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Sar Pass Trek Guide 2024, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Sar Pass Trek

Do you love clicking pictures of majestic views? Well, you must go to the Sar Pass Trek to see what heaven looks like on earth. Settled against a curtain of magnificent Himalayas peaks, this trek passes through some of the most breathtaking views. From ice blankets to meadows, you will discover all these things on your way. It is one of the most popular treks, and adventure junkies come in huge numbers to boost their adrenaline rush. Moreover, Sar Pass is a great trek for beginners as well. If you are also planning to go on this trek, read the following blog to prepare yourself in advance.

Sar Pass Trek Overview

Sar Pass Trek Distance
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Sar Pass Trekking Quick Facts

Adorned with magical valleys, wildflowers, and alpine forests, this trek will give you a thrilling experience and adrenaline rush. Some of the facts related to this trek are mentioned below.

Sar Pass Trek Distance48 kms
Duration4 Nights And 5 Days
Best Time To VisitApril To October
Maximum Altitude13,800 ft
Temperature-5°C ( Min. During Night Time) to 22°C (Max. During Day Time)
Sar Pass Trek Difficulty LevelEasy To Moderate

It is an ultimate trek for beginners and will treat them to a thrilling experience.

Best Time For Sar Pass Trek

Best Time for Sar Pass Trek

The best time for this amazing trek is April to October, as the weather is pleasant then. During this time, the trails are fewer, and there is snow on the passes. You will see snow-covered peaks, which will make you drop your jaw in awe. There will be more lush green forests, which will truly improve your visual experience.

If you are going for the trek in the winter season, from October to December, the weather is unpredictable. Everything will be covered in the snow, making it difficult for you to complete the trek. So Sar Pass trek best time to visit is the summer season.

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Sar Pass Trek Itinerary

Sar pass trek itinerary

Making an itinerary in advance is essential to make your trekking trouble-free. Trekkers will need 5 days for this trek.

Day 1 – Kasol To Grahan Village

  • On the first day of the trek, you will have to trek through Rhododendron Forest.
  • Start from the center of Kasol, and proceed to the left of the Grahan Nallah.
  • It is an easy trail, and you will cover the distance in a couple of hours.
  • Once the Grahan Nallah is passed, the trail becomes rocky. Climb uphill through the Rhododendron forest.
  • You can even pluck Rhododendron petals to eat them on your way. Moreover, you can mix them with water to make a refreshing drink.
  • You will reach the Grahan Village after a steep climb. Spend your night in the tents at Grahan.

Day 2- Grahan To Mung Thach

  • Sar Pass trek height is 4220, and on the second day of the trek, your trail will go through the thick cover of trees.
  • Wake up early for spectacular views of the gorgeous snow-clad mountains.
  • Go north of the camping site to start your trekking towards Mung Thach.
  • After trekking for a few hours, you will witness Sar Top, Nagaru, and Mung Thach on the top of the mountains.
  • Continue your trek through a stepper path.
  • Arrive at Mung Thach after crossing the forest. From this destination, you can easily see the Chandrakhani stretch.

Day 3 – Mung Thach To Nagaru

  • Wake up in the morning to savor the first glimpse of the snow and feel the gust of fresh cold breeze.
  • On the third day of Sar Pass Trek, you will go to Nagaru, and your way will pass through the woods.
  • Be careful as it is the challenging part of the trek. The snow will make everything slippery.
  • Reach the Nagaru campsite after crossing the steep slope. Witness the gorgeous town of Manikaran and stunning mountains across the Parvati Valley.
  • Relax for the night in the camp.

Proceed to the next step of the Sar Pass Trek Itinerary.

Day 4 – Nagaru To Biskeri Thach

  • The climb will be steep on this day of the trek, so start early in the morning.
  • Keep trekking, and reach the top. Enjoy the beautiful views of Sar Pass, along with the magnificent peaks of the Tosh Valley.
  • Stay here for a while to rejuvenate yourself, and click some pictures.
  • After that, hike down to Biskeri. It is an easy trail.
  • You will reach the valley in an hour and cross some streams along the way.
  • Reach the campsite, and doze off for the night in the campsite.

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Day 5 – Biskeri Thach To Kasol Via Barshaini

  • Enjoy the awe-inspiring views of lush grasslands and majestic mountains.
  • After that, slide down across a steep plot.
  • Once you cross the dense forest, you have to cross a stream.
  • Go towards Tulga, and cross a bridge on the Parvati River.
  • Reach Barshaini, and take a cab to Kasol.

Your Sar Pass Trek ends here.

Things To Keep In mMind

  1. Take your trekking equipment with you.
  2. Make sure to carry the health aid kit.
  3. Pack some warm clothes.
  4. Wear a good pair of hiking shoes.
  5. Keep spare batteries with you.

Sar Pass Trek has abundant beauty, and you will have an enthralling experience while trekking. Witness the spellbinding views, and make the most of your time.


1. How long is the Sar Pass trek?

From starting point of Kasol and back to the base again this trek distance is almost 40 to 50 Km.

2. Is Sar Pass trek for beginners?

Yes this is the right track and absolutely recommended for beginners.

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