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7 Haunted Places to Visit in Vancouver For Spine-Tingling Experience

Haunted Places Vancouver

Be it a cosmopolitan traveler or an adventurous explorer, Vancouver has something for everyone. One of the liveliest cities in Canada, Vancouver presents the vibrant culture intertwined with glorious architecture, natural beauty, pristine coastline and obscure thick forests. However, this is not enough as Vancouver has spooky side too. There are multiple places in Vancouver that are famous for paranormal activities and murder mysteries. So, book flights to Vancouver and get read to add some spookiness effect to your trip. Let’s have a look at the list of best-known haunted places in Vancouver that you should add to your itinerary. 

A List to Haunted Places in Vancouver to Explore

Wish to add some thrill to your vacation? If yes, then we dare you to take a stroll around the haunted places in Vancouver at night and get some spine-tingling experience. Before you actually plan the spooky adventure, let’s get to know some of the eerie places to discover in Vancouver. 

  • Waterfront Station

When it comes to the haunted places in Vancouver, nothing can beat the popularity of the Waterfront Station. Counted amongst the busiest transit stations in the city, it is apparently one of the favorite places to haunt for the spirits and negative powers. People here usually witness three old ladies sitting on the bench waiting for the train and report instances of moving furniture and phantom footsteps. 

  • Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

The second most famous haunted place in Vancouver is Fairmont Hotel. It is rumoured to be the home of the ghost of the ‘lady in Red’. It is impossible to prepare a list of haunted places in Vancouver and not to mention the name of this famous hotel. It is believed that the Lady in Red is a good ghost and thus never harms any visitor. The hotel has accepted this fact and even offer the cocktail of the same name to its guests.

  • Pacific National Exhibition

Next on the list is Pacific National Exhibition. Do you know Pacific National organizes fright night event and this event is listed amongst the most renowned events in Vancouver? This place is home to near about eight different haunted houses and thus it attracts adventurous visitors from all around the world. It has everything to add eerie experience to the visitors’ trip, ranging from creepy monster to themed rides to tempting dishes. 

  • 24 Water Street

How could one forget to mention 24 Water Street on the list of best-known haunted places in Vancouver. Undoubtedly, this place has now become the famous and hippie retailer street but once it was home to ghosts, spirits, and spooky tales. This building was actually a hotel which was owned by Tommy Roberts. Now, no one knows who is haunting this place and this is quite a mystery which is yet to be solved. 

  • The Vogue Theatre

Yet another best haunted place to explore in Vancouver is none other than The Vogue Theatre. Earlier, it was one of the most famous and loved venues for hosting plays, events, and movies but later one, this place is haunted by two ghosts. Both these ghosts are contrary in nature. One of them is entertaining but scares the visitors with his footsteps while the other one appears in tuxedo and scares the visitors badly. This place was opened in the year 1941 but soon owned by the negative powers. The mystery of these ghosts is unsolved and no one knows who they actually are. 

  • The Old Spaghetti Factory

This position is attained by the Old Spaghetti Factory which is now a popular dine out place where you and family members can savor delicious food. It is believed that this family restaurant is home to the ghost of a uniformed conductor and other three ghosts. Don’t you find its scary? Well, it is for sure that you will get a spine-chilling experience as soon as you visit there. 

  • Penthouse Nightclub

Last but not least place on this list is Penthouse Nightclub. It is the city’s premier destination for the exotic adults entertainment. This place was once a notorious nightclub in Vancouver which was haunted by several ghosts and spirits. It boasts several scary stories. It is believed that a middle-aged woman scares the staff late at night.

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