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Planning a Trip to Aruba? Here are the Best Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Aruba

You deserve a vacation. The atrocities of this life can continue forever. It’s your life. Get back in the driver seat. Take a break!

Aruba is called One Happy Island and it sure is. Aruba is a place with more number of beaches than you can count, a blissful blend of colorful homes, forts, museums, and whatnot. It is one of the three ABC Islands in Southern Carribean and is an independent island country in The Kingdom of Netherlands. Before we proceed to the list of some breathtaking places of Aruba, let’s hear a word from the pages of its history.

History of One Happy Island – Aruba

Aruba was initially inhabited by Arawak Indians, who left their cute cave paintings and stone tools. Aruba was claimed by Spain, officially, during the summer of 1499. Followed by this, it was occupied by the Dutch in 1636. It was not until 1986 that Aruba gained autonomous status. Aruba is a home to a mixture of ethnic races – 75% Amerindian/European/African, 15% Black, and 10% other ethnicities.  

Not just these, Aruba is a place with beautiful sunshine (most romantic sunsets), amazing beaches, mind-blowing landscapes, outdoor activities, and many more. Although there are hundreds of reason for you to visit Aruba, top 5 of them are listed in the upcoming section. A pro tip – if you want to make most of your time and money while visiting a new place, make sure to read travel blogs to know each and everything about that place. For instance, if you planning to visit Aruba, look for best places to visit in Aruba and get a list of many must-visit places in Aruba.

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Here Is Why You Should Choose One Happy Island – Aruba For Your Next Vacation

Here are the best places to visit in Aruba.

  • Oranjestad 

One of the primary reasons for you to visit Aruba is its capital city – Oranjestad. The liveliness and charm of Oranjestad are going to make you want to live in that place forever. Be it the color-rich houses, or a perfect blend of new and old, the cuisine or its hopping places – Oranjestad will surely bring life in you! The best way to explore the city of Oranjestad is in their eco-friendly double-decor Trolleys. Shop for your loved ones, enjoy a wide range of cuisine at over 200 dining places, get a glimpse of the native culture at various festivals, and whatnot!

  • Beaches

The jaw-dropping beaches are another major reason for you to go to Aruba. Aruba is an island country and is filled with beaches. Beaches in Aruba have everything you are looking for – beautiful sunsets, sunshine, pure blue water, palm trees, adventure sports like kitesurfing, white sand, and everything else. Some of the most notable beaches of Aruba are – Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Baby Beach (best for families), and many more. 

  • Alto Vista Chapel

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This is one of the must-visit places of Aruba. The current Alto Vista Chapel finished its construction in 1952 and stands at the same spot as the original chapel – built in 1750. Alto Vista means “high view” and is situated at a height from the ground making its location beautiful. 

  • Rancho Daimari

Live your dream of horse riding on beaches or sand dunes, at Rancho Daimari Aruba. Rancho Daimari is a coconut plantation built in the 1600’s and offers Horse-Riding Lessons, Swim Tours, and many more. Have the best part of your trip to Aruba at Rancho Daimari with majestic horse-riding experiences.

  • Aruba’s Natural Pool/ Conchi Natural Pool

Nature has definitely played its part in defining the charm of Aruba. You will find this natural pool, surrounded by surrounding rocks, in Arikok National Park. Enjoying a swimming pool, surrounded by ocean, is everyone’s fantasy! Live your adventure at this 17 feet deep, oval-shaped Natural Pool.

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