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Malana Himachal Pradesh: 5 Best Places To Visit, Things To Do and How To Reach?

Malana Himachal Pradesh

If you plan a trip to Malana, let us guide you on essential information regarding your trip to Himachal.

Amid nature and all its bounties, there is a hidden village, Malana, known as the Hashish Capital of Himachal Pradesh. If you are tired of your monotonous city life and want to spend some leisure time away from the maddening crowd of the metropolitan lifestyle, then it is the most suitable place for you. There are numerous exclusive locations to pay a visit to in Malana Himachal Pradesh; however, this city makes you believe in the unchallenged power of nature and its dazzling beauty.

Malana Nala is a solitary village separated from the rest of the world; it is a side valley of the Parvati valley. It is situated in the Kullu district and is known as Malana or the Malana Village. It is structured for people seeking spiritual guidance as it is renowned for its strong culture and religious beliefs, with numerous sentiments embedded in the past. The route to Malana is very popular for trekking and is also considered an ideal place for adventure lovers.

Best Places To Visit In Malana Himachal Pradesh

Places to Visit in Malana

1. Jamadagni Temple

For the people of Malana, it is a renowned religious site and a true attention magnet for devotees and tourists. Moreover, it is a true wonder of architectural design and creativity because it is constructed from only wood and stone. The rustic feel of the temple is replicated by the intricate carvings on the exterior walls.

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2. The Hampta Pass

It is a very suitable place for photography due to the presence of barren lands, lush forests, open valleys, and lakes. Moreover, it presents you with rich flora and fauna, rare Himalayan birds, and beautiful meadows due to the connectivity of the beautiful Kullu with the Lahaul and Spiti districts by the Hampta Pass. To get this mesmerizing experience a tourist from around the world loves its essence and heart.

3. Parvati Valley

This place is worth discovering; it is just a short distance from Manila and situated in the Himalayas’ lap. The most notable remnant of the hippie trail in India is probably the Parvati Valley. For multiple reasons, the locations in Parvati Valley are very popular.

4. The Deo Tibba Mountain

The backdrop of the Malana tribal village is dominated by another mountain, ‘the Deo Tibba Mountain’. Even though most of its areas have yet to be explored, it still claims to be one of the top locations for trekking and camping because it is offbeat but one of the top locations for a visit in Malana. The trial offers magnificent views of meadows, rocky terrains, forests, and lakes under the snow-covered mountains.

5. Tosh

In Himachal Pradesh, considered the most dazzling places to visit in Malana Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is undeniably an irreplaceable spot to remain in. Here, you are allowed to explore nature for Malana, observe the waters of the Manikaran hot springs, hop in the streets of Tosh, and many more.

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Things to Do in Malana Himachal Pradesh

Things to Do in Malana

A trip is only complete if you have trekked through the thick forest in Malana. This trek is worth doing as it carries you through the splendid valley and ends in a cascade of scintillating water. You can get a adventure bikes on rent for this thrilling adventure.

1. Chanderkhani Pass Trek

In Kullu valley, it is one of the most famous treks. It begins in Rumsu and comes to an end at Malana village. A magnificent panoramic view of numerous mountain ranges can be seen during the trek.

2. Rashol Pass

The trek begins from Kasol and takes exactly two days from the start to be completed. You are expected to reach Rashol from Kasol in about 4 to 5 hours on your first day. You will be required to spend a night in Rashol, and on a consequent day, you will cross the pass and reach your destination- Malana. Always rent the best adventure bikes for your best trekking experience.

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How To Reach Malana, Himachal Pradesh?

How to Reach Malana

By Air

Nearest Airport: Kalu Airport (Approximately 36.5 Km from the Malana)

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station (Approximately 130 Km from the Malana)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Stop: Jari (Approximately 13.8 Km from the Malana)

Private Taxi

You can easily find a private taxi directly to the Jari from the Airport or Railway Station. You will be required to take another taxi from jari, which will take you to your destination.

Public Bus

Since the public bus service is unavailable from Jari to Malana, the bus will only take you halfway to Jari. So, to continue your journey further, you require a private taxi from Jari.

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Malana offers you an immense opportunity to experience the natural beauty that surrounds you from all sides. Thus, this trek to Malana Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the state’s best treks. The village is completely separated from the urban city’s chaotic, hustling, and bustling noises. The fruit orchards that flank both sides of the village and the foggy morning are sure to soothe your soul. There is also the presence of its judicial system in this small village, which is not practically the one, but it follows the tradition of their beliefs.

Malan, Himachal Pradesh Map


1. What is Malana famous for?

Hash is made from the cannabis plant in Malana, so Malana is famous for its “Malana Cream”, considered a high-purity hash.

2. Can we touch people in Malana?

Don’t touch people in Malana.

3. Is Malana Cream legal in India?

No, cultivation and consumption of Malana cream is not legal in India.

4. Can we stay in Malana Himachal Pradesh?

The people of Malana do not allow outsiders to come inside the village, so in Malana do not have any accommodation options to stay at.

5. How far is Malana from Manali?

The travel or driving distance between Manali to Malana is 83 KM.

6. Is there snowfall in Malana?

Yes, In Malana the frequency of snowfall is highest in the month of December to January.

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