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Himachal Pradesh Mountains: List of Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Mountains

Himachal Pradesh is part of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas Mountain, and the entire land is full of hills and high hills. Himachal Pradesh mountains are divided into three types of mountain ranges, i.e., low mountain ranges in which the height of the mountain is from 350 m to 1500 m, second is the middle mountain ranges in which the height of the hill from 1500 m to 4500 m. The last one is high mountain ranges in which area comes under Pangi tehsil of Chamba district and mountains of Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur district, whose height ranges from 5000 m to 7000 m.

Let’s read about some of the major mountain peaks of Himachal Pradesh and their height which you can see from the north corner of Lahaul to the south corner of Sirmaur.

16 Famous Himachal Pradesh Mountains

1. Shilla

Shilla Mountain Peak in Himachal Pradesh

Shilla is a mountain peak & part of the Himalayas mountains. It is in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The Shilla name is derived from shi means death, and La means range as peak, which is considered the peak of death. In the local language, other meanings are “A place of a monastery” or “gateway to heaven.”

  • Location: located in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Elevation: 6,132 m (20,118 ft) above sea level.

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2. Reo Purgyil

Reo Purgyil

Reo Purgyil is the highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh and is located in the Kinnaur district. This peak is a dome structure and is often obscured by the clouds. It is a part of a great massif that rises above the Satluj river and overlooks the western valleys of Tibet. It is part of the Western Himalayan range.

  • Location: located on the border between Himachal Pradesh state of India and Tibet.
  • Elevation: 6,816 m (22,362 ft) above sea level.

3. Jorkanden


Jorkanden is the highest peak in the Kinner Kailash range of the greater Himalayas. This is a shining peak in Himachal, and it is a rewarding view for mountain lovers and passionate photographers. The ITBP police first climbed this mountain peak in 1974.

  • Location: located in Kinnaur district.
  • Elevation: 6,473 m (21,237 ft) above the sea level.

4. Parvati Parbat

Parvati Parbat

Parvati Parbat is one of the most beautiful Himachal Pradesh mountains and is considered the abode of Lord Shiva’s wife, Parvati. This peak lies at the head of the Bada Shigri glacier.

  • Location: located in Kullu and Spiti district.
  • Elevation: 6,633 m (21,759 ft) above the sea level.

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5. Kinnaur Kailash

Kinnaur Kailash

The specialty of this mountain is that it is an abode of Lord Shiva, and a natural Shivling is situated on one of its peaks which has particular religious significance for those who believe in Hinduism. It is also famous as a tourist place, trekking place, and one of the most challenging treks in the Indian Himalayan region.

  • Location: located in Kinnaur district in Sangla Valley.
  • Elevation: 6,050 m (19,850 ft) above the sea level.

6. Rangrik Rang

Rangrik Rang

Rangrik Rang is one of the highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh and the most elevated mountain situated in the western Himalayas. Rangrik Rang means “a god sculpted mountain.” It is named Rangrik Rang after the Rangrik Tungma temple just below it in the village of Charang. The path to the mountain of Rangrik is like the beauty of dessert.

  • Location: located in the south of Kinnaur district.
  • Elevation: 6,553 m (21,499 ft) above the sea level.

7. Indrasan

Indrasan Mountains of Himachal Pradesh

Indrasan peak is known as the climber’s peak. This peak is considered the most challenging mountain to climb due to the challenges involved in climbing up a steep surface. It is a lofty peak that captivates the eyes of the beholders with its natural beauty. Locally it is supposed to be the seat of Lord Indra, the kind of heaven and the Devas.

  • Location: located in Kullu district in Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas.
  • Elevation: 6,221 m (20,413 ft) above the sea level.

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8. Deo Tibba

Deo Tibba

Deo Tibba is a famous mountains in Himachal Pradesh which is situated in the Pir Panjal range of mountains. It is a beautiful Himalayan trek in Kullu valley and starts from Manali. Here there is a local belief that Gods assemble on the top of the mountain, hence the name Deo Tibba.

  • Location: located in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh
  • Elevation: 6,001 m (19,683 ft) above the sea level.

9. Manimahesh Kailash


Kailash is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, but apart from this, there is also a mountain in which Bholenath resides with Goddess Parvati. The name of this mountain is Manimahesh. It is said that Lord Shiva did penance here for centuries. Hence, this mountain is also known as Chamba Kailash.

  • Location: Located in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh
  • Elevation: 5,653 m (18,547 ft) above the sea level.

10. ChurDhar


This mountain is the highest peak in the Sirmaur district and Outer Himalayas. People of some border areas of Sirmaur, Chaupal, Shimla, and Solan Uttarakhand have religious faith in this mountain. Churdhar is believed to be the place of Shri Shirgul Maharaj. The temple of Shirgul Maharaj is also located here. Shirgul Maharaj is the deity of Sirmaur and Chaupal.

  • Location: located in Sirmaur district, Himachal Pradesh
  • Elevation: 3,647 m (11,965 ft) above the sea level

11. Shrikhand Mahadev

Shrikhand Mahadev

Shrikhand Mahadev place is considered the idol of Lord Shiva. This place is the main pilgrimage of the Hindus of North India. There is a 75 feet vertical rock on this mountain called Shivling. The peak of Shrikhand Mahadev can be seen from a great distance. This mountain is very popular among trekkers who like to do adventure treks, and It is considered one of the most strenuous treks in India.

  • Location: located in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh
  • Elevation: 5227 m (17,150 ft) above the sea level

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12. Hanuman Tibba

Hanuman Tibba

Hanuman Tibba is situated in the Dhauladhar range of hills in Kangra district; it is one of the popular Himachal Pradesh mountains, famous by the name White Mountain. Every year many tourists come to visit this trek. According to mythological beliefs, it is believed that Hanuman Ji rested here in this mountain while carrying Sanjeevani Booti to help Lakshmana.

  • Location: located in Kanga district, Himachal Pradesh
  • Elevation: 5,180 m (17,000 ft) above the sea level

13. Manirang


Manirang is one of the highest mountain in Himachal Pradesh. It lies on the border between Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti district. It is known as the crown of Spiti Valley, and close to the peak, there is Manirang pass which was one of the shortest connectors between Kinnaur and Spiti before the motorable road was built.

  • Location: located between Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti.
  • Elevation: 6,593 m (21,631 ft) above the sea level

14. Dharamsura


Dharamsura mountain is also known as White sail because of its shape. Dharamsura peak is close to Papsura peak, and these two peaks are divided by a ridge of about 2km. Therefore, it is the sister peak of Papsura and is considered the “Peak of good.”

  • Location: located on the border of the Lahaul and Spiti, and Kullu districts.
  • Elevation: 6420 m (21,148 ft) above the sea level

15. Papsura


Papsura is one of the major Himachal Pradesh mountains which is known as the “peak of Evil” in the east Tosh glacier of the Indian Himalayas. This mountain has rarely been climbed due to its long and dangerous approach.

  • Location: located on the border of the Lahaul and Spiti, and Kullu districts.
  • Elevation: 6,451 m (21,165 ft) above the sea level

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16. Shikar Beh

Shikar Beh

Shikar Beh Peak is another Himachal mountain located on the border of Kangra district and Lahaul & Spiti district region of Himachal. The majestic view of snow-capped Shikar Beh mountain can be seen from Sissu on the Leh-Manali highway.

  • Location: Kangra and Lahaul & Spiti district
  • Elevation: 6,200 m (20,341 ft) above the sea level

List of All Himachal Pradesh Mountains

Name Of The Peak Location Height Above Sea Level (meter)
Reo Purgyil Kinnaur6816
Shilla Kinnaur 6132
Undung KangriLahaul and Spiti6642
Parvati ParvatSpiti, Kullu6633
ManirangKinnaur, Spiti6593
Granite PeakKinnaur6585
Rangrik RangKinnaur6553
Kullu PumoriLahaul and Spiti6553
MukilaLahaul and Spiti6517
PapsuraKullu, Lahaul and Spiti6446
DharamsuraKullu, Lahaul and Spiti6446
Dibibokri PyramidKullu6408
GyagarLahaul and Spiti6400
GyephangLahaul and Spiti6400
Koa Rang IVLahaul and Spiti6340
Kangla Tarbo 1Lahaul and Spiti6315
Chau Chau Kang NildaLahaul and Spiti6303
Baihali JotLahaul and Spiti, Chamba6,295
Koa Rang VLahaul and Spiti6258
ShigrilaLahaul and Spiti6,230
Shikar BehLahaul and Spiti, Kangra6,200
Koa Rang IILahaul and Spiti6,187
Koa Rang VILahaul and Spiti6,187
Koa Rang ILahaul and Spiti6,157
Koa Rang IIILahaul and Spiti6,154
RamabangLahaul and Spiti6,135
Mount Yunum (mountain)Lahaul and Spiti6,111
Koa Rang VIILahaul and Spiti6,096
Mukar BehLahaul and Spiti, Kangra6,070
Gepang GohLahaul and Spiti6,050
Kinnaur KailashKinnaur6,050
Sanakdeik JotChamba, Lahaul and Spiti6,045
Deo TibbaKullu6,001
Pir PanjalChamba5,972
Maiwa KandinuKullu5,944
Hanuman TibbaKullu/Kangra5,860
Bara KandaChamba5,860
PishuKinnaur, Shimla5,672
Manimahesh KailashChamba5,660
Saltu Da ParLahaul and Spiti5,650
GushuKinnaur, Shimla5,607
Pin ParbatiKullu, Lahaul and spiti5,319
Srikhand MahadevKullu5,182
LachalungaLahaul and Spiti5,060
MuranglaLahaul and Spiti5,060
ShringlaLahaul and Spiti4,999
Inder KilaKullu4,940
Pin BahbaLahaul and spiti, Kinnaur4,890
Chanshal PeakShimla4,520
Gauri Devi Ka TibbaChamba4,030
HargaranLahaul and Spiti3,850
Narshing TibbaChamba3,730
Hatu PeakShimla3,400
Shikari DeviMandi3,359
Kuppar PeakShimla3,200
Kamlodi TopShimla3,100
Billing TopKangra3,050
Derthu TopShimla3,020
Tunga Mata TopMandi3,000
Propt DharMandi2,900
Shali TibbaShimla2,870
Nag TikkarShimla2,780
Winch CampMandi2,700


1. How many mountains are there in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal has about 86 mountain peaks

2. Which is the biggest mountain in Himachal Pradesh?

Reo Purgyil is the biggest and highest mountain in Himachal Pradesh which is At 6,816 m above the sea level.

3. Which is the longest mountain range in Himachal?

Pir Panjal is the longest mountain range in Himachal Pradesh.

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