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A Visit To Central Europe – Weekend In Krakow

Weekend In Krakow

Poland – explore the outdoors, and historical sides and enjoy the nightlife.

Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe. Wonderful nature and a wealth of landscapes are just some of the aspects which tourists love it. Few people know there are high mountains, valleys, primaeval forests, seas, and beaches. Poland allows you to commune with nature and get the best from it. The unique climate straight out of a film calms you down and lets you forget about your problems. It’s an ideal destination for solo travellers and families with children hungry for excitement.

The country is overflowing with monuments dating back to the Middle Ages. There are world heritage sites visited by several hundred thousand people from all over the world. The Auschwitz – Birkenau memorial (check – trips to auschwitz from krakow) or the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw are worthy of note.

Central Europe is also undoubtedly an excellent option for young people who count on entertainment. Cities in Poland live at night and offer tourists many attractions. The location is relatively safe and was recently included in a list of 10 European countries ideal for solo female travellers.

Everything You Want In One Place

Tourists often need help deciding which place in Poland to visit first. An absolute hit regardless of age, expectations, or financial resources is Krakow – a city in the south of the country.
Krakow is one of the most historically important points on the map of the country. Situated on the banks of the Vistula, the city is characterized by absolutely unique architecture and beautiful views. You will find historic buildings, castles and churches as well as modern museums and streets there. But, of course, you can’t complain about a lack of venues for concerts, sports shows or even art exhibitions.

It is worth adding that it is a great option for the weekend. Krakow will allow you to relax and regenerate before the challenges that await you at work or home. Interestingly, two or three days are more than enough to enjoy the place.

So how do you plan your stay to make it as pleasant and fruitful as possible?

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A Good Plan For An Enjoyable Stay

There is no doubt that a good plan is the foundation of any successful trip. So before arriving, it is worth considering first whether you want to opt for lazy recreation or an active holiday. Next, it is worth recalculating your budget and planning your expenditure carefully. Fortunately, Poland is a relatively cheap destination.

There are many attractions in Krakow, and it is only up to you which one to choose. However, a few unique places steal the hearts of tourists.

The Main Square

It is by far the most important public space in the city. It is here that concerts, numerous cultural events and, for example, Christmas markets take place. Centuries-old townhouses surround the whole area. It is home to beautiful museums, exclusive shops and renowned restaurants. The central part of the square is occupied by Saint Mary’s Basilica – a Brick Gothic church. Also noteworthy are the monuments commemorating the bards or the Cloth Hall.

A market is a colourful place that brings smiles to the faces of tourists and locals alike. The atmosphere is also created by horses harnessed to carriages, which you can use to move around the streets of the old town. There’s always something going on here, but that adds to the overall charm.

The main square was one of the first sites in the world to be listed by UNESCO.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

Admittedly, the salt mine is not located in the inner city of Krakow but just a dozen kilometres away. When organizing transport, it is worth betting on trusted companies and proven drivers. KrakowDirect will make your trip even more enjoyable. Check the salt mine tour Krakow.

The first lump of salt was encountered there in the 13th century. The discovery turned out to be revolutionary. The mine, a royal property, generated huge profits calculated as a third of the country’s total income. In the Middle Ages, about 300 people worked there. Over the years, the site has grown; new shafts have been added, new rocks have been excavated, and underground labyrinths have been built.
The tour allows you to see the largest and most important corridors. A short but concise and enjoyable history or geology lesson awaits you here. You will see real mining machines of the time, carts and breathtaking chandeliers made of salt crystals.

The tour takes place in very low light, further increasing the excitement level. A unique atmosphere is also created by friendly employees ready to answer every question asked.

Kazimierz District In Krakow

Kazimierz is one of the most atmospheric attractions in Krakow. The district was once inhabited in large part by Jews. It was here that the centre of their social and cultural life was located. The situation changed here after World War II.

Currently, there are mainly catering outlets here. Cozy cafes are ideal for meetings with friends, and restaurants offer a fusion of flavours. It is also there that the most considerable queues for ice cream in the summertime are formed. It is worth going here in the evening when the lights come on and more, and more street musicians begin to appear.

In Conclusion

There are many attractions in Krakow that are stunning and that you will not find in any other country. The main square, the salt mine in Wieliczka and the Kazimierz district is the perfect plan for a weekend in this city. We guarantee that you will rest and see Europe from a side you did not know before.

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