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Witness the Pristine Beauty of California

Beauty Of California

Are you looking for the US state with ample sunshine and urban sophistication? If yes, then fly to California right away and enjoy a thrilling vacation. There is no denying the fact that California is a place of dreams which must be explored at least once in a lifetime. This US state never fails to amaze you and travelers must be mesmerized by the pristine beauty of this left-coast state. From stunning landscapes to gushing waterfalls to spectacular coastline to expansive desserts to the ancient redwood grooves to snow-capped mountains, California has it all to enthrall you. Book flight tickets to California right away and experience Miniature America in the true sense. 

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Best Time to Gaze At the Vibrant Beauty of California

Thanks to its beautiful nature and vibrant cities, California captivates millions of travelers every year. California beckons travelers with lots of sunshine throughout the year, therefore you can plan your visit at any time but still, if you need to know the ideal time to explore the beauty of this golden state is from May to September. The likelihood of rain is very low during this time and thus, you can enjoy ample sunshine and warm weather. You can expect high fares for both flights and hotels during the peak season and therefore make Allegaint Airlines reservations accordingly. 

Best Attractions to Visit in California

California is well-known for its world-famous museums, shopping malls, sightseeing options, and gourmet dining. It dazzles visitors with its jaw-dropping beauty. Let’s find out some of its top-rated attractions that you should add into your bucket list. 

  • Enjoy sunshine and Spanish Architecture in San Diego

Known for its laid-back lifestyle, San Diego is a place to enjoy sun-drenched days at the beach. This is the perfect destination for the outdoor lovers who here can enjoy balmy round-year climate. Apart from the sandy beaches, the major attraction of San Diego is Balboa Park which is known for having several museums and unique gardens. This is the oldest city in California and therefore, gives you a chance to witness the beauty of Spanish architecture.

  • Explore San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco is notable for its mystical beauty. Its picture-perfect scenery usually drops visitors jaw in awe. One of the major attractions of this eclectic city is the Golden Gate Bridge where you can enjoy cozy sunshine and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to this, this city is endowed with plenty of tourist attractions, range from elegant Victorian House to the curves of Lombard Street. San Francisco is California’s most sophisticated city where you can enjoy world-class opera and ballet. 

  • Experience the delightful beauty of Los Angeles

Want to enjoy beach vacation?  If yes, then fly to Los Angeles and savor the beauty of palm-fringed beaches with crystal-clear water. Here, you can have a peaceful time and enjoy the picturesque sunset views. These beaches are brimming with locally-owned stores where you can taste the delicious seafood. Furthermore, this city is also synonymous with the glamour of Hollywood. 

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  • Yosemite National Park

Yet another top-rated attraction to visit in California is Yosemite National Park. A famous UNESCO world heritage site, this park is undoubtedly the nature’s most striking creation which is flanked by sheer granite cliffs and domes carved by glaciers. Its awe-inspiring natural splendor lures millions of visitors from all parts of the world every year. Spread across 1200 square miles, this park features near about 800 hiking trails, therefore, this place is no less than a heaven for hiking lovers. From its free-flowing streams to expansive meadows, everything here is admirable. In addition to all these attractions, Yosemite National Park also boasts two historical lodges where visitors can spend a night. 

  • Enjoy Skiing, Hiking and Mountain Biking at Lake Tahoe

Your trip to California remains incomplete if you miss Lake Tahoe. Bordered by snow-capped mountains, this lake is the true example of sublime beauty and serenity. This place is too calm and thus it is known to produce meditative effect. With its turquoise waters, it draws the attention of beach buffs across the globe. This lake can be visited at any time of the year but if you are an adrenaline junkie, then plan your visit during the summertime. Owing to the clear weather and pleasant weather in summer season, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, lakeside sunbathing, and several other water sports.

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