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10 Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh, Traditional Dances

Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has preserved its culture even today in the era of modernity, folk dances of Himachal Pradesh are performed every year in fairs, festivals and other cultural events!. Himachal has a long list of unique dances for every occasion, in every form, and for every region! This folk dance is mostly performed in local fairs and on joyous occasions like marriages and the coming of the deities! Women and men dance gracefully dressed in their traditional costumes! so, in this article, we have provided information about the famous and traditional dance of Himachal Pradesh.

10 List of Famous Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh With Name

1. Nati

Nati dance form of himachal pradesh

Nati has a rich dance tradition. It is the most popular and famous dance performed at fairs and festivals. This dance is performed in the districts of Kullu, Sirmaur, Shimla, etc. of Himachal Pradesh. It is started at a slow speed, while doing this it is called loose pulse and later it increases at a rapid pace. Dholak, Karnal, Ranasingha, Flute, Shehnai, and Nagade are used in this dance. In this dance, women express their happiness by dancing in the courtyard of the house.

There are several varieties of Nati performed in which the main ones are as follows:-

  • Kulvi Nati
  • Gaddi Nati
  • Mahasuvi Nati
  • Jaunsari Nati
  • Sirmauri Nati
  • Kinnauri Nati
  • Barada Nati

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2. Dangi Folk Dance

Dangi traditional dance of himachal pradesh

One of the major folk dances of Himachal Pradesh, this folk dance is based on one of the oldest folk tales and is performed in the temple of Naina Devi during the harvest season! It is dance form of the Chamba area and performed at festivals, weddings and during Jatara by the Gaddi women. Female dancers are mainly involved in Dangi folk dance. There are different themes or variations of this dance! The dance is full of excitement and enthusiasm along with a plethora of emotions, one theme depicts the love story of a common village girl and a princely king, and the other depicts business transactions between a customer and a business!

3. Chhanak Chham Dance

Chhanak Chham
Image Courtesy: wondersoftibet.com

Chhanak Chham dance is very famous dance form of Himachal Pradesh in the Lahaul-Spiti region, in the memory of Lord Buddha and as a tribute! The Lamas of the Lahaul-Spiti region perform this devotional dance on the occasion of Chakhar, which happens once every three years! It is famous for its vibrant hats, costumes, and masks. The theme of his costume is yellow, black, and gold and is designed to be sleek and shiny. The cap is called a filter. This Himachal Pradesh dance is beautiful as compared to other slow-moving dances.

4. Demon (Rakshasa) Dance

Demon Dance
Image Courtesy: nativeplanet.com

Rakshasa dance is related to the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Rakshasa dance is performed wearing demon masks. These masks are in the numbers three, five, seven, and nine. This dance perform to protect crops from evil spirits and demons in this region. It looks like bhangra. The dancers, dressed in primitive costumes and ornaments, look fierce. Scenes of exorcism and demons are presented in this dance. These dances are organized on the occasion of Chaitol, Bishu, and Diwali. Men and women hold each other’s hands and dance. The one who dances at the fore is also called Ghurye. Sometimes men and women dance separately as well.

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5. Kayang Mala Folk Dance

Kayang Mala

Kinnaur region is famous for its dances. There are three types of folk dances in Kinnaur. The most popular of these is Kyang Mala. In this dance, men and women stand in a semicircle and the Bajantri stands in the center of the semicircle. A middle-aged man leads the men and a middle-aged woman leads the women.

The dance progresses in a complete circle with each person holding the hand of the third person to their right. This circular group slowly spins and eventually, the leader shouts ho, ho, ho, ho, and each dancer bends his knee and jerks forward. The dancers continue to sing and the first two women sing and the rest follow them. This dance lasts for hours. 

Kayang Mala dance has three form:

  • Nagas kyang
  • Clumsy kayang
  • Shuna kayang

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6. Dalshon and Cholamba Dance

Cholamba Dance
Image Courtesy: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Cholamba Dance is one of the famous folk dances of Himachal Pradesh. This dance is performed in Ropa Valley. This dance is performed while coiling a snake. Whenever a Tiger is killed, the Cholamba dance is performed. In this dance skin and a gold ornament are put in the nose of a dead lion.

7. Dhure Dance

Dhure’ dance is also very popular in Lahauli. In this dance, the dancers present an attractive dance by making a semicircular and circular circle. This dance is mainly based on singing and it lacks musical instruments. The style of singing in this dance is so effective that even if there is no music, it does not affect the ‘Dhure’ dance, theatrical dances are performed on epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

8. Shan and Shabu

Shan and Shabu are popular dances of Lahaul Valley. These dances are performed in the Gompa in the memory of Buddha . Shan means dance based on the praises of Buddha is called Shan dance. It is a type of ethnic dance, which takes place after the harvest.

9. Laaldi and Ghughti

The tradition of women’s dance is also found in the mountain society. Laaldi is a popular female folk dance of Himachal Pradesh. Dhol, Nagada, Shehnai etc, are not used in this dance. Taal and rhythm etc, are completed only by clapping. In Ghughti dance, the dancer places his hands on the shoulders of the next dancer. The next three to four dancers sing the Ghughti song and the rest repeat it.

10. Swaangtegi

There is a tradition of dancing Swaangtegi dances by wearing lion and garden wooden masks on Diwali. In this, there is a clean dance like wild animals. Dhakheni and Drodi are deity dances. Such dances are organized on occasions like Jagar, Shant etc. Scenes of warring heroes, invaders, temples, stupas, etc. are also presented in Swangtegi dances.


1. Which is the famous folk dance of Himachal Pradesh?

Nati Dance is a famous folk dance in Himachal Pradesh, which is performed in Himachal major districts like, Kullu, Chamba, Kinnaur, Shimla and Sirmour.

2. Which dance in Himachal Pradesh headgear and crafted masks are used?

The Chamm Dance is renowned for detailed costumes, Elaborate Headgear, and finely crafted masks.

3. Which is the folk dance of Kangra?

Giddha Dance (Jhamakra). This dance is also popular in Una, and Hamirpur.

4. In which district of Himachal Pradesh is the Budah folk dance popular and what is its theme?

It is popular dance form in Sirmour district and theme is related to saga of war.

5. Which is a folk dance in which only women participate?

Dangi dance.

6. Where is Kadathi a famous folk dance?

Kadathi is famous in Kullu.

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