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8 Museums To Explore The Rich History of Istanbul

Museums Of Istanbul

Nestled gracefully amidst Asia and Europe, Istanbul is the largest as well as picturesque city in Turkey. This transcontinental city is dipped in culture and a glorious past and thus attracts globetrotters from across the globe. Istanbul is the city where Asia meets Europe and Islam meets Christianity. This city showcases the unique blend Arab and European cultures and offers an out of the world experience to the visitors. Historically known as a bridge between east and west, Istanbul is the scenic land with blissful vibes and utmost calmness. This culturally rich city is bestowed with numerous museums that can take you to the history and cultural tour. Don’t wait back and book flight tickets to Istanbul right away to enjoy a heart-warming experience. 

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Famous Museums in Istanbul For Historical Expedition

Wish to unfold the mysteries of Istanbul? Add the below-mentioned museums to your itinerary and get glimpses of the rich culture of the city. These museums showcase the vivid culture and historical significance of Istanbul and thus entices history buffs from all around the world. These iconic structures will surely leave you spellbind and therefore, you cannot afford to miss them while being in the city. Take a look at these famous museums in Istanbul and admire the rich history of the city. 

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

Let’s unfold our list with the most impressive structure which is none other than Hagia Sophia Museum. One of the most remarkable museums in the world to explore, this place is an artistic delight and thus grabs the eyeballs of holidaymakers from across the globe. Earlier this place was a church for almost 916 years but it was transformed to mosque and then to the museum. This 56m high structure exhibits both Islamic and Christian art. Along with the wide range of exhibits, this museum is also famous for its aesthetic architectural beauty. 

  • Topkapi Palace Museum

One of the marvellous creations of the 15th century, Topkapi Palace Museum is a great historic building with picturesque portraits of the Sultan and other artefacts. This palace served as the royal residence of the Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years ago. Visit this museum and take a walking tour around the courtyards to resolve the mysteries of this palace. Here, you can find diamond-studded daggers and plenty of other royal luxury items that adore the museum. Make Emirates Airlines booking to Istanbul right away and gaze at the beauty of these impressive structures. 

  • Istanbul Military Museum

Do you love to see war-related artefacts and exhibits? Well, if so, then visit Istanbul Military Museum and find a great collection of uniforms, historical weapons and other war-related tools and items like armor, guns and a lot more. If military stuff fascinates you, then Istanbul Military Museum is perhaps the best choice for you. Yet another highlight of this museum are rail guns, aircraft, war helicopters and much more.

  • Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Yet another museum on this list is Istanbul Archaeology Museum. This is the group of three museums where you can find artistic treasures from early civilization. This Islamic art museum was established with the objective to modernize the Ottoman Empire. This classical museum mainly reflects Istanbul’s history. 

  • Madame Tussauds Istanbul

Madame Tussauds has found its way over 250 years ago and now it has opened its door to Turkey. Here, you can find the marvelous collection of over 60 celebrities not just from Turkey but from the world. Please note down the fact that the ticket price is a little higher than other museums in Istanbul and thus you will have to purchase tickets in advance. 

  • Sakip Sabanci Museum

One of the stunning tourist attractions in Istanbul, Sakip Sabanci Museum is famous for offering unusual landscapes. It looks spectacular and houses a distinct permanent collection as well as some of the temporary exhibits. This is amongst the famous museums in Istanbul and offers you the opportunity to enjoy some tranquil time away from the crowds. Here, you can get the chance to see Emirgan. 

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  • Istanbul Toy Museum

Next on the list of best-rated museums is Istanbul Toy Museum. This prominent attraction is the first and only toy museum in Turkey and was opened in April 2005. Children’s Day is celebrated on this day in Turkey and that’s why this museum was opened on April 23 and is entirely dedicated to the kids. Here, you can witness an amazing collection of toys such as antique dolls, miniature furniture, space toys, stars hanging overhead, gift shops and a lot more. This museum has several rooms which look like the different theater stages. 

  • Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery

Last but not least, the museum on the list is Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery. This chic museum lets you discover the magical world of carpet. Surprised? Well, don’t be as the unique concept and majestic beauty of this museum will surely leave you with the desire to visit here over and over again. Here, you can find a massive collection of phenomenal village rugs that have been handmade with the finest handspun wool and traditional techniques. This museum is ideal for all kinds of travelers , be it crafts lover, students, history geeks and heritage buffs.

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