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Explore Vatican Museums to Witness Cultural Heritage

Vatican Museums

Situated in the city of Rome, Vatican City is a historical powerhouse with dramatic landscapes and vibrant streets. Referred to the smallest country in the world, this city is spread across only 0.44 square kilometers and thus grabs the eyeballs of the tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Blessed with tarnished ruins, rich cultural heritage and inspiring art, Vatican City is surely an architectural masterpiece which is encircled by the borders of Rome. This destination is well-known for its glorious cultural heritage and thus houses plenty of museums to explore. So, what keeps you waiting? Make flight bookings to the Vatican City now and witness the picturesque beauty of the Vatican Museums. 

Visit Top-Rated Vatican Museums – An Abode of Artistic Heritage of Rome

Commonly referred to as the Holy See, this smallest country is home to the famous museums where you can find the actual artistic heritage of Rome. These museums are quite ancient and thus gives you an opportunity to witness the private collection of art which you cannot find anywhere else. So, don’t waste much time and head towards the World-class Vatican Museum now. 

  • The Spiral Staircase

One of the premier museums to explore in the Vatican City is none other than The Spiral Staircase. This museum is referred to as the architectural marvel and gives you the opportunity to explore the artistic paradise. Constructed in the year 1832, this attraction is the most photographed stairs in the world. Nicknamed as the Snail’s Staircase, this is basically designed out of two rods of iron that creates a double helix like structure. 

  • Gregorian Egyptian Museum

Interested in the ancient artefacts originated from Egypt? This historical museum has 9 rooms in total and is equipped with figurines, sculptures, statues and several other historical artefacts. These are taken from Rome and Villa Adriana and will let you explore the ancient Egypt without visiting there. 

  • Sistine Chapel

One of the most visited churches in the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel is a perfect abode of witnessing the majestic beauty of art and architecture. This marvel is adorned with Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece this church is located in the Apostolic Palace which is the official residence of the Pope. Make Delta Airlines reservations to the Vatican City and explore the Vatican’s masterpieces with ease. 

  • Vatican Historical Museum and the Portraits of the Pope

Yet another Vatican Museum to explore is Vatican Historical Museum and the Portraits of the Pope. Constructed in the year 1973, this is counted amongst the modern museums where you can view the collection of popes. 

  • Sala Rotonda

If you admire Pantheon, Sala Rotonda is perhaps the best sight to explore. This fascinating museum is the smaller version of Central Roman building which makes it worth-visiting. Its floor is laid with picturesque mosaics and walls are decorated with aligned sculptures and statues. The construction of this picture-perfect museum was completed in the year 1779. It is shaped-like a miniature pantheon and thus grabs the attention of pantheon lovers from far and wide. 

  • Gallery of the Statues

Next worth-visiting place on this list is Gallery of the Statues. This world-renowned museum needs no special introduction as its name is enough to understand what it has in its treasure. Lies within the famous Pio Clementino Museum, this gallery is bestowed with plenty of statues that signify the importance of Roman history. Its walls are decorated with marble arts which are equally impressive and spectacular. 

  • Pinacoteca Vaticana

Yet another best museum to explore in Vatican City is Pinacoteca Vaticana. This place is ideal for the painting lovers as this museum boasts a huge collection of paintings from the world-famous artists. This place is undoubtedly a paradise for art lovers and thus attracts them from every nook and corner of the world. 

  • Gallery of Maps

The name says it all. Gallery of maps is the space that holds a massive collection of topographical maps that are painted on the ceiling and the walls. Situated at the west side of the Belvedere Courtyard, this gallery took 3 years to complete. It is spread across 120 m of area and showcases the heritage sight for art lovers.

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