Things You Should Know On Your First Trip To Qatar

Things to Know About Qatar

There are so many beautiful reasons why you should plan a visit to Qatar in 2022, but at the top of that list for soccer fans is due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will begin on the 20th of November 2022. Just like we could make Champions League predictions, we can do that with this tournament.

Qatar has many beautiful things to offer new and old travelers. With its spectacular view, warm weather, and friendly locals, you’re in for a great trip. If you are a first-time tourist to Qatar, there are things to know about Qatar which makes your journey blissful, fun, and remarkable.

We have put this guide together to give you insight and an overview of what to expect on your voyage to the land of fine sands and dunes with grand architectural edifices.

11 Things To Know About Qatar

1. Hot Summer and Cold Winter

Qatar is among the hottest countries in the world. The weather can get as hot as 46 degrees Celsius or even hotter during summer.

Just like extreme summer weather, winter is also freezing, with at least 6 degrees Celsius. Ensure you pack according to the weather at the time of your voyage.

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2. Driving

One of the major things to know about Qatar is Driving. Driving in Qatar is a great way to see and explore every corner of the city. You can get your driver’s license a week after you arrive in Qatar. Unlike other Arab countries that prohibit women from driving, women can drive here.

3. Expats Communities

You will meet a lot of expats from different parts of the world in Qatar. In fact, expats are more than the locals in some locations in the country, and for this football season, be assured you will meet and mingle with them if you’re the social type.

4. Night Life

Another things to know before going to Qatar is about night life. Nighttime in Qatar is usually lit, especially in the country’s capital, Doha. Here you get to meet a lot of people and have a fun time. If you are a woman traveling solo, you should avoid going to some places like pubs and clubs at night.

This is because the country has a strict law concerning men and women mingling in public places. Men are at liberty to visit anywhere in the country at night. You can explore the lounges, bars, discos, and other fun places but make sure you don’t smoke or consume alcohol publicly.

5. Taking Pictures

Ask before you take pictures of locals or public places like airports, mosques, and other official buildings. This is because Qatar has a strict law on privacy. And if this privacy is overlooked or neglected, you might get jailed, or your trip might be cut short.

6. Safety

Qatar is a relatively safe country with a limited crime rate. Everywhere you visit in the country has CCTV that records daily events. Expats and tourists can safely travel and explore the city at any time of the day because safety is guaranteed.

7. Language

Although the country’s official language is Arabic, English is largely spoken in Qatar, especially among expats and tourists. You can also converse with the locals in English, and some of them might even be eager to be your interpreter.

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8. Long Distance Communication

You can still keep in contact with your friends and family from home as the country provides free local calls and excellent International call services. They also have cafes and WIFI in various hotels where you can quickly email your friends and family members.

9. Public Consumption Of Alcohol

Another things to know about Qatar is about public consumption of alcohol. Drinking is highly prohibited in Qatar. You can only buy and drink alcohol at licensed places like hotels and must not be drunk publicly. However, during Ramadan—the Islamic fasting period, there is a total ban on alcohol until after the end.

Therefore, you need to consider that whenever you want to travel to Qatar and make your way to the different monuments. It will help you avoid any issues with the authority, and you’ll have a fantastic time in the country.

10. Food

There are lots of fine dining to explore in Qatar though it is expensive. If you wish to tease your palette and get a fantastic experience, you can buy food from the locals. The Arabs have a variety of mouth-watering dishes you’ll enjoy.

11. Healthcare

Suppose you fall sick while on your voyage; there are top-quality hospitals in the country to nurse you back to good health. One of the major hospitals in Qatar is Hamad Medical Corporation which provides good services to patients.

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