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10 Best Airports In The World

Best Airports in World

Unless you prefer to travel by sea or land, airports are undoubtedly mandatory places of passage.

And they rarely leave us indifferent; they are places where we have encountered affections, where we have experienced yearning separations and long waits, uncomfortable nights and why not, a little stress.

Thanks to the different services offered, some airports can make our trip more or less pleasant. Asian airports stand out above all! check out below the list of best airports in the world.

10 Best Airports In The World

1. Singapore Changi Airport

In this airport, there is a garden where you can meet more than 1000 species of butterflies! And again, attractions for children worthy of the most ambitious dreams of our childhood, a spa where you can also enjoy a fish pedicure, in case you have not already undergone it. Terminal 1 offers a swimming pool and a sunflower garden on the roof, as well as a cactus garden, an orchid garden, and boutiques for all tastes and wallets (Hermès, Prada but also Zara, Billabong and a thousand other international brands).

Installations for free foot massage, cinemas open 24h / 24, also free of charge, huge slides,  gyms. In short, everything! Almost! We are expecting a short roller coaster in the middle of a terminal, Mall of America style in the United States! Wait, the surprises aren’t over yet! In September 2014, the airport temporarily installed a miniature playground for the youngest, named “The Great Adventure” right in the middle of Terminal 3!

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2. Seoul-Incheon International Airport

Seoul-Incheon International Airport offers not one, but seven gardens! Thus leaving you spoiled for choice on where to stretch your legs and take a breath of air before take-off. But here’s the highlight among the services offered, what most of us would like to meet during a long journey: free showers! This is enough to justify the second position in the ranking of the best airports in the world! It does not end there. You also get two cinemas, a museum of Korean culture, a spa, a sauna (where you can also spend a night with the “Spa + Sleep” formula),  a skating room. And again, the opportunity to attend free Korean musical performances shows traditional dances. One thing is certain: at Incheon International Airport you won’t have time to get bored.

3. Munich Airport

Very often the clichés prove true; when we think of Germany, we think of … beer of course! Munich airport offers local beers, indeed, very local, as a bar located right in the heart of the airport produces and serves its own craft beers. Here’s how to cool off waiting between two flights. Once the first pint is over, you can try a game of minigolf, or visit the secret sides of the airport through a guided tour by bus (paid visits, chosen between 50 or 90 minutes) to discover the two fire stations, the garages where the planes are tested, the functioning of the petrol pumps … and not to mention the opportunity to visit historic planes! a pleasant opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and kill time waiting for a flight!

In Terminal 2, a space dedicated to comfort is at your complete disposal and offers comfortable chairs and reading corners immersed in an atmosphere of total calm. If you are on a business trip, you will enjoy an excellent workspace: two desks, chairs, free internet access points,  electrical outlets. In the same terminal, you will find children’s play areas, free magazines,  rest capsules that you can rent to enjoy a siesta waiting between two flights!

4. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Tokyo International Airport is one of the best airports in the world and known for its cleanliness and hygiene. It offers far fewer attractions and entertainment than its top Asian neighbors, but its strong side is not to be underestimated. In any context,  need a clean environment, and cleanliness is not always the prerogative of all airports. Even at Tokyo Haneda airport,  can cool off before a flight: 15 shower rooms are available to travelers 24 hours a day, but in this case,  will have to pay an additional price. It is possible to relax on masseuse chairs and in a small reflexology and massage center.

5. Hong Kong international Airport

Let’s stay in Asia, to look closely at what Hong Kong International Airport offers. As in most airports of this list, even here, you will not be able to get bored during a stopover. You can visit the “Aviation Discovery Center” which offers aviation exhibitions, mainly related to the development of aviation in Hong Kong, through fun devices. If you travel with children, we recommend you take them to visit the “Dream Come True Education Park”, space completely designed and built for the little ones, where they will be able to discover and experience different crafts through games and scripts. However, it is worth specifying that these activities are dedicated rather to Hong Kongers or locals, as these mini scripts sometimes last several days.

Hong Kong airport also has an Imax movie theater. It is even the largest screen in Hong Kong!

If all this still does not satisfy you, do not miss the opportunity to visit the various art exhibitions present almost everywhere, or to venture on 9 or 18-hole virtual golf courses. Ok, we agree, nothing to do with a real golf course, but it’s still worth trying!

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6. Chūbu Centrair Nagoya International Airport

Do you stop at Nagoya’s Chūbu Centrair International Airport on your next trip? Don’t miss the chance to take a ride on the Skydeck. It is a wooden terrace more than 300 meters wide, from which you can watch the show of the planes take off from the front row.

If that’s not enough, rendezvous at the “Fu No Yu” to enjoy a nice swim in the pool with a view of take-offs and landings or a fantastic sunset over the bay of Ise. And here too, as in most airports within this list, you can relax between flights on comfortable massage chairs. We are almost getting used to all this comfort, and you?

7. Zurich Airport

Let’s go back to Europe, and more precisely to Zurich airport. One of the best airports in the world in terms of safety. Here you will find spaces reserved for families and children to allow everyone to relax. If you prefer to be active, you will have the opportunity to take part in paid guided tours. Or why not, rent roller skates to roam the airport and surrounding areas.

8 – London Heathrow Airport

On of the best airports in the Worlds London Heathrow airport, One element, in particular, allows London Heathrow airport to find itself unique: its shopping area. You will find something here for all tastes and budgets!

9. Kansai International Airport

Another Japanese airport in the ranking. The world number 1 in luggage security! Whether you are departing from Kansai International Airport, making a stopover,  landing as your final destination, you will have zero chance of losing your luggage! Unless during your itinerary you pass through a rather serious airport, or you travel with your head a little in the clouds!

10. Hamad International Airport

If during a long journey you feel the need to relax and let yourself go, Qatar Hamad International Airport is the place for you. Rendez-vous at the Vitality Wellbeing and fitness center where you can relax, play sports or enjoy a few hours of the spa.

And now its time for the judgment. In your opinion, what are the fundamental elements that make one airport better than another? Do you prefer the relaxing aspect, the spectacular attractions?

And one last question before letting go: let’s imagine an unreal situation, with an unlimited budget to invest in an airport facility…. what comfort would you like to add to your wish list?

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