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Famous Fairs and Festivals of Himachal Pradesh That You Shouldn’t Miss

Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has picturesque valleys, snow-capped mountains, adventure sports, and abundant natural beauty to lure travelers from India and beyond. In addition to this, the famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh are major crowd-pullers that reflect its colorful heritage, rich culture, beliefs, and traditions. Check out the Himachal Pradesh festivals not to be missed.

20 List of Famous Fairs and Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

1. Halda Festival

Halda Festivals in Himachal

Welcoming the new year by paying tribute to Shashikar Apa, the goddess of wealth, Halda is one of the main festivals of Himachal Pradesh. A special ceremony is organized during the day in which devotees worship the goddess and seek her blessings. By night, dance and musical performances, bonfires, grand feasts, and heavy cocktails are held. The bonfire is a symbol of solidarity and harmony in the community. 

  • When – December/January
  • Where – Lahaul

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2. Kullu Dussehra Fair

Kullu Dusshera Famous Festivals of Himachal Pradesh
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Dussehra is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is very common throughout India; however, it is celebrated differently in some parts. For example, Dussehra in Kullu Valley is celebrated by worshipping Lord Raghunath instead of following the norm. Beginning with the procession of Lord Raghunath on a bedazzled chariot across the town, the traditional Kullu Dussehra stretches for seven days. On other days, singing and dancing, feasting, and many cultural events are held. 

  • When – October
  • Where – Dhalpur Maidan, Kullu Valley

3. Ice Skating Carnival

Ice Skating Carnival
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Beckoning travelers and adventure lovers to experience its charm, Himachal Pradesh transforms into a winter wonderland during the winter season. Ice Skating Carnival is one of the most famous festivals held during this season. This festival is held at Asia’s largest natural ice-skating rink for all snow lovers of all levels. Fancy dress competitions and dance shows are also organized to pull the crowds. Plan your vacation in Himachal Pradesh with Adotrip because we offer the cheapest flight tickets, the best hotels, and action-packed tour packages. With us, nothing is far! 

  • When – December to February
  • Where – Shimla

4. Himachal Winter Carnival

Himachal Winter Carnival
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Transforming Manali into a culture lover and adventurer’s paradise, the Himachal Winter Carnival is over three decades old. The carnival was started as a small event in 1977, and is now one of the most popular festivals in the state, Attracting hordes of tourists every year. Dedicated to promoting the culture of Himachal Pradesh, the festival includes folk dances, local cuisine, dance, and music performances. On top of that, skiing competitions, beauty contests, a craft bazaar, a band competition, adventure sports, and a food festival are also held during the carnival. 

  • When – January
  • Where – Manali

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5. Losar Festival

Losar in Himachal
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Also known as the Tibetan New Year, the Losar festival is celebrated in all the monasteries in Himachal Pradesh by welcoming the new year in their beautiful way. To bring peace, good fortune, and happiness for the upcoming year, the festival is marked by worshipping the holy deity of the monastery. The celebrations are an amalgamation of rituals and age-old customs, providing insight into Tibetan culture and beliefs. The traditions and rituals include colorful mask dances by the Lamas, folk music, chanting, drama, prayers, and Tibetan opera. 

  • When – February        
  • Where – Monasteries throughout Himachal Pradesh

6. International Himalayan Festival

International Himalayan Festival
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Celebrating the holiness of the Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the International Himalayan Festival is an intriguing festival. Aiming to build harmonious relations across different local communities, this festival lasts for three days. The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts students, cultural events and performances, and local artists are featured in this festival. 

  • When – December      
  • Where – McLeodganj, Dharamsala

7. Doongri Fair

Doongri Fair and Festival of Himachal Pradesh
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Dongri fair is one of the main fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh which is held at the Hadimba Temple in Kullu, Doongri Fair is the celebration of the arrival of spring, which is also known as the ‘Hadimba Devi Fair.’ Engulfing the entire Valley of Gods or Kullu Valley, this fair provides a visual onslaught of color. This time of year offers a stunning spectacle with new leaves, lush greenery, and blossoming flowers. The major crowd-pullers of this festival are musical and dance performances by local artists. 

  • When – May
  • Where – Kullu Valley

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8. Summer Festival

Summer Festival in Himachal
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To celebrate the spirit of the state, rich cultural heritage, and tradition, the Summer Festival is held every year at The Ridge. Featuring handicraft exhibitions, sports tournaments, magic shows, gastronomy competitions, live music concerts, shows by renowned artists, local folk dance performances, photography competitions, and dog shows, this festival goes on for ten days. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, the Summer Festival has shows and events for all ages. 

  • When – May/June
  • Where – Shimla

9. Sazo Festival

Sazo Festival in Himachal
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Sazo festival is an ancient festival that brings spiritual ecstasy and religious Trevor to the whole valley of Kinnaur. Rooted in the strong belief that the deities ascend back to heaven during this time, Sazo is one of the main festivals of Himachal Pradesh. The departure of deities is a huge event for the people of Kinnaur, and strict rituals are followed throughout the valley. 

  • When – January
  • Where – Kinnaur

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10. Phulaich Festival

Phulaich main Himachal Pradesh Festivals
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Celebrated at the beginning of Asauj or in the month of Bhadon, Phulech is a festival held only in Kinnaur. Devotees from each house in the vicinity accumulate flowers on the hilltops, which are taken to the divine beings of the village. Also, later on, these flowers are distributed among the people present at the festivities. The priest prays for the good cultivation of crops in the coming season. 

  • When – September
  • Where – Kinnaur

11. Sair Festival

Sair fairs of Himachal Pradesh
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Sair is a festival of thanksgiving and is held in September or October. It is the main festival of Kangra Valley. Sair Festival is celebrated on Sankranti to welcome the autumn season. Fruits and crops are worshipped on this day. At this time, Kharif crops ripen and after harvesting them, crops, fruits, and walnuts are offered to Sari Mata.

  • When – September or October
  • Where – Kangra

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12. Nuala Festival


Nuala is also a Thanksgiving festival, but the Gaddi community of Kangra mainly celebrates it. This special festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva; Goats are also sacrificed; on this day, people sing the songs of Shiva throughout the night. it is believed that all kinds of misfortunes and calamities go away from it.

  • When – March
  • Where – Kangra

13. Shivratri Festival

Shivratri Festival of Himachal Pradesh

The festival of Shivaratri is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha in February. On this day, people keep fast, and people worship Shiva; on this day, people offer bael leaves and milk on the Pindi of Shiva, and children worship Karagora and Paja bushes on this day. So put soft twigs on the door of the house.

  • When – March
  • Where – All Himachal

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This state is a place of surprises; be it its deep valleys, snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, or the famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh, it will never seize a moment to amaze you!

14. Gochi Festival

Gochi Festival
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This famous festival of Himachal Pradesh is celebrated in January in Chandrabhaga Valley. This popular festival is related to the birth of a son. People gather in the morning in those houses where a son was born last year. In this festival, Sattu is kept on a wooden plate and then four people pick him up and take him to the place of worship, which is established in the form of a stone, bush, or tree. In this festival, by hanging the skin of a sheep from a bush or tree, arrows are shot at it and people drink chang (traditional drink) and drums are played.

  • When January
  • Where – Lahaul-Spiti

15. Khepa Festival

This is another important Himachal Pradesh festival in the district of Kinnaur, which is celebrated in two ways. In this, people take a bath and make Luffy of turnips. A thorny bush “Cho” or “Brek ling” is planted on the roofs and people keep it in a corner of their houses. The second festival is popularly known as Phulkepa. In this, goat’s head and poltu (fried bread) are cooked. Somewhere the goat’s head is also burnt so that the ghosts and spirits run away from the smell. It is a festival to escape from demons.

When January
Where Kinnaur

16. Minjar Fair

Minjar Fair in Himachal Pradesh
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Minjar is the seasonal fair of Chamba, it is celebrated to celebrate the onset of rains and the release of maize earrings. It takes place in August and begins with the traditional procession of well-equipped horses and flags. People from all parts of Chamba but also other regions of Himachal Pradesh come to see this fair. On the last day, devotees offer Minjar (maize earrings) and coconut to the deity Varuna on the banks of the Ravi river.

  • When August
  • Where Chamba

17. Renuka Fair

Renuka Fair
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The Renuka fair of Sirmaur is important in mythological fairs. It is said to be related to Renuka, the mother of Parashurama. This fair is held on the banks of Renuka Lake, the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by dense forests which make it even more attractive. This fair takes place on the day of Dev Uthana Ekadashi after Deepawali.

A huge journey takes place in this fair in which people carry the idol of Lord Parashuram in a silver palanquin. It is believed that Lord Parashuram visited his mother on that day. Thousands of people enjoy this fair and take a bath in the lake.

  • When November
  • Where Sirmaur

18. Markand Fair

Markand Fair is celebrated on the first night of Baisakhi at Markand Namak Teerth in the Bilaspur district. This pilgrimage is believed to fulfil the wishes of the people, considers himself blessed by bathing at the markand place in Brahma Muhurta, such a fair is also held in Tatapani.

  • When November
  • Where Bilaspur

19. Rali Pujan Festival

This is one of the traditional festivals of Himachal Pradesh in the region of the Kangra, in which the marriage ceremony of Shiva-Parvati is celebrated as a festival by the girls. They are immersed in water after Rali Pujan. The people of Kangra celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

  • When March – April
  • Where Kangra

20. Deotsidh Fair

Deotsidh Fair
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Special fairs are organized every Sunday of Chaitra month in Deotsidh of Hamirpur, in which a large number of people participate. Most of the people in this come from Haryana and Punjab. Along with this, these fairs are also held at the Shahtalai place of Bilaspur because the journey of Deotsidh is considered complete only after bowing down on the establishment of Siddha in Shahtalai.

  • When March
  • Where Hamirpur, Bilaspur


1. How many festivals are there in Himachal Pradesh?

Many types of tribes and castes are living in Himachal Pradesh, so seven or more festivals are celebrated in the state in the unity of those natives.

2. Which is the harvesting festival of Himachal Pradesh?

Lohri is celebrated as the Harvesting Festival in Himachal; it is celebrated in January.

3. What is the famous traditional festival of Kangra?

Navratri and Sair is one of the famous and traditional festivals of Kangra Valley.

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