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Travel Hacks You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Travel Hacks

It is everyone’s dream to travel, the whole world at least. You spend time researching travel hacks. Of course, to save yourself from the hassle it may give you. You want to unwind; you want it stress-free! But to spill you the tea, there are travel hacks you’ve been doing wrong. Instead of a memorable experience, it may turn your travel into a disaster. Some even have been traveling for a decade, yet they have more to learn from these hacks. The following doesn’t only help you avoid travel nightmares, but it also enables you to budget for your travel.

Here are the Travel Hacks You’ve Been Doing Wrong

It always starts with planning your most anticipated travel adventure. You browse on the internet all possible means to get a cheap flight. You are keeping up with their promo alerts, mostly via email. But you are not saving yourself any penny.

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For Cheaper Flights Online, Turn on ‘Private Browsing.’

Private Browsing

Right off the bat, go to Incognito Window! Due to the computer’s advanced approach, airlines and travel sites can record your visits. It is by installing cookies on your browser, which can cause the ticket costs shown to increase because you searched for those trips previously. This is to deceive you into purchasing your tickets sooner and urge impulse purchasing. You can call it a marketing strategy! Prevent it by changing to ‘Private Browsing’ at whatever point you book flights.

For Cheaper Flights Online, Book on a Sunday.

You might be thinking, “People are looking for cheap flights on weekends!” and “They have all the time!” But a report by Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) says otherwise. It showed that the average price for flight tickets was the lowest on weekends. To be exact, up to 36% cheaper on Sundays! However, they recorded Thursdays and Fridays as the priciest tickets to offer.

You all want the best place and bed to sleep in! But be wise on booking hostels too.

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Book Your Hotel Reservation on a Friday or at the Last Minute. 

In contrast to flights, lodging stays will, in general, be the cheapest once booked on a Friday. As indicated by a similar report by Expedia and ARC, strangely, the most costly day to secure a hotel stay is on a Sunday. Also, reserving your lodgings at the last minute before your stay is the cheapest too. That is in case you are up for the risking-game.

Now you got your cheapest ticket possible to the northern hemisphere part of the world. All the jitters and excitement all mixed up while packing. Unknowingly, you have been doing your packed things in your trolly wrong! All the more, the preparations needed to do the night before your flight.

Compression Bags are a Space-Saver!

Compression Bags

Don’t just pile your clothes and shoes inside your lucky trolly. Do the right thing. Also called compression sacks, space saver compression bags for the win! These indeed reduce the space in your trolly, especially if you plan for long travels. Of course, packing your clothes through rolling is the right way to go.

Don’t Underestimate Jet Lag.

No matter how seasoned a traveler you are, jet lag hits you. A bit of moderate-intensity exercise before your flight will reduce your chance of jet lag while boosting your metabolism, blood flow, and flexibility. By then, your jet lag recovery time increases. 

Back it Up, Email Yourself a Scanned Copy of Your Passport.

A hard copy of your passport is essential to bring with you. But at times, carelessness can be an illness that plagues you for eternity. The best way is to email yourself a scanned copy of your passport. This is to guarantee that a copy of your passport is just one click away. Necessary advances like these can save difficult situations later on.

At the airport, while waiting for your departure, who wouldn’t want to take a nap! Take a nap, but do it right.

Do Airport Naps Right!

Airport Naps

Do you have layovers? Or want to save from the airport hotel by sleeping in the airport? Then, do it right! Especially if you got a perfect spot, enough time to nap, do not sleep while sitting. Instead, take advantage of the entire bench enough for your height. Now you get a cozy little rest at the airport!

You have finally landed at your dreamy destination! You are in the world. Thus gadgets are things considered valuable! Yet, perhaps you are preparing them wrong.

Put Your Rechargeable Batteries in the Fridge.

While it is a big thumbs up not to forget your chargers and cable chargers while traveling and to keep a spare, this travel hacks will save you a lot, energy-wise. Mostly, rechargeable batteries conserve 90% of their full charge when kept in cold temperatures, meaning you don’t have to charge them as often.

Charge Your Electronics Through a TV.

Whatever the situation, there is a way! Lost or failed to remember your wall plug for your charger? Don’t bother to worry. Most current TVs have a USB connector on the back or side. Just plug in your electrical gadget and watch that little battery icon charging.

Everything’s all set, you just want to be alone but still feeling the ‘tourist’ vibe. An AI tour guide will do!

Consider a Personal AI Tour Guide.

Having an issue finding a fair local tour guide, think tours are a little expensive or need to keep away from individuals while you investigate for the afternoon? Don’t worry about it. Just install Google Goggles onto your phone and take some photographs as you discover tourist spots. Each time you capture a famous landmark, your phone will fire back many exciting details for you to read. You’ll be well-educated in the local culture, customs, and history quickly.

And while you are at your peak of having fun, it is still vital to keep an eye on those pickpockets!

Buy a Dummy Wallet to Mislead Pickpockets.

Mislead Pickpockets

For sure, you have thought about those scheming pickpockets. But bringing less doesn’t give you a guarantee that you’ll be free from a snatched wallet. 

Get yourself a dummy wallet to deceive those deceitful people. Make sure it contains an appropriately hostile note and an extraordinarily terrible and upsetting image based on your personal preference. Then hide your real wallet someplace smart, like in an ankle. Be creative on this part.

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