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Top 13 Most Romantic Places on Earth for You and Your Couple

Romantic Places on Earth

The Perfect Settings to Make Some Memories

What is a great relationship without romance? Still full of love and caring, but also kind of bland. Perhaps it has been a while since you have felt that fire in your soul to charm your partner, or maybe the bedroom has gotten stale, but either way, the best remedy is not something you can do at home. It is something you do on holiday.

Romantic vacations have been proven to reinvigorate even the most humdrum couples, giving them a new lease on love and reminding them why they are together in the first place: passion. And it doesn’t matter if you met on the best dating sites 2020 has to offer or at a church social; a romantic place for couples will not discriminate.

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Your Romantic Getaway Awaits

We have compiled a list of the most romantic places on earth, perfect for everything from honeymoons to renewing vows or just the odd romantic weekend. Perhaps your next romantic place to travel is on this list. Or maybe pick a few and plan for the future.

1. Costa Rica

From the capital city of San Jose to the little town of La Fortuna in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, there is plenty to do in this Latin American paradise. Resorts abound on the beaches, at the base of volcanoes, but one that gets a lot of attention from couples is the Playa Cativo Lodge, a popular honeymoon destination.

2. Santorini, Greece

Known as the most romantic place in Greece, this spot is known for its turquoise waters and incredible beaches. And if you choose to take your significant other to this lovely destination, you must stay in the Grave Hotel Santorini. Set 300-meters above the caldera, it has accommodations fit for the gods.

3. Catalina Island

Located on the coast of California, this is an excellent spot for a nice romantic weekend. This island oasis can only be reached by water taxi. There are plenty of things for couples to do, like kayaking, shopping, snorkeling, and visiting the casino right on the waterline.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

To get into the spirit of love and passion, travel down the coast of South America and discover this fantastic city. Your heart’s fire will be ignited; the flames fanned as you dance the tango in the streets to a live band. Two elegant mansions have been transformed into lavish hotels, and there is plenty of shopping for everyone.

5. The Virgin Islands

British Virgin Island

St. Thomas and St. Martin are the most well-known, but the Virgin Islands have much more to offer. Clean waters ready for swimming, beautiful beaches, and plenty of activities for adventurous couples like snorkeling and sailing. Stay at the Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina for a little extra seclusion. It is a private island.

6. Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Anyone who has seen the movie the Shawshank Redemption has heard of this lovely coastal town, but don’t let the film scare you. It is a beautiful spot to visit on the coast of Acapulco. It is filled with art and culture, has a lively night scene, and if you are feeling like popping the question, it is a very romantic place to propose.

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7. Lake Tahoe

Easily the most romantic place in the Sierra Nevada range in Northern California, Lake Tahoe boasts gorgeous views, mountain vistas, luxury hotels, and casinos on par with Reno. It has a lovely Riverwalk, plenty of hot springs, and the Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge is a must-see with its own private beach.

8. St. James, Barbados

An easy winner for our pick as best romantic place for honeymoon bliss, St. James is as breathtaking as it is easy going. With unbelievable sunsets, white sand beaches, and rugged cliffs, it is a paradise unto itself. And The House, a 34-suite adult-only accommodation, is voted as one of the most romantic hotels in the Caribbean.

9. Sonoma Valley, California

Sonoma Valley California

A little north of San Francisco is a place you have heard of but might not have taken the time to experience. Now is as good an opportunity as any. Known for some of the best wines produced in the United States, Sonoma Valley has over 100 wineries throughout its rolling hills. Take a wine tour, enjoy some excellent vintages, or learn more about the wine you enjoy.

10. Aspen, Colorado

Maybe the sun is not your romance hot button. Perhaps you love the chill in the air, the feel of fresh snow, and hot cocoa. Well, Aspen has got you covered. Everyone can find something magical in this little mountain town, and for couples, that goes double. Hike up to the high mountain lake for a picnic or ski down to the lodge and snuggle by the fire. It is beautiful year-round.

11. Bequia, St. Vincent

How about booking a private island for the weekend? Bequia is the answer. This tropical paradise is just 7 miles long, and it is the definition of secluded. The place to stay here is the Bequia Beach Hotel, a family-owned establishment with every amenity you can ask for, and the incredible view will make you never want to leave.

12. Maui, Hawaii

It couldn’t be a romantic destination list without at least one Hawaiian Island, and we picked the best. Maui is chocked full of so many couples’ activities, you might have to book an extra week. Go snorkeling at Black Rock or take a Helicopter Tour. Maybe visit all the unique spots on the slopes of Haleakala. Make a plan. You don’t want to miss a thing.

13. The Galapagos Islands

Let your adventurous spirit guide your couple’s retreat and visit these amazing islands. It has been left alone by commercial property developers, so the wildlife has been free to roam unhindered. They are worth a look. This is a wonderful cruise destination.


Romance is not a place; it is an idea. It’s the meeting of two hearts in mutual love, respect, and attraction. There are plenty of romantic destinations, but ultimately, romance comes from within. Do something special for your significant other. Let them know you care and appreciate them. And if that doesn’t work, you can always fall back on this list. Have you taken your partner to an exotic destination for romance?

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