5 Things to Do in Morocco

Things to Do in Morocco

Morocco is known for its architectural beauty. So, visitors keep the Souks of Marrakesh and Fes on this top priority list while planning their Morocco visit.

These alleys and markets undoubtedly present deep routes of Moroccan culture and uniqueness. But they in no way sum up the beauty abundant in the country.

Here are 5 things to do in Morocco. Of course, add more activities if you want, but don’t exclude the crucial activity – to appreciate its elegance, history, and serenity as much as it deserves.

5 Things To Do In Morocco

1. Chefchaouen Village

Chefchaouen is a small town in the Rif Mountains, and people often remember it as the Blue Pearl of Morocco. This blue colour overwhelms the ambience of the Chefchaouen residential area and attracts tourists most to the city.

Don’t forget that the architecture is another point of attraction for tourists here. It’s reminiscent of the Spanish style that kept 15th century’s migrating Jews and Muslims to remain content with their move.

If you are visiting the village on a standard tour from Fes, you will learn about its architectural history and visit sites like Bab el Ain and Kasbah together with the picturesque blue alleys of this town. Kasbah gives a unique peek into the history of this town as it was built for the sole purpose of defending the town against Portuguese and Spanish invasions in the 15th and 16th centuries. Some tours from Fes also include a guided tour into the Kasbah Museum.

If you are visiting alone, make sure to include the shrine of Zaouia of Moulay Abdeslam Bin Mchich Alami, Spanish Mosque, and Kasbah. If you want to stay in the town, try getting a room at Dar Baibou and appreciate the rich, Moroccan-style interiors of the guesthouse.

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2. Erg Chebbi

Believe me; Morocco is more than its beautiful historical building and architectural masterpieces. It also presents deserts and mountains.

This desert is beautiful during the day. But its beauty becomes spell-binding at night. And you don’t have to spend that night confined in a dar or riad. Instead, camp directly under the sky or under one of the tents that host tourists for a night.

Enjoy traditional nomadic living in the comforts of a rented yurt camp or make it modern and standard with a tented cabin.

And experience the nomadic side of Moroccan culture without missing out on the ease that makes modern life possible in these unforgiving deserts.

After resting, take off to explore the desert. Use camels, hire guides, or get a tour your camp offers. Some camps also offer more extended tours into the dunes on modern vehicles.

3. Jebel Toubkal

Don’t limit your visit just to the northern part of Morocco. If you can spare another week, give Jebel Toubkal a chance. The mountain peak is located in Toubkal National Park.

The peak stands at a marvellous height of 4,167 meters and is counted as the highest peak in North Africa. But that’s not the only reason that attracts tourists. Instead, tourists flock to this peak because of its multi-day treks on the Toubkal Circuit.

If you are short on time, you can take up the two-day return trek on this peak. This trek is fairly safe and doesn’t involve climbing. And you will witness plants and scenery that are unique to southwestern Morocco.

If you visit in the summers, you don’t need a guide to get through the circuit. But winter ascents are somewhat challenging, so going with a group is advised.

4. Take a Bath in Hammam

Hammams are the trademark of Moroccan living. In Moroccan history, these bathhouses started to respond to the need for cleanliness and bathing and the fact that the average Moroccan didn’t have showers at home.

Those times are long gone, but these public bathhouses still make a prominent part of the social life of locals. They indulge in a weekly ritual of using these hammams to cleanse their bodies and souls and to socialize.

You will gain deeper insight into the culture and habits of Moroccans in rural hammams. But if you don’t want to face the cultural shock that may accompany these visits, go for more modern, private Hammams.

Most tourists compare these bathhouses – the private ones – to spas. But that insults the traditional methods and products used in Hammams. These hammams do act as steam rooms, that’s right. But then they use beldi soap and kese to scrub the skin and leave it silky smooth.

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5. Taste Tagine

Morocco dishes are uniquely rich. Not only the country uses local vegetables – some of them aren’t easily available in Europe! – but the cooking process also ensures that the meals stand out from international meals.

Tagines are the whole array of dishes that are a speciality of Moroccan cuisine. You will find vegetable tagines as well as meat ones. What’s unique about these dishes is their cooking process and the pots they are cooked in.

The broad, shallow base keeps the ingredient, and the tall lid secures the base making the insides hot and moist. Dishes are cooked slowly in this hot and moist dish giving tenderness that’s unique to tagine dishes only.

You can see taglines at every café in Morocco, and if you want to taste these dishes without international influences, you may want to taste them at one of these small cafes in towns. That way, you would experience not only the taste but also the mannerism of enjoying these meals.

But if you can’t compromise on the quality of your food – understandably – you should check the exquisite dish at world-class restaurants, including Al FassiaAguedal, Mes’Lalla, La Scala, and Dar Zellij.

Take Away

Here are the top 5 things you can enjoy on your trip to Morocco. So, get inspiration from this list when you have ticked Marrakesh and Fes off your list and are ready to take the less trodden path. Then, enjoy the serene and immersive experience of Morocco’s beauty.

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