Are Serviced Apartments a Cost-Effective Way to Stay in London?

Serviced Apartments

London is by far the most popular city in the United Kingdom and more than 20 million travellers experience its metropolitan allure each and every year. While some may only stay for a handful of days, others might instead choose to remain for an extended period of time. In these instances, serviced apartments often represent the ideal solution. What advantages do these properties have to offer and why have they become so desirable in recent times? Whether you are planning an upcoming excursion or you simply wish to know how personalised the tourism industry has become, the details outlined below should come in handy.

Customer-Oriented Solutions 

One of the primary advantages of a serviced apartment involves the sheer attention to detail that each and every guest can enjoy. From 24-hour reception and dedicated concierge services to friendly housekeeping and in-house amenities that are often associated with five-star properties, clients can expect nothing less than the best. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for generic or franchised properties. The main intention of any serviced apartment is to provide customers with a literal “home away from home”; ensuring a stress-free London visit. 

Location-Based Convenience 

London can be a truly daunting city for first-time visitors. This is why they will often choose properties close to the city center. While this might be convenient, elements such as privacy and access to creature comforts can be sacrificed as a result. However, there are other solutions to consider. The serviced apartments here have been specifically chosen to provide visitors with an array of locations to consider. Examples include (but are by no means limited to): 

  • Belgravia 
  • Covent Garden 
  • Camden 
  • Canary Wharf 
  • Battersea 

Whether you wish to experience the artistic lifestyle associated with Shoreditch or the suburban atmosphere of Chiswick, variety is without a doubt the spice of life. Furthermore, a wide array of locations helps to ensure that you can select a property that best suits your travel preferences. Why be limited to a handful of properties when you can enjoy the superior sense of flexibility offered by high-end serviced apartments?

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For Business or Pleasure 

The versatility provided by serviced apartments is an enviable solution for 

discerning travellers. For example, some properties are suitable for entire families while others could be ideal solutions for individuals or those arriving to London for business purposes. The luxurious nature of these locations also ensures that guests will not be burdened with logistical concerns such as shopping for toiletries or being forced to endure a frustratingly slow booking process. After all, why make visiting London and the surrounding areas more complicated than it has to be? 

Industry experts predict that London tourism is expected to increase by 18 per cent throughout the remainder of 2023. This is why preparing for your visit well in advance is always important. Reserving a serviced apartment is the best way to guarantee that you can become immersed within all that this city has to provide.

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