5 Essential Tips to Prepare for Long Distance Cape York Motorcycle Trip

Cape York Motorcycle Trip

Cape York is one of the most popular remote landscapes located in Australia’s Far North Queensland. This large, undomesticated rainforest beauty offers an exceptional course for camping, hiking, sightseeing and motorcycling.

Like most thrilling motorcycle adventures, engaging in a cape york motorcycle tour requires you to be ninety per cent prepared and ten per cent perspiration (since the weather can be relatively high at some point).

Here are Five Essential Tips that you Should Know Before Taking a Long-Distance Cape York Motorcycle Trip.  

Tip #1: Choose a Suitable Ride

Before embarking on a long-distance Cape York motorcycle trip, the motorcyclists should pick the right motorcycle-style which is suitable for a long-distance ride. Some things that they should pay attention to are cargo portions, riding positions and windscreen coverage.

Touring motorcycles, for instance, would be an ideal choice for long trips which involves hours of riding and sitting. They usually come with a more upright riding position which will not put a lot of strain on the riders’ back and hold them properly when seated. 

Cargo in these types of motorcycles is typically maximized with a trunk area, saddlebags and additional pockets for smaller things. Their front fairing and windscreen are big which moves the air around the rider as they cruise.

Other great options are the cruiser and standard motorcycles. Both of these bikes provide a lower, relaxed seating state which is great for long rides. However, they usually lack a big front fairing to deflect the air. While they do offer options for storage, such as a tank bag, saddlebags and a front pouch, they generally do not have trunk storage.

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Tip #2: Pick the Right Engine

Although a motorcycle’s engine size is not considered as the best choice, it does have an impact on the journey. Depending on the motorcycle style, an engine under 750cc would be perfect for a long-distance ride. An engine over 750cc, on the other hand, is ideal for everyday commute and riding at highway speeds.

A 750cc cruiser or standard might be an ideal fit for everyday commute and an occasional longer journey. While a smaller engine like 250c is fuel-efficient, it can grapple at highway speeds.

Tip #3: Prepare your Gear

Riders may need specialized motorcycle gear for riding. Apart from the all-weather protective gear, they may find some other options in the market which may make their long-distance ride across Cape York more enjoyable.

For instance, heated grips are great for riders who plan to ride in the late evening or early in the morning since the grips would add some heat to keep their hands warm as the surrounding temperature becomes a bit chilly. Padded grips would give an additional cushion to their hands and wrist, preventing tightness and wrist pain after gripping the bike for hours. Riders may also install a backrest for themselves and the passenger which provides extra support to lean back as they ride.

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Tip #4: Plan your Riding Posture

The riders’ riding posture should offer them support and fast reaction capacity for control. Ideally, the position of the handlebar should be between their stomach and shoulders, around midway, and their arms should have a short hang to them. Anything too high or too low would put stress on their joints and muscles, leading to premature fatigue.

Tip #5: Perform Proper Motorcycle Maintenance

Before leaving for the trip, riders should conduct proper maintenance on their motorcycles so that they can make any repairs when they encounter something during their journey.

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A long-motorcycle ride is challenging to both mind and body. Therefore, riders who intend to go on a long-distance Cape York motorcycle trip should plan their tour appropriately. They need to pick the right ride and engine, prepare their gears, get the correct riding posture and conduct proper maintenance on their motorcycles before setting out on the journey.

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