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Kaza, Himachal Pradesh: Best Places To Visit, Things To Do And How To Reach?

Kaza Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in one corner of Himachal Pradesh, Kaza is a serene and tranquil destination in Spiti Valley. The little is commonly referred to as “Little Tibet” and is no less than a heaven on earth. The beauty of Kaza Himachal Pradesh is mesmerizing that is meant to leave you in awe. Packed with scintillating streams, picturesque landscape, bubbling rivers, and magnificent snow-capped mountains, this dreamy place is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime.

The mountainous terrains and pristine locals of Kaza grab the eyeballs of tourists who are interested in both adventurous and spiritual activities. Moreover, there is no shortage of majestic places to explore in this little town. Read the following blog, and get ready to have the experience of a lifetime in Kaza.

5 Best Places To Visit In Kaza Himachal Pradesh

Places to Visit in Kaza

1. Key Monastery

One of the best places to see in Kaza is Key Monastery, which is a well-known Buddhist Monastery. It lies near the Spiti River and is the largest monastery in Kaza. This institute is definitely a worth visiting place because of its importance. This monastery is home to approximately 300 Lamas, and it is their education hub. Well-renowned for its historical significance, Key Monastery experiences a heavy influx of visitors from different parts. The best thing about this place is its peaceful and calm atmosphere.

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2. Kibber Village

Located 4270 above sea level, Kibber Village is very popular for its wildlife sanctuary. Kibber Village is one of the most popular places to visit in Kaza. One of the interesting facts about this village is all houses will look similar to you. The entire village seems so beautiful with similar architecture and design. Although the village is remotely packed, but it is well-equipped with a post office, hospitals, telegraph office, and high school. Lush green fields surround this area, enhancing the charm of this place.

3. Chandra Taal Lake

Chandra Taal Lake has got its name from its crescent shape. The lake is very famous among trekkers who wish to pump up their adrenaline rush. Located at the height of 4300 meters, Chandra Taal is the best place in Kaza Himachal Pradesh for adventure buffs. The plateau on which this lake is situated is known as Samudra Tapu. Moreover, this place has a mythological significance. It is said that Lord Indra picked Yudhishtira from this place.

4. Kunzum Pass

Are you ready to test your driving skills? Kunzum Pass is one of the country’s highest and most popular motorable mountain passes. It is a famous gateway to Spiti, and it offers awe-inspiring sights of the enthralling Chandrabhaga Range, spectacular Spiti Valley, and alluring Shigri-Bara Glacier. Although this pass is quite notorious, but brave hearts don’t get afraid of it. Additionally, visitors prefer to take a break at Kunzum Devi to pray before the goddess for a safe journey. Make sure to add Kunzum Pass to your itinerary because it is one of the famous places in Kaza.

5. Dhankar Lake

Tourists can’t afford to miss visiting this magnificent lake on their trip to Kaza. Once you reach here, you get a chance to witness the changing colors of the lake. The water reflects the color of the sky that changes after every few hours. Dhankar Lake lures tourists throughout the year because of its incredible beauty. After seeking the blessings of Buddha, tourists head toward this spectacular lake. This pristine water body is an ideal place to get away from the crowd and have a peaceful time with your loved ones. Dhankar Lake is definitely one of the stunning places to see in Kaza for a memorable experience.

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5 Things To Do In Kaza, Himachal Pradesh

Things to Do in Kaza
Image Courtesy: Traveltriangle.com

1. Star Gazing

So you love to connect with nature? Star Gazing is the one thing that every human loves. One can just sit on the roof or anywhere and look at the marvelous spread of twinkling stars. Now, imagine lying under the spread of stars in a village that is 10,000 to 15,000 above sea level.

2. Rafting

If you love water sports, then you must give rafting a try in the cold waters of the Spiti River. It is one of the best things to do around Kaza. Although rafting is very common in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh, but it is something different when it comes to the Spiti River.

3. Strolling

Taking a stroll around villages is a must when you are in Kaza. You will look at different houses that might seem like getting out straight from a picture book. Huge snow-clad mountains surround this village, increasing the beauty of these villages.

4. Camping

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Kaza is Camping. Put up a tent at night and look at the shining stars for an awesome experience. The best to camp around this town is summer because the weather remains pleasant.

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5. Shopping

Kaza has the most vibrant marketplace, and visitors can find anything for their near and dear ones. Shopping is Kaza is different than shopping anywhere else in India.

Best time To Visit Kaza Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Kaza

June to October are the best time to visit Kaza Himachal Pradesh. During this time, Shimla and Manali routes are open for tourists to reach this gorgeous town. Some tourists also prefer to visit the cold desert of the town in winter. If you also wish to witness the beauty of snow, then plan a trip from November to February. But the Kaza, Himachal Pradesh temperature will be very low at that time.

How To Reach Kaza?

How to Reach Kaza
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1. By Air

Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to Kaza, situated at a distance of 250 km from the town. After reaching the airport, take a bus to Kaza.

2. By Train

Jogindernagar is the closest railway station to Kaza, situated at a distance of 365 km. Catch a bus to the town after reaching the railway station.

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3. By Bus

If you are thinking about how to reach Kaza by bus, then there is a frequent bus service to or from Kaza to major cities. You can either go to Shimla or Manali and take a bus to this spectacular small town.

Kaza Himachal Pradesh, a quaint village, is perfect for having an amazing vacation with your loved ones. Visit Kaza now and gather innumerable experiences.

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh Map


1. Why is Kaza famous?

Kaza is famous for it’s colorful festivals and the Sakya Tangyud Monastery.

2. Is Kaza open for tourists?

Yes, Kaza is open for tourists from Manali to Kaza tourists can reach through light vehicles cars and bikes

3. How is the road from Shimla to Kaza?

The road to Kaza is rough and very dangerous due to the rolling of stones from the hill in this route.

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