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Sissu, Himachal Pradesh: Best Places To Visit, Things To Do And How to Reach?

Sissu Himachal Pradesh

Known as Khwaling, Sissu Himachal Pradesh is settled on the Chandra River Right bank. If you take a drive from the north end of Rohtang, you will end up in Sissu. Courtesy of its jaw-dropping views of waterfalls, it attracts plenty of tourists to it. It is a fantastic place to have a day trip to Manali. Moreover, Sissu is a base for three popular regions, which are Ladakh, Spiti, and Lahaul.

The traditional Himachali culture, breathtaking glaciers, and pleasant weather conditions are some of the highlights of this village. Due to its closeness to Atal Tunnel, thousands of tourists make a visit to this place. You can try multiple things in Sissu village to collect some unforgettable memories. Let’s discuss everything about this stunning place.

3 Best Places To Visit In Sissu Himachal Pradesh

Places to Visit in Sissu

1. Sissu Lake

Sissu Lake is a man-made lake, which is situated 1 km away from the village. The lake is very close to the helipad. Sissu Lake is very famous for its picturesque views, where one can click stunning photos. The tranquility and the mountain ranges are meant to give you a serene experience. If you are looking for inner peace, then ensure to visit this place. You can easily spend hours here doing nothing. In winters, this lake gets frozen because Sissu Himachal Pradesh temperature is very low at that time.

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2. Sissu Waterfall

If you are in Sissu, you can’t go back without watching the beauty of the Sissu waterfall. The waterfall falls from 50 meters above the ground and provides a great view for your eyes. However you can see the waterfall from the highway as well, but the trek to the waterfall base is unmissable. With its dense green vegetation, it looks completely mesmerising.

3. Gyephang Temple

Gyephang temple Located at the top of Gyephang Peak, this beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Gyephang. Locals of Sissu are true devotees of this god, and they believe that Gyephang protects the people in the Lahaul Valley. The temple has a great significance in Sissu Himachal Pradesh. However, you can only watch the temple from outside because visitors from outside the valley are not permitted to enter the temple.

3 Things To Do In Sissu, Himachal Pradesh

Things to Do in Sissu

1. Camping

Do you love campsites? Sissu provides a perfect atmosphere for camping. The waterfalls, Chandra River, surrounding snow-capped mountains, and lakes make it a great campsite. Set your own camp, and see how it feels to spend the night in the lap of nature. Find a perfect campsite for you, or you can even opt for private campsites.

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2. Hiking And Trekking

One of the best things to do in Sissu is trekking. How is it possible to leave Sissu without trekking or hiking? These two are the most sought activities in the village. Many small and long treks are available here. The most popular trek is Ghepan Ghat Lake Trek, where visitors go for backpacking, bird watching, and camping.

3. Stargazing

Who doesn’t love to stare at the stars and enjoy the serene feeling? The high altitude of Lahaul is an ideal place to enjoy stargazing. You can even spot the milky way in the Himalayas. If you wish to adore the natural beauty, make sure to bring your telescope with you.

Best Time To Visit Sissu Himachal Pradesh

Best time to visit Sissu

February to June and September to December is the best time to explore this tiny village. If you are visiting this village in these months, you will experience different shades of it. However, Autumn (September to October) is believed to be the best season to experience the majestic beauty of this place. You can even go to Dalhousie from this village. If you are thinking about how to reach Dalhousie by Sissu, then you can book tickets by train or bus.

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How To Reach Sissu?

How to Reach Sissu

1. By Air

The nearest airport to Sissu is Bhuntar, which is 90 km away. After that, take a bus to Leh or Keylong to reach Sissu. You can even rent a taxi from Bhuntar, but it will be costly.

2. By Train

The nearest railway station to Sissu is Chandigarh, which is 350 km away. Because of its great connectivity with various cities, reaching here is pretty easy. If you are wondering how to reach Sissu by train from Delhi, then travel to Chandigarh.

3. By Bus

To reach Sissu by bus, you have to take a bus to Manali, followed by Keylong, and then to Sissu. Whether traveling from Chandigarh or Delhi, you have to reach Manali first.

Feel the magic of Sissu by visiting this gorgeous destination. Sissu Himachal Pradesh offers an unmatchable experience to each of its visitors.

Sissu, Himachal Pradesh Map


1. Why is Sissu famous?

Sissu is famous for it’s spectacular view, waterfall and the temple of Lord Gyephan which is in adjacent village of Shashin.

2. Where is Sissu Valley located?

Sissu valley is around 90 km from manali, located on the right bank of Chandra river.

3. Is Sissu open in January?

Sissu is open most of the year.

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