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The Future of Luxury Travel

Future of Luxury Travel

In 2020, the travel industry faced an incredible challenge due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. This highly contagious and dangerous virus made it both irresponsible and inconvenient to use many conventional methods of travel, and as of early 2021, the industry at-large has not yet fully recovered. Many countries around the world have kept their borders heavily restricted, and social distancing and safety guidelines continue to make most forms of public transportation inadvisable. 

However, luxury travel has managed to thrive during the pandemic. Because luxury travel is more private than public travel, concerns regarding the safety of public transportation and public accommodations rarely apply. This means that luxury travel options like private jet flights are a much safer bet than budget cruise lines or motels, for example.

In a world that’s rapidly changing, we can’t claim to see the future. But when it comes to luxury travel, we can offer educated predictions based on our extensive industry expertise and knowledge. Read on to learn more about the future of luxury travel.

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Remote Destinations Will Rise in Popularity

Public health regulations and closed borders have affected many go-to travel destinations, creating the perfect opportunity for travelers to venture to locales they’ve never visited before. In 2021, travelers will expand their horizons — both literally and figuratively — and journey to locations outside of the typical tourist hotspots. There are many hidden-gem locations away from metropolitan areas that make incredible vacation destinations, and we anticipate that they’ll be in high demand. 

Luxury travel in remote locations can be an incredible and grounding experience. Take Casa Teresa Luxury Villa located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, for example. This location is an exclusive paradise protected from the throngs of the public. At the same time, it still has modern technology and internet service so that travelers can stay connected to the world. Another example of a remote luxury travel destination is a secluded spot in the Namib Desert of Namibia, the Desert Whisper. Travelers stay in a private oasis with all the best luxury accommodations, alleviating fears of virus transmission risks with very few people in close proximity. 

This year, these remote luxury options will be enormously popular. Expect to see rises in travel to remote locations, “glamping” accommodations in the wilderness, private island stays, and more. We recommend travelers book their private luxury accommodations and charter travel well in advance. 

Luxury Travel Agents Will Become Even More Important

Thanks to constantly changing travel restrictions, safety guidelines, and airline availability, traveling now requires more vigilance and attention than in previous years. Since most people understandably don’t have the time to stay glued to the latest travel restrictions, a dedicated luxury travel expert will quickly prove to be an indispensable asset when traveling. 

When new restrictions are put in place or travel snags occur, a luxury travel expert’s job is to ensure that problems are solved efficiently and effectively. A travel expert acts a bit like “enjoyment” insurance by never letting a logistical hiccup get in the way of travelers’ enjoyment of their leisure time. Knowing that conditions can change at any time, it will be difficult for vacationers to do much relaxing on their trips without a luxury travel agent taking care of arrangements.

Furthermore, luxury travel experts have industry knowledge, connections, and know-how that most travelers do not. These connections make them incredibly valuable resources for any luxury traveler, as they can recommend the best remote destinations, lesser-known hidden gems, arrange private accommodations and transportation, and so much more. For efficient, safe, and comfortable travel, luxury travel experts will become a must-have.

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