaks are worth exploring and unique.

Beautiful sunrise and colorful flowers covering the valleys on the trek make it a memorable experience. The Himalayas can be found in India, Bhutan, Nepal, and China. We all dream of climbing the Himalayas. If you’re also a dreamer of trekking in the Himalayas and are interested in this list, it will provide information about the best time to go, the difficulty level, and the months to do the trek in the best areas in the Himalayas.

5 Best Himalayan Treks

1. Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek
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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • Best Time to Trek: Any time of the year

If you are interested in trekking the Himalayas, this is a great option. Nag Tibba trek is located in Mussorie Gharwal region. It is one of the best Himalayan trek in Uttrakhand. The temperature at 9,914 feet high is between 16-18 degrees (summer daytime) and 10-12 degrees (summer nighttime). Winters are mild, with temperatures ranging from 12-14 degrees to 2-4 degrees. You can trek all year, as the weather is always pleasant. For 2-3 days, you can camp at Nag Tibba and enjoy the lush green forest with exotic oak, rhododendron, and cider. You will be able to see the Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini, Srikanth, and Black peaks from the route.

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2. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Chandrashila Trek
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  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy-moderate
  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • Best Time to Trek: March-May and September-December

The Chandrashila trek, which is surrounded by breathtaking views, is one of the most popular. The gallery of snowy mountains is adorned with colorful blossoms, pink and red rhododendrons that seem mesmerizing. A majestic sunrise can also be experienced where the sky turns orange by the golden rays from the sun. Thus, it is possible to enjoy both the beauty and adventure of nature on the same trek.

3. Deoban Weekend Trek

Deoban Weekend Trek
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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • Best Time to Trek: December to May

The trek is approximately 15km long and starts in Chakrata. This trek takes only two days and allows you to see the whole Himalayas in a short time. As there is often too much snow in winter, it is best to do this trek in the spring or summer. The trail offers a stunning view of Deodhar green lands and mountain peaks. This trek’s name comes from Deodhar, as Deodhar trees surround it.

4. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek
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  • Duration: 7 days
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Region: Kashmir
  • Best Time to Trek: from Mid-June through September

Tarsar Marsar trek is located in Kashmir, the most beautiful part of India. The trek is moderate because you will need to cross the lakes from Tarsar to Marsar and Sundarsar. You will be surrounded by wildflowers, alpine trees, roaring waters Lidder and many other natural wonders. The lakeside trek offers a completely different experience. One can watch the wildlife from the other side. The lucid sky above and the emerald water of Tarsar down below.

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5. Khopra Ridge Trek

Khopra Ridge Trek
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  • Duration: 9 days
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate-Difficulty
  • Region: Nepal
  • Best Time to Trek: March-April or October

Khopra Ridge trek is unique experience, i.e., Walking on the ridge, is like walking on air. At 15,709 feet, you can see 23 Himalayan peaks. The stunning views can be seen from Dhaulagiri to Machhapuchhre to Annapurna I. Other mountain peaks of the Annapurna area. You will find yourself in a peaceful place far from the crowds, and you will be presented with two main points: Khopra Ridge and Khayar lake. This is one of the best Himalayan treks you should do if you want to enjoy the Himalayas ‘ beauty peacefully.

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