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Top 6 Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

The unparalleled charm of Ladakh cannot be described in just words. The only way to appreciate its beauty is to experience it. Every time you see the pictures and videos of different locations in Ladakh, you feel exhilarated, but what if you go there to capture such things! Fulfilling the desire for a road trip to Ladakh is a dream for many.

Snuggled in the Himalayan range, what you see everywhere is either the verdant green valleys or ice-covered mountains. The tranquil vibe and natural beauty are the major characteristics of the Ladakh region. This article on the 6 best tourist places to visit in Leh Ladakh could help decide what not to be missed if you want to enjoy this place fully.

6 Best Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

1. Royal Leh Palace

Royal Leh Palace Ladakh Tourist Spot

One of the most noted tourist places to visit in Leh Ladakh region is the amazing Royal Leh Palace. Leh Palace is a former residence of the royal family and also known as Lichen Palkhar. It is located on a hilltop with breathtaking mountain views in the backdrop. This place is a major destination of Buddhist culture and religion. Visiting this palace will add up some lively vibes to your whole trip. You will have an entire view of the beautiful Ladakh City from the terrace of the Leh Palace. Ladakh trip packages that focus on exploring the history of Ladakh must include Royal Leh Palace in their list of visiting places.

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2. Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley

One of the most serene Ladakh tourist spot and huddled in the Himalayas Mountains range, Zanskar Valley is one of the most visited places in Ladakh. The terrain of this valley is covered with snow and creates a heavenly ambiance. The name of the valley is motivated by the Zanskar River in the Ladakh region. The river and its tributaries are major locations for water sports activities such as river rafting, boating, and the likes. In addition, the architectural marvel of centuries-old monasteries is a great fascination of this place. If you plan to visit Zanskar Valley on your Leh Ladakh trip, then the best time is between June and September.

3. Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery

This Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is also known as the Thikse Gompa. It is the largest monastery in the central Ladakh district. This 12-storey beautiful building has many items to showcase Buddhist art and culture, including statues, stupas, wall paintings, thangkas, and swords. It is a place where you will discover peace and become familiar with the Buddhist ethnicity. In addition, the monastery offers aesthetic views of the pristine Indus valley and Indus River. This religious edifice is situated about 18 km from the Leh region on the Leh–Manali highway.

4. Pangong TSO Lake

Pangong TSO Lake

If you’re not sure from which place you should start your Leh Ladakh trip, Pangong TSO Lake should be one to top of your list to visit. It is the highest lake in India. The saline water of the lake freezes during the winters, where skiers and ice skaters gather in the ice-skating festival. According to Thrillophilia reviews, this place is best rated for birdwatching as you would be able to see rare seagulls and brahminy-ducks during the summer. This lake became a popular tourist point after it got highlighted in the Bollywood blockbuster movie 3 Idiots.

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5. Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley Tourist Place in Ladakh

Recognised as the perfect moonscapes, Nubra Valley is one of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh region. The gorge structure on the valley is a result of the Shyok and Nubra river currents. Nubra Valley, a cold desert, is situated at a high altitude and extends the Qing-Zang Tibetan Plateau. Therefore, a striking view of white Hunder dunes is a surprise that will make you astonished.

Enjoying the tour of these dunes sitting on the double-humped Bactrian Camels is a beautiful experience. The valley also houses Diskit Monastery, where you can also find a gigantic Maitreya Buddha statue. Other notable sites in this area are Yarab Tso Lake, Samtem Ling Gompa, Turtuk, and Panamik villages.

6. Khardung-la Pass

Khardung la Pass

This is an exceptional mountain pass in the Leh region. It works as a gateway to the Nubra and Shyok valley, which are prominent landscapes in the Ladakh region. Khardung-la Pass is located at the height of 5,359 m and is famous for being the most towering motorable terrains globally. This beautiful pass was opened for transports in 1988 and is continuing. Tourists crossing Leh get some rest at Khardung-la Pass to capture the great scenes of mountain peaks. Also known as Khardzong La, this pass is appropriate for experiencing the Himalayan charm and richness.

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