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What Should You Consider For Your Next Beachfront Hotels?

Beachfront Hotels

In towns or cities where you can expect to bask in and take pleasure in tropical temperatures, beach hotels need to be nothing less than picture-perfect beaches and A-plus services.

To make your dream vacation and breakaway a reality, you must choose a great beachside hotel! Whether it is an adult-only resort, a posh hotel, or a swim-up retreat — it does not matter as long as it fits your aesthetic and meets all your demands and needs!

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a beach hotel. However, at this point, picking the dream destination would be a lot easier than picking a hotel that offers the right features and ticks all the boxes!

Thailand is a perfect dream destination that boasts thousands of miles of coastline, hundreds of breathtaking ocean views, and countless hotels where you can enjoy the shore’s beauty. However, not all beachfront hotels can provide everything you need to unwind and relax.

Things To Look For Best Beachfront Hotels!

1. A Beautiful Beach

All beachfront hotels have a direct view of the beach — that is a given. Unfortunately, not all beaches are beautiful, and not all can take your breath away. When looking for a beachfront hotel, check their beach first.

Search for golden sands that can sift through your fingers and toes, warm blue waters you can swim in, and luscious, green palm trees that sway with the breeze. Also, take into account the cleanliness of the beach! There is nothing more attractive than a clean beach view. 

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2. Poolside Bar

Knowing that there is a poolside bar near you is a relaxing thought. It comes in handy whenever you feel like taking a break from playing in saltwater in favor of savoring salt on the rim of a margarita. 

A bar is an excellent option if you want to have fun with your partner or friends while on the trip. It would certainly be nice to enjoy a tasty cocktail while enjoying a famous native cuisine. You can also have it while watching the sun sink below the horizon.  

3. Nightlife

People love beach getaways and vacations. Some see it as a means to escape the busy city life while others use it as a break from work or school. The shore is a great place to enjoy a nice, quiet night of listening to the waves with a tasty cocktail in hand. 

If you want a more lively night, you can search for a beach resort close to a shopping district or night market. There are also hotels with beach clubs that offer non-stop music and events for the whole night. 

4. Weather and Season 

Before packing your luggage or buying tickets, make sure to think about the weather and season first. For example, there is no point in going to the beach during December or January when it is the coldest.

You will need to plan accordingly. It is always better, after all, to swim in the ocean waters when it is warm out.

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5. Top Class Restaurant 

Perfectly prepared sushi? Fresh salmon? Mouthwatering crabs? Seafood is one thing a beachfront hotel should excel in. There is no point in choosing a beach hotel or resort that does not have extraordinary seafood you can indulge in during your stay.

Aside from seafood, the hotel restaurant must have a delicious menu. In the morning, imagine being greeted with a hearty and filling breakfast paired with freshly-brewed coffee to start the day. 

For lunch and dinner, delectable native cuisines and authentic foreign meals would make your stay worthwhile. It is also a nice bonus if there is an incredible view of the beach or bay while eating!   

6. Fishing 

If you are tired of usual onsite activities and want to spend a peaceful time with your family or thoughts, you can always go fishing. Some hotels have private beaches where you can throw a fishing line into the water to catch yourself some fish.  

7. Spa and Salon

It is not a vacation if you are not pampering yourself! So you need to allot time in giving your skin and body what it needs and craves — some little pampering in a spa and salon.

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Other Things To Consider

Aside from the activities and facilities of a beach hotel, there are other things you should consider. 

  • Location – It is necessary to consider the location of the hotel. It might be best to choose the location based on your planned activities. For instance, if you also plan to visit city attractions, you need to choose a hotel close to the central area.   
  • Amenities – Find out the amenities of the hotel. Having a stable Wi-Fi connection is always important. If you plan on having a lazy vacation, see if the hotel has a pool, sauna, or wellness center. If you have kids, check if there are any child-friendly activities or events.
  • Hotel Package – It is not bad to check if the hotel you want to choose has a package. Some beachfront hotels include certain meals as part of their package. Few include free towels or credits to an affiliated golf course or spa.
  • Policies – Every hotel has its rules; make sure to read or ask about them. Some hotels require a prepayment that is usually non-refundable. Others have refund protection in case you cancel. If you plan to bring your pet with you, check with the hotel first! 


To ensure that you have the best possible time on your beach trip, you need to plan everything carefully. That includes the beachfront hotel you will be staying at! We hope this guide has helped you in choosing the best beachfront hotels for your vacation.

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