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Languages of Himachal Pradesh: A Cultural & Multilingual Heritage

Himachal Pradesh Languages

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most gorgeous states in India. Apart from its natural beauty, the state is well-known for its diverse languages. However, the Hindi language has the respect of the official language but Pahari is the most preferred Himachal Pradesh language, but locals here use many other sub-languages also. Different dialects are used throughout the state. Moreover, you will notice the difference in pronunciation even after some distance. People here are multilingual, and they speak to each other in plenty of languages. The origin of most languages is Sanskrit. To know more about the different languages of this magnificent state, let’s check the list of local languages spoken in Himachal Pradesh.

What is the language of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh’s official language is Hindi but has a mixture of many local languages. The people of Himachal Pradesh are from different origins, and therefore, you will find a mixture of many languages. Let’s have a look at some of the most common and local languages.

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12 List of Local Languages Spoken in Himachal Pradesh

Language Spoken in Himachal Pradesh

1. Sirmauri

Sirmauri is one of the regional languages of Himachal Pradesh, and it is spoken in the Sirmaur district. Additionally, the Pahari and Jaunsari languages are also very common in the district. The Gir Ganga divides the district into two parts, which are Giri War and Giri Par. These two parts have different dialects. In the Giri War, people speak in Giriwari, whereas locals of Giri Par use Giripari.

2. Kullvi

While the official language of Himachal Pradesh is Hindi, various dialects are used throughout the state. While exploring Kullu, you will realize that people here speak the Kullvi language. However, this language has three sub-dialects. These three dialects are Main Kullvi, Sainji, and Siraji. Kullvi is mostly spoken by the residents of Upper Beas Valley.

3. Barari

This language is named after Berar, and it is very popular in Jubbal. Additionally, Brari is also spoken in Rohru tehsil and Kotkhai. This language follows up on the Tons River. Beyond this site, the Jaunsari language begins. Another language is also spoken in the south of Jubbal, is Kirni. There is an area called Kiran, and Kirni is the Himachal Pradesh language name of this small village.

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4. Mandeali

As the name suggests, this particular language is used in the town of Mandi and related areas. Mainly the lower parts of the Mandi district use this dialect. Apart from this, there are many other areas in Mandi Block, such as Dharampur, Sunder Nagar, Padhar, etc. You will find a little change in the tone of the language in every part of Mandi. Languages used in Suket and Sundernagar are known as Suketi.

5. Chambeali

In addition to all the above-mentioned languages, there are some other dialects also. One of them is Clambeali. It is the Himachal Pradesh language that is used in the Chamba district. In the area around Chamba, almost five dialects are spoken. These languages are-

  • Bharmouri (Bharmour area)
  • Bhatiali (in Bhattiyat tehsil)
  • Pangwali (in Pangi tehsil)
  • Churahi (in Chaurah area)
  • Chambeali (in and around Chamba)

6. Kahluri

Kahluri is also famed as khadi boli, and it is spoken in the Bilaspur area. According to some surveys, Kahluri is an underdeveloped Punjabi language and It is the local language. However, there are around six dialects in Bilaspur and the surrounding area, but Kahluri or Bilaspuri is the most popular. Although, all dialects seem the same with a little difference in pronunciation.

7. Baghati

Baghati is used in the Solan area, and more than 3 Lakh persons use this language. Baghati’s name is associated with the former Baghat princely state. The language is also used in Pinjore. Its main sub-dialects are Kuvihari and Arki.

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8. Mahasu Pahari

Mahasu language is usually spoken in the Shimla district, and as you know Solan and Shimla were the old Mahasu district parts. According to different areas, there are different dialects like Upper Mahasu Pahari and Lower Mahasu Pahari. It has six sub-dialects namely Haduri, Shimla, Siraji, Bari, Soura, Choli, Kirani, and Kochi. It is the language of more than 5 lakh people.

9. Kangri

Kangri is the main Himachal Pradesh language and one of the most popular. The language is spoken in various areas like Hamirpur, Una, Kangra, Bilaspur, Joginder Nagar, etc. You may listen to this language in every part of the state. Some of its sub-dialects are Shivala, Kandi, Noor Puri, and Palanpuri. The language is also spoken in some parts of Punjab.

10. Kinnauri

Kinnauri language which is called Homsakad is spoken by 75% of the people of the Kinnaur district. It has sub-dialects which are spoken in different regions such as Sanganur, Jangiyam, and Shumko. It contains a plurality of Sanskrit words. Some scholars have made a deep connection with Mundari spoken in Chota Nagpur.

11. Lahauli

Lahauli language is also called Stod Bhoti. It is mainly spoken in the Lahaul and Spiti districts. Pattani, Gehri, Gaara, Chagasa Rangloi, and Manchati are the sub-dialects, and 80% of Lahauli people speak these languages.

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12. Spiti

Spiti language is also known as Spiti Bhoti. it is the Tibetan language that is spoken in the valley of Spiti.


All these are the most popular languages that are spoken in the most beautiful state of India. Along with the geographical diversity, the Himachal Pradesh language has many dialects. There are different languages in almost every district. Moreover, locals of some districts communicate in more than two regional languages.


1. How many languages are used in Himachal Pradesh?

Hindi is the official Himachal Pradesh language but the language of Himachal Pradesh is called Pahari language, which has many dialects like Mahasu Pahari, Mandeali, Kangri, Kullvi Bilaspuri, Kinnauri, Lahauli, Pattani, Chambeali and more.

2. Is Pahari a language?

Pahari is not a language, it is a group of Indo-Aryan languages spoken in the Himalayan areas.

3. Which language is spoken in Shimla?

Majorly Hindi is spoken in Shimla but some local people speak in their local language which is Mahasu Pahari.

4. What language do they speak In Dharamshala?

In Dharamshala most common languages spoken are Hindi, Tibetan, Pahari

5. What language do they speak In Manali?

In Manali most common languages spoken are Hindi, English, and Kullvi.

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