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Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh: Places to Visit, Things To Do and How To Reach?

Kalpa Himachal Pradesh

Enticing an amazing vacation with your loved ones to some breathtaking destination? Well, when it comes to a majestic holiday destination in India, Himachal Pradesh is everyone’s favorite. A sheer number of options are available in the state, leaving everyone stunned. However, there are some hidden gems that no one knows, and Kalpa Himachal Pradesh is one such destination.

Nestled in the magnificent Kinnaur Kailash mountains, Kalpa is a fairytale village. It is a nature lovers’ paradise and boasts some spectacular sights. Adore the beauty of the captivating sights, and treat the nature lover in you with love. Before planning a trip to this gorgeous village, you must prepare a bucket list. To help you with that, we have mentioned everything about the village in this blog.

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4 Best Places To Visit In Kalpa Himachal Pradesh

Places to Visit in Kalpa

1. Suicide Point

Perched on the side of the highway, this place has vertical slopes and a dangerous trench. If you take a walk to this point from Kalpa, you will witness stunning sights of apple orchards. It is one of the best places to visit in Kalpa Kinnaur because of its natural beauty. However, you need to be extra careful while visiting this place.

2. Chakka Trek

Being the starting point of popular hiking trails, the Chakka trek is necessary to cover when in Kalpa. An adrenaline rush awaits you in Kalpa. You have to trek for 2-3 hours to go 15000 feet above sea level to watch the picturesque beauty of nature. Moreover, you will trek up to your way along with gurgling water. Trekkers will come with memories that they will cherish forever.

3. Roghi Village

Do you love exploring different cultures? If yes, then you should walk to Roghi Village to enjoy the traditions of the locals of Kalpa. It is located 8 km from Kalpa, and you can quickly get there. It is one of the best places in Kalpa if you want to see the lifestyle of the locals. They welcome all visitors with a big smile on their faces.

4. Narayan-Nagini Temple

There is a collection of temples behind the Kalpa Fort, which gracefully joins the mountain view. This architectural beauty sits on the top of the hills of Chinni Village. However, visitors can’t enter the main temple, but they can see the temple’s unique architecture from the premises. This temple truly defines the Kinnaur craftsmanship beauty. Make sure to visit this temple when in Kalpa Himachal Pradesh.

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4 Things To Do In Kalpa

Things to Do in Kalpa

1. Walk Your Way

Most people go to hills to admire nature’s glory, and Kalpa is a great place for that. Just walk through the village to see how nature can be so beautiful. You will even watch how locals live here. Talk to them to understand their culture in a better way. Moreover, you will collect some unforgettable moments on your way.

2. Trekking

No matter which place you are visiting in Himachal Pradesh, trekking is a must. It is one of the best things to do in Kalpa Himachal Pradesh as well. Trek through the hill, and treat your eyes to some awesome views.

3. Enjoy The Night Skies

What’s better than looking at the stars in a pollution-free environment? Lie down to watch the beautiful blanket of stars, which is truly a sight to behold. Stargazing will make you feel relaxed and composed.

4. Photography

How is it possible that you are in Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh and returning without any pictures? It’s pretty impossible! Inspire the photographer out of you, and capture some Instagram-worthy photos.

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How to Reach Kalpa Himachal Pradesh?

How to Reach Kalpa

1. By Air

The nearest airport to Kalpa is Kullu/ Bhuntar Airport, situated 236 km from the village. You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Kalpa from the airport.

2. By Train

Shimla Railway Station is the nearest station to Kalpa, which is 244 km away from the village. From the station, you can easily reach Kalpa by bus.

3. By Bus

Visitors can book their bus tickets to any nearest city like Shimla to reach Kalpa. If you are wondering how to reach Kalpa from Delhi, first go to Shimla and then take a bus. You can even go to Shimla by train.

I hope the information about Kalpa is helpful to you. You can now plan your trip conveniently by keeping all the factors in mind. So pack your bags, and witness how this place looks so dreamy.

Kalpa Himachal Pradesh Map


1. Why is Kalpa famous for?

Kalpa is a small town situated in the Sutlej Valley in Kinnaur district. It is famous for apple orchards.

2. What is the best time to visit Kalpa Himachal Pradesh?

Best time to visit Kalpa in October to December month.

3. Is Kalpa worth visiting?

Yes, Kalpa is one of the best places to visit in Himachal and is definitely worth visiting.

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