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Family Vacation – 6 Tips to Destress Yet Have Fun with Your Loved Ones

Family Travel Tips

Every family needs a breather, a momentary escape from the daily grind to bond, rejuvenate, and make beautiful memories. A family vacation is often marked on the calendar with excitement and expectations of the laughter, adventures, and relaxation that await. However, ensuring that this eagerly anticipated vacation turns into a truly refreshing experience and not just another stress inducer can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk. With that in mind, the scenic Gatlinburg, nestled amidst the Smoky Mountains, can offer an ideal backdrop for such restful, fun-filled family getaways.

6 Best Family Travel Tips

1. Plan, But Not Over-Plan

As the saying goes, “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.” But in the context of a family vacation, over-planning can be just as detrimental. Gatlinburg, with its wealth of attractions, can tempt visitors to cram their itineraries. From the breathtaking trails of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the quaint shops and eateries of downtown Gatlinburg, there’s no shortage of activities.

However, it’s essential to strike a balance. Plan your days, but leave room for spontaneity. Maybe today is the day you decide to take that unplanned scenic drive or perhaps visit a local fair you just heard about. Overscheduling can make your vacation feel like a marathon, leaving little time for genuine relaxation. It’s okay to have a few gaps in your schedule. These are often the moments when the best memories are made, be it an impromptu picnic by a stream or simply lounging and enjoying the mountain views.

2. Choose the Right Accommodation

When envisioning a tranquil vacation, the significance of picking the right accommodation can’t be stressed enough. Imagine waking up to the chirping of birds rather than the blaring of city horns. Picture having breakfast with a view of a misty mountain rather than staring at another brick wall. That’s what Gatlinburg is renowned for, with its luxurious lodging options that cater to families of all sizes.

Prominent among them is Stony Brook Cabins, and for good reasons. These cabins not only offer the warmth and coziness that families often seek but also promise the perfect nature getaway. Located in Gatlinburg, they offer a pristine environment where you can enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains right from your doorstep. Beyond just the view, the right accommodation ensures comfort for all family members. Whether it’s a fireplace to gather around during cooler evenings, a fully equipped kitchen to whip up family favorites, or spacious rooms that offer a touch of home, Stony Brook Cabins provide these and more. 

Remember, the place you choose to stay can set the tone for your entire vacation. A relaxed ambiance ensures a stress-free start, and in Gatlinburg, options like Stony Brook make this choice easy.

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3. Engage in Activities that Everyone Enjoys

While it’s impossible to cater to every family member’s whim, a general agreement can go a long way. Gatlinburg offers a palette of activities that appeal to varied interests. Are you a family of hikers? There are plenty of trails in Gatlinburg. Or perhaps your kids prefer visiting amusement parks. In that case, Gatlinburg’s fun parks won’t disappoint. And for those looking to soak in local culture, the town’s many attractions, from artisan shops to local music shows, provide ample opportunity.

Select a mix of activities, ensuring everyone has something to look forward to. Maybe designate a day when each family member gets to pick an activity. It’s a fantastic way to ensure inclusivity and make everyone feel valued.

4. Allocate Me Time

Even on a family vacation, it’s crucial to recognize and respect individual needs. Every member, from the youngest to the eldest, should enjoy some time dedicated to themselves. This “me” time can be spent reading a book, exploring the local streets, or maybe just lounging in the cabin, listening to the comforting sounds of nature.

Gatlinburg is a treasure trove for those seeking some solo time. A parent might enjoy a peaceful stroll through the Arts and Crafts Community, reveling in the craftsmanship and perhaps picking up a souvenir. Teens might appreciate a few hours at the local arcade or a visit to the many unique museums the town has to offer. And the little ones? An afternoon spent spotting wildlife can be an exciting adventure for them. These individual experiences can later become shared stories around the dinner table, enriching the collective family experience.

5. Be Flexible with Expectations

It’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting everything to be picture-perfect. But let’s face it – things don’t always go as planned, especially with a group as dynamic as a family. The weather might not be ideal, or a much-anticipated event might be canceled. It’s essential to approach these situations with flexibility.

Gatlinburg, with its array of indoor and outdoor activities, offers alternatives for almost any situation. So, if that planned hike has to be postponed due to rain, perhaps it’s an opportunity to visit Ripley’s Aquarium or engage in an indoor mini-golf challenge. Or maybe it’s a sign to enjoy a laid-back day at the Stony Brook Cabin, playing games and bonding over shared stories. The key is to adapt and find joy in the unexpected.

6. Document the Moments, Not Just through Photos

While snapping photos is an integral part of any vacation, true memories are made of feelings, emotions, and stories. Apart from the traditional photo-taking, consider journaling your experiences or even making a short video montage. Encourage kids to maintain a vacation diary or draw what they felt was the highlight of their day.

Gatlinburg, with its enchanting landscapes and vibrant town life, offers countless moments worth capturing. From the morning mist over the mountains to the twinkling lights of the town at night, every moment can tell a story. And while photos capture the scene, words and drawings capture the emotion. A few years down the line, these diaries and montages can transport you back to those moments, evoking not just the sights but the feelings associated with them.


Family vacations are more than just a break from routine. They are an opportunity to strengthen bonds, create shared memories, and return home with renewed energy and stories to tell. Gatlinburg, with its mix of nature’s beauty and town charm, offers an ideal setting for families to destress and truly enjoy each other’s company. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the many splendid opportunities awaiting families to make the most of their Gatlinburg vacation.

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