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Places to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the USA

Sunrise and Sunset Spots in USA

“If you are living in a place where you can see the sunrise and sunset every day, then you are living like a lord.”

When almost everyone is in a deep slumber, you sometimes like to go out to see the dazzling show of colors in the sky and experience serenity and bliss while watching the sunrise in the morning.

Indulge in the surreal setting of the sunrise and sunset and enjoy the hypnotic beauty of nature. Whether it’s soft light, the dancing shadows, or the warm red color; every single thing related to sunset and sunrise draw the attention of the people from all over the world.

The USA has a plethora of places where you can enjoy the pleasant sunrise and sunset with your family and friends. These places look appealing to many people, and they come to see the sunrise and sunset, especially. Explore these best places to experience the sunrise and sunset if you are in the USA.

List Of Best Places To Watch Sunset In US

Key West, Florida

If you don’t want to go to the mountains to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, move towards the beachfront to experience the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. Key West is popular for its spectacular beauty of sunrise and sunsets. Enjoy dinner while watching the sun sinking below the horizon. Wake up in the morning to see the astonishing sunrise from the roof of your hotel near Key West.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

What is red, purple, orange, and gold at the same time? Confused? That’s the Grand Canyon National Park in the morning when the sun is just making its way through the clouds. See the glorious view when the first ray of sun strikes the Canyon peaks, a series of colors erupts through the walls of the Canyon. You will be stunned to the rainbows of cool and warm hues.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

How can this big island not make its way in the sunrise and sunset list? See the incredibly beautiful looking sunset in this place. Spent your whole day soaking in the sunshine. Once the sun starts to fall down, make yourself comfortable in the beach blanket and wait for nature to show to its color.

Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

Even if you don’t want to hike, you would not like to miss a one-of-a-kind sunrise at this place. Have a surreal experience while watching the sunrise. See the rays of sun falling on the peaks of the mountains. This mountain is accessible by car.

Mount Rainier, Washington

Enjoy the sensational view of the sun at Mount Rainier. This majestic mountain has the hearts of many people due to its stunning view of sunrise. Watching the sunrise on this glacial landscape may bring a tear to your eye.

Arches National Park in Utah

While both Devil’s Garden and Delicate Arch are popular for its hikes, the latter is more famous for the gorgeous view of the sunrise. Not surprisingly, walking along the path of the garden offers you ample opportunity to take many spectacular photos. Arches is definitely one of the best places to camp in Utah.

Santa Barbara, California

Watch out for the inspirational effect of the sunset on yourself at the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach. Enjoy delicious meals at seaside restaurants watching the mesmerizing view of the sunset. There is only an ocean between the setting sun and you, which makes it more beautiful.

Denali National Park area, Alaska

Though it’s quite difficult to point out an area in Alaska which will show the fantastic view of sunrise and sunsets; as anywhere in Alaska, you will see a series of colors in the sky. Go to Denali National Park and enjoy the magical ambiance as you see one of the most magnificent sunsets.

Make sure you don’t miss out to enjoy the serene sunrises and sunsets if you are traveling to the USA.

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