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10 Best Hotels and Places to Stay in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Hotels in Kasol

To see and do great things in Kasol, you should find the best hotels in Kasol. You want to spend time in a comfortable environment that provides all the essentials you require. If you want to stock up on your favorite foods to save money, you can book hotels that offer private kitchens. Extra space could be a suitable option if you are traveling with your family.

Best Hotels in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

1. Hotel Sandhya

Hotel Sandhya Best Place to Stay in Kasol
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This 3-star hotel is a go-to spot while in Kasol. It’s located in the Parvati Valley, just 3 kilometers from the Manikaran spring. It’s enclosed by pine forests, providing guests with a luxurious experience and intimate closeness to nature. The rooms are stylish and furnished with modern facilities, which make staying in the hotel comfortable. There are different rooms, including the semi-deluxe room, the deluxe room, the superior deluxe room, and the family suite. All spaces are clean and equipped with comforts and décor.

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2. The Himalayan Village

The Himalayan Village
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There are many 5 star hotels in Kasol, but the Himalayan Village stands out because of the luxury and amenities. The hotel is built in the Kathkuni style and includes stone and wood stacks, making it unique and special. Its inner walls are coated with mud for a rustic vibe. There are eight cottages, which provide a comprehensive view of the mountain landscape. For your dining, the hotel offers a multi-cuisine restaurant with a bar. Each room is adorned with diverse themes that reflect the customs and traditions of communities from different parts of Himachal Pradesh.

3. Hotel Royal Palace

Hotel Royal Palace
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This newly-built luxury hotel offers 16 rooms distinctly furnished and maintained. It comes with three types of rooms for the best comfort. The rooms include a royal luxury bedroom, a deluxe double bedroom, and a family suite. All the rooms give comfort and luxury to guests as they are furnished with excellent furniture and amenities. You are also welcomed to the hotel’s restaurant, which features local and continental dishes.

4. Parvati River Cottage

Parvati River Cottage
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The Parvati River Cottage offers one of the best places to stay in Kasol near Parvati River. The hotel features age-old Himachali architecture and offers breathtaking views from the balcony. Also, it comes with a furnished traditional kitchen with a small microwave oven for all your needs. This is an excellent place to unwind, especially if you are traveling with your loved ones. The rooms are spacious, and there are adorable pets named Pepper and Simba that will keep you company. While at the hotel, you are encouraged to try the French toast with Nutella for amazing culinary exploration.

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5. Moksha Riverside Cottage

Moksha Riverside Cottage
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If you love fishing, hiking, and similar activities, the Moksha Riverside Cottage is one of the best hotels you can book in Kasol. While it’s among cheap hotels in Kasol, you will enjoy the experience. It offers incredible views, breezy air, and scenery that make you want to stay longer. The warmness and greatness of the scenic views will blow your mind. Besides, you have all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay.

6. Kasol Heights Hotel

Kasol Heights
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Kasol Heights is a gorgeous cottage resort in Kasol situated amidst towering hills on all sides. As one of the best riverside hotels in Kasol, it gives visitors spectacular views from their bedrooms. It’s among best place to stay in Kasol Himachal Pradesh with an outdoor swimming pool and necessities such as barbecues and campfires, which make the best time with your loved ones. Despite being remote, the resort offers excellent security and is equipped with modern facilities, including a restaurant, room service, car parking, and neat washrooms. It’s ideal for both short and long stays.

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7. Hotel Sun ‘N’ Wind

Hotel Sun n Wind
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This is another hotel in Kasol designed to give you space and amenities you need to relax with your loved ones. You can relish breathtaking sights from your bedroom, and if you like indoor activities, the rooms are equipped with different facilities, including WiFi, a TV, and more.  There is a multi-cuisine restaurant at the property, which offers guests a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, it’s situated near the airport, making it perfect for travelers passing through Kasol, or those visiting Kasol.

8. Memoir Homes and Café

Memoir Homes and Cafe
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The Memoir Homes and Café sits on the city’s outskirts, giving you the much-needed isolation during your visit to Kasol. It ranks high among options for solo travelers, trekkers, and backpackers. Guests are served and supported, and you have amenities such as WiFi to make your stay enjoyable.

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9. Hill Crest Kasol

Hill Crest Kasol
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Ranking among the top hotels in Kasol, the Hill Crest Kasol offers guests a taste of the picturesque beauty surrounding the area from their bedrooms. During your stay in the hotel, you enjoy a lush atmosphere and amazing surroundings. Besides, you get services like 24-hour assistance, free WiFi, and an in-house restaurant to improve your experience. Despite being affordable, you are offered top amenities and quality service.

10. Brick And Wood Cottages

brick and wood cottages
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The Brick and Wood Cottages are located 3 kilometers from the city, giving you sufficient isolation from the city’s hustle-bustle. These cottages provide camping facilities and alpine tents with washrooms in the region. There are two family suites, a family restaurant that serves delicious foods, and eight deluxe rooms. The hotel has surged in popularity among visitors for offering luxurious stays. Staying at the hotel, you will enjoy several facilities like treks, sightseeing, and bonfire. At night, you can enjoy music with your family and friends.


There are many experiences to be had in Kasol. Finding the right place to stay is the first step in experiencing great moments. Excellent accommodation does not need to cost a lot as you can find budget hotel rooms that offer breathtaking views and luxury amenities. 

Does your travel itinerary highlight the best spots to stay? Share some ideas for effective preparation. Leave a comment below.


1. What is the price range of hotels in Kasol?

Budget hotels starts from Rs 180 and luxury hotels starts from Rs 2100.

2. How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Kasol?

On Average, places to stay in Kasol cost Rs 2500 per night.

3. What are the best options available to stay in Kasol?

There are 5 star, 4 star, 3 star and many budget hotels available in Kasol. Some of the popular hotels include Hotel Sun ‘N’ Wind, Hotel Royal Palace, Hotel Sandhya, The Himalayan Village, Hill Crest Kasol.

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