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Australia Ski Resorts: 7 Australia’s Secret Snow Ski Destinations

Australia Ski Resorts

Who doesn’t like snow? Everyone does! But the purest form of snow, along with the pristine beauty of nature, can only be found in Australia ski resorts . Australia is a beautiful country and a continent with a diverse set of flora, fauna, and geographical terrains, making it one of the most visited places by tourists.

Australia has both alpine and tropical beauties; hence the wildlife is also very unique, but the thrill and chill in the snow is on another level. That’s why we are providing you the list of seven most beautiful and charming secret snow ski destinations in Australia so that you can do your planning accordingly:

7 Best Australia Ski Resorts

1. Mount Buller, Victoria

Mount Buller is a beautiful place to visit, located in the heart of Victoria. This place serves as the best place for downslope skiing and snowboarding. The National Alpine Museum here is also praised very much by the tourists.

Mount Buller has only 300 people as its residents, but one may not find any accommodation problems here. The lift network is also very efficient here. So by moving on the lift, anyone can enjoy the aesthetic sceneries of Mount Buller and its valleys. Every snow lover should give it a shot.

2. Hotham, Victoria

Located in the Great Dividing Range of the Australian Alps, this place is known for its relaxing climatic conditions. Hotham, Victoria, is also very easy to reach. It is just 400 kilometers away from the nearest Metropolitan, Melbourne. This place always maintains its place on the wish list of every snow lover.

One can enjoy snowballing, snowboarding, and skiing here with their family. Accommodation is easily accessible here, so one needs to focus only on an adventure, not hotels. The natural and pristine view is amazing and cannot be expressed in words. Seeing the wildlife from the top of the mountain is like seeing the earth from heaven. This same feeling you will get here.

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3. Falls Creek, Victoria

How can one forget the name of Falls creek if there is talk of the best Australia ski resorts? This famous place is known for its best-managed lift network and wonderful times and attractions. Located in the Alpine region of Victoria, Australia, this place is most of the time covered under snow.

So no such prior planning is required to visit here. Just make a simple plan and come here. You will surely enjoy snowballing, snowboarding, and skiing with your family and friends. The accommodation here is also very good, and many restaurants and resorts are available here for stay.

4. Thredbo, New South Wales

The purest and coolest form of snow can only be found in Thredbo, as it is located near Australia’s tallest mountain Mount Kosciuszko. Hence, visiting Thredbo can fulfill your dream of playing and enjoying the snow and visiting Mount Kosciuszko and Kosciuszko National Park, where you can see the rarest form of flora and fauna.

Snowboarding here is very renowned and sometimes different competitions are also organized to test the best player. Mountain biking and hiking are also very popular here, so one need not visit other places to enjoy snow and biking.

5. Perisher, New South Wales

The overall combo of food and snow can be found easily at Perisher, New South Wales. Perisher is a group of four villages famous for superb finger-licking food, skiing, snowboarding, and training. To come here is also as easy as turning the TV on.

Perisher is connected to all-weather roads with all major cities. There are more than four resort areas present, so there is no such problem with accommodation. The lift network is also very good here. More than 47 lifts work there all time to serve the needs of the tourists.

6. Charlotte Pass, Jindabyne, NSW

With the pristine beauties of nature and natural sites, Charlotte Pass, Jindabyne is another Australia ski resorts, NSW, is known for its alpine wonderfulness. Charlotte pass has a unique blend of nature and human interaction. Famous for its hiking and trail adventures, Charlotte passes judges a person based on his physical strength and mental and emotional stability.

The snowballing and snowboarding experience here is amazing, and the views at Blue Lake, Albina Lake, and club lake take you deep into nature. Tourists get so mesmerized in these beautiful places that they don’t even want to leave. Charlotte pass is a must-visit for every nature lover.

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7. Selwyn, Jindabyne, NSW

Selwyn is a new Australia snow resorts currently in the process of construction. The construction is almost finished, and the administration plans to open it through a grand event in the winter of 2022. This would be a family-friendly place where you can take your children and enjoy playing in the snow with them.

The Snowsports area, which includes snowballing, snowboarding, and skiing, is highly developed, and professional trainers are also available to hire. There are artificial snow majors as well, so snow deficiency will never happen. Overall, Selwyn deserves a chance to be visited.

5 Things You Can Do in Jindabyne in the Snowy Season

1. Visit Snowy Region Visitor Centre

Starting your great journey to explore the heart and depths of Jindabyne, this is the first place which you need to go. Snowy Region Visitor Centre is a tourist information center where you can get information regarding everything you want to know like the maps, vouchers, entry passes, etc.

The staff here is very professional and well trained. It is more of a museum-like place where you can know the history and natural insights of Jindabyne. There are physical models of the city and the mountain, which are just mesmerizing. It is a must-visit if you want your journey to Jindabyne to be good and worthwhile.

2. Snowboarding

With snow in the winter season, Jindabyne has become the hotspot for the tourists who come here for snowboarding. Snowboarding is a thrilling and adventurous activity in which a person stands on the skateboard with no wheels and then moves along the snow slope.

In Jindabyne, there are many snow resorts and skiing areas where you can perform snowballing and snowboarding under the guidance of a professional. Snowboarding is an Olympic sport, so you can also take your young children here to motivate them to pursue snowboarding as a real career option. Also, all types of security devices are available at Jindabyne before you start snowboarding.

3. Backcountry Tours

Your visit is unfinished if you have not visited the backcountry of beautiful Australia. It is rightly said that human civilization arose from the villages, and by visiting the villages, you will not only get an insight into how the lives of village people are still different from the ones who live in the city.

But also you would know how to appreciate nature by living with it. On the way, you will find several small brooks, animals, and different types of flora and fauna. One can make up a picnic here as well, and by this, they can spend a night under a million star hotel!

4. Dine Out in Snowy Mountains Jindabyne

An adage says that the way to the heart goes from the stomach. It is true. When you have visited all the wonders at Jindabyne like the lakes, lifts, Mount Kosciuszko located in the Great Dividing Range, etc., it is the right time to feed your soul.

The food and dining at Snowy Mountains, Jindabyne, are awesome. Italian, Latin, Mexican, Persian, Indian, and every other type of food is readily available. So having this kind of option encourages you to try a new variety of food you have never tried. This would also be a part of your adventurous journey.

5. Stay in the Snow Escape Holidays

Snow Escape Holidays are a local chain of hotels and lodges where any tourist can spend their night at. They have beautiful and well-furnished rooms on the side of Lake Jindabyne and Lake Crackenback, where you can enjoy the pristine beauty of nature.

Kooringa unit has an open balcony that shows you the mighty mountains engraved by the lake. The price of the rooms is also very affordable, and a single room for 6 starts at a mere price of $400. You will surely enjoy your stay at Snow Escape Holidays because it has every amenity required for tourists.

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