10 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Caravan Awning

caravan awning

Looking for an awning is not as simple as you think. However, it can effectively double your floor space and provide more joy in your caravan trips, so you need to ensure that you’d get to pick the right one. 

This article will help you choose the right awning for your caravan. However, you need not be overwhelmed as you need to consider the following essential factors:

10 Important Factors When Buying a Caravan Awning

Factor # 1: You

Do you know what you want? This is the most important question that you should answer first. To look for the best possible awning for you, you need to be specific with the type of awning that you’re looking for. To guide you in figuring out the kind of awning that you want, you need to know if you’d be needing your awning for the following:

  • Will you need your awning as a sunshade?
  • Will you need your awning as storage for your wet clothes and boots?
  • Will you need your awning to be a space where your family can sleep or eat?
  • Will you need your awning to be easily put up by one person?
  • Will you be okay with an awning that will need more than one person when it comes to installation and setting up?
  • Will you need your awning to be lightweight?
  • Will you need your awning for your other caravans?

Look for an awning with removable side panels if you want one that can provide sunshade during long stops. Don’t opt for a full-size awning if you want to travel light and your caravan can only carry limited weight. Porch awnings are best if you want one that is lightweight and easy to install.

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Factor # 2: Usage

How often will you be using your awning? Will you be on a road trip regularly? Will road adventures be your way of life? First, you need to know how much you’d be relying on your awning. If you’d be using your awning regularly, it’s best to look for ultra-durable ones that can withstand different kinds of weather. If you’d only be using your awning during summer, opting for a lightweight one will do. If you’re clueless and don’t know where to begin, you can check out the best caravan awnings available in Australia by visiting RV Parts Express.

Factor # 3: Size

You need to know the specific size of the awning that you’re looking for. Knowing this will simplify your search. The two are the key measurements that you need to take note of:

  • length of awning rail
  • above ground height of caravan floor

Awnings in the market normally have a 10cm leeway. Don’t rely on such leeway, though, as you need first to ensure if the awning will fit the shape of your caravan. 

Factor # 4: Material

What material are you looking for? 

Acrylic is loved by most because it does not fade, rot, and shrink. However, it can be pricey. As it is thick, it can also be prone to condensation. 

If you want an awning that is airy and breathable, look for one made of cotton. Polyester is the mid-way option if you don’t want an awning that is too light or heavy.  

PRO TIP: Check the zippers. Spiral zips are smoother on round corners. 

For color choice, choose a dark-colored awning if you’d be using it as an extra bedroom.

Factor # 5: Frame

The following are your choices when it comes to awning frame:

  • Traditional – heavy and requires complicated installation. Gives more space.
  • Lightweight – your headroom can be limited.
  • Inflatable – easy installation. You need to be careful when choosing one, as it can be roundly shaped or traditionally shaped. If you’re confused as to its shape, ask assistance from shop experts.

Factor # 6: Mudwalls

A mud wall will keep your awning clean and dry. Ensure that the awning of your choice has one that can effectively protect you from dirt and rainwater.

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Factor # 7: Rock Pegs

It would help if you were careful when it comes to rock pegs. Don’t opt for too thick ones as they can easily damage and loosen your pitch’s foundation. The caravan awning of your choice should allow for a hardstanding pitch to allow for both stability and versatility. It should be stable enough to support a caravan and versatile enough to allow easy movement, removal, and maneuvering. 

Factor # 8: Leaks

Note that a cotton awning will leak the first time you use it. This is because it takes a few rain drizzles to swell and seal a cotton awning’s fibres. To avoid having to get wet all of a sudden, set up your caravan awning in your backyard before actual use. Wet it with a garden hose and let it dry. This will ensure that its fibres are already sealed and swelled up before your actual use. 

Factor # 9: Seasonal Compatibility

Will you be on road trips all the time? If yes, you need to look for an caravan awning with roof support and can withstand snow, water, and heat. Look for an awning with a steeply sloping roof to ensure that water and snow do not collect.

Factor # 10: Maintenance 

How willing are you when it comes to maintenance and upkeep? Awnings need regular maintenance, and it gets all the more demanding and time-consuming depending on its type.

If you’re not after complicated regular maintenance that will require extra space and hours for drying, opt for a lightweight awning.

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