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Travel Video Tips: How To Make An Amazing Travel Video

Travel Video Tips

Traveling is very popular among most of the people all over the world but the travel business has been hit hard by the coronavirus in the last two years. As per estimates, there has been a decline of 20% to 30% in the global international tourist arrivals worldwide.

And now, with things getting back on track, it has become essential for travel companies to create content that brings in customers.

Now is the right time for such companies to make travel videos an integral part of their marketing campaigns. But creating a travel video with simple shots and images will not work. Find travel video tips and ways in which your video can stand out in the sea of content already available on the web.

Tips for Making Travel Videos

1. Prepare the Right Gear for Capturing Your Travel Video

There are different pieces of professional level and high-end gear essential for making amazing travel videos. These include a camera, flying drones, backup camera, interval meter, tripod, and lens of varied angles.

Refrain from carrying a lot of gear as you are traveling, making your travel more confusing than pleasant. It’s fine to carry just essential videography gear as long as you are not producing something really commercial.

Your essential travel gear should include:

  • A camera or smartphone for storytelling videos and short films – you can use action cameras for shooting adventure videos
  • Tripod with wireless remote for recording non-shaky footage – there are cameras available with an anti-shake feature, but try getting a tripod if you do not have one; the wireless remote control feature in tripods helps record videos from a distance
  • Batteries because shooting a travel video can consume a lot of battery; carry power supply or backup batteries

Getting the above things in place will give you good hands in creating amazing travel videos without taking much time.

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2. Plan Everything in Advance

Even before shooting your travel video, you must have a proper plan in place. It must entail working on your travel video, what you are looking to emphasize, and what your audiences expect from you. Paying attention to these can help you create a video that your audiences want to watch.

Remember, a strong narrative is one of the most significant parts of your travel video marketing campaign. So, if you want your video to be more appealing, draw upon a storyboard quite early in the video production stage. Then shoot and edit your video according to the storyboard.

Take the example of Lonely Planet, an Australian travel guide book publisher here. The company has released several YouTube videos dedicated to specific places. But it takes a completely visual approach while presenting the natural beauty of the locales.

You might not find an omnipresent narrative in its videos, but you will get the sense of how wonderful a certain area is and why you will want to make it a priority to visit.

3. Shoot Your Travel Video

There are some important video shooting tips that you need to follow here. First of all, work on connecting the characters in your video scenes with the places in the video. Then, mark characters with the scenes and builds a relationship between them.

Capture your travel video in a high frame rate to make it appear more amazing. You must get a camera especially known for high frame rate shooting. You can even try the slow-mo feature on your iPhone to make your video work well.

Work on adjusting your video’s focal length or shooting distance. You can do this by switching to different modes of shooting the subject. For instance, if you are capturing an individual, feature their state from varied angles: their back, hand, and other things.

Also, try using varied shots like full-body shots, bust shots, and snapshots.

4. Manage Your Travel Video

Since you are capturing stills and clips throughout your journey, it is quite likely that you might be left with a lot of travel footage when you get back from your trip.

So, your next job is organizing all the GBs and getting everything in a specific order to make the post-production or editing stage easier.

Divide all the images and videos into different folders and manage them using labels. This way, you will not have any trouble finding the sources when editing raw footage to make a fantastic travel video.

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5. Editing Your Video – The Final and Most Important Step

To start with, you must edit videos using a video editor online. There are different video editing tools available online for free, so you will not have to spend exorbitantly to give your video a polished and professional appeal.

The first step is assembling, trimming, and re-arranging the clips so they make proper placement in the travel video. Next, you must fine-tune the videos by cutting unwanted frames, adjusting speed, color grading, and removing fisheyes.

This way, you will have your final travel video in place. Now add stuff you want to include in your video, like music, titles, and transitions. If all this sounds complex, there’s nothing for you to worry about, as an online video editor will help you do everything with great ease.

Below, you will find the steps to follow to edit your travel video using a video editing tool.

  • First of all, download and install the editor of your choice on your system and open it up
  • Now choose New Project and enter the name of your project- you have the flexibility to select any frame rate, resolution, and other parameters
  • Now insert your travel video using the suitable options; you will find the images and videos assembled and arranged on the timeline in perfect order
  • Select target clips and start trimming them; delete the parts you do not require and then re-arrange the clips
  • Crop your clips to build the focus of your video and also remove all redundant frames
  • Remove all fisheyes caused by the wide angle of the action camera to give your video a more realistic view
  • You must also adjust the speed of your video to make it engaging
  • Color grading your video will adjust its hue, exposure, temperature, contrast, and tone
  • Next, add transition, text, and music to your video

Now, you are all set to post your travel video online for the world to see it.

The Bottom Line

Traveling refreshes both your mind and soul and a video of that trip can help you live those memories again and again. So, now that you know how to film a travel video, it is time for you to pick up the camera and other gear and start with the process.

Transform your travel video from dull to dynamic by using the steps mentioned above and creating something exclusive and enticing. Keep in mind that a captivating travel video can help you get more likes, shares and eventually more subscribers to your channel or site.

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