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Must-See Ruins and Historical Sites To Visit In St John

Historical Sites To Visit In St. John

Looking for the best historical sites to visit in St. John and ruins to visit while staying at St. john rentals? St. John is world-renowned for its stunning, postcard-perfect vistas, but it’s also an island of history and culture.

The following are some of the best sites and ruins to visit while you’re in St. John:

4 Best Historical Sites To Visit In St. John

1. Cruz Bay

Cruz Bay is the capital of St. John, with shops and restaurants lining the streets.

This small town is home to a number of great attractions, including the Cruz Bay Historic District, which was built in 1796 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places; Fort Berg Estate Museum & Gardens, which features a plantation house from 1799; and the Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center, where you can learn about St. John’s natural history and wildlife.

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2. Coral Bay

Coral Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on St. John—and it’s also home to a number of fascinating historical sites: Coral Bay Settlement (1850), Coral Bay Schoolhouse (1917), Coral Bay Post Office (1925), Coral Bay Lighthouse Museum & Visitor Center (1928), and many more!

3. Annaberg Plantation

If you’re looking for a historical sites to visit in St. John, Annaberg Plantation is an excellent choice. This historic plantation was once owned by Dr. Harry Thybony, who was one of the first people to settle on St. John. He built his home on the property in 1895 and lived there until his death in 1936.

4. Caneel Bay Resort

Caneel Bay Resort was founded by Laurance Rockefeller, whose family has been involved with Virgin Islands National Park since 1935. The resort is located on Caneel Bay (hence its name), which is part of Virgin Islands National Park and home to some fantastic snorkeling spots. It’s also one of only a few resorts in the Caribbean that has won five stars from Forbes every year since its inception in 1999. So if you’re looking for a day trip or an overnight stay that will make your vacation truly unforgettable, this is it!


Ultimately though, the best historical places to visit on St. John will vary from person to person. When you visit any of the sites or ruins listed above, you will have a chance to experience the rich and exciting history of St. John. If you have enjoyed this post, please share it with your travel savvy friends!

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