Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand – Which Is Better for Holidays

Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand

Where should you go for your next trip – Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand? Both places are so similar that it becomes difficult for you to decide which would be a better holiday place. These beautiful states are part of the northern Himalayan ranges, and one should not miss the opportunity to visit these states. If you are perplexing between Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. Then this article is for you.  This article will give you a clear insight into which destination you should pick. 

Let’s Jump in to Know More About Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand.

Versatile Culture

Himachal Versatile Culture

If I talk about art and culture, I will keep Himachal Pradesh first. Himachal Pradesh is not just a place to visit, but it’s an emotion. And this emotion caught the attention of every tourist.  Himachal is a state of versatile culture.  From upper Himachal to lower  Himachal, you will see a glance of various art and culture. When you are in Himachal you cannot miss wearing the well-liked artwork of Himachali people. Can you guess it? Yes! It’s a Himachali cap.  You can buy it from Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala markets.

Himachal is also known as “Devbhoomi.” It means Himachal is the land of Gods.  There are around 509 temples in Himachal Pradesh that you can explore.

From language to food, costume to folk dance, Himachal has preserved every bit of its culture.  This multicultural experience would make your Himachal trip worthy. I think these are ample reasons for you to pick Himachal over Uttrakhand. And versatile culture is one of them.

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Himachal Facilities

Compared to Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh has more facilities in terms of infrastructure. Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible not only by bus but through rails and airways also. There are three airports in three major destinations of Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Gaggal airport, district Kangra
  2. Bhuntar airport, district Kullu
  3. Jubbarhatti airport, district Shimla

Due to excellent governance, development in Himachal Pradesh started quite early as compared to Uttarakhand.  The beautiful homestays, treehouses, hotels in marvelous destinations will make your stay super comfy.  Also, the prices of these stays are reasonable.

If you are planning to visit Leh – Ladakh, then Himachal is the most straightforward way to reach there. Not sure, how?  Let me burst the bubble for you. Recently opened, the Atal Tunnel will make your journey a little precise and smooth. Now, you can cover the Manali to Leh route in just 14-16 hours only. But the road should be clear with no road barricades and traffic jams.

Journeys play significant roles, and I’m sure the journey to Leh – Ladakh through Himachal Pradesh will be memorable.  Himachal Pradesh keeps their tourists close to its heart. That’s why it is a forever love for tourists. 

If you are still confused between both destinations, then read more to know why to pick Himachal Pradesh.

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Adventurous Activities

Himachal Adventurous Activities

Adventurous junkies always seek adventure, wherever they go.  Himachal is ideal for adventurous enthusiasts. But the question is what kind of adventurous activities you can enjoy there?  There are numerous activities trekking, skiing, river rafting, paragliding will add value to your trip. 

If you are a skilled trekker or you are even a fresher, Himachal has a wide range of mountains for trekking like  Indradhar trek (4342mtrs), Chandartal trek (4950mtrs), Bhara Bhangal trek (5468mtrs). You can choose as per your workability and capability.

Paragliding is another well-liked adventurous activity. If you wanted to blow your mind and wanted to swing your adrenaline, then you must try Paragliding. Fly high under the blue sky and enjoy the breathtaking views from the above.  Trust me! You will feel like a free bird. The Bir Billing in Kangra Valley is the best place for this activity.  And Uttrakhand will not offer you so much to explore.

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Homespun Naturally Produced Drinks

Homespun Naturally Produced Drinks

Who would miss to taste the homemade naturally extracted wines? Of course! It’s not me. I love wines, especially homemade ones. If you have the same desires, then Himachal Pradesh is the ideal choice to plan a trip. Himachal offers varieties of homespun naturally extracted wines like Angoori, Moorie, Shuting, Chulli, Lugdi, etc. They are not only good in taste but also have many health benefits. Because they are extracted naturally from apples, grapes, rice, apricots, kiwi, etc.  

Chulli is a famous alcoholic drink of the Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.   It is extracted from the apple and apricot.  Chulli has the touch of cognac as well as some medicinal properties.  While you are wandering around beautiful mountains, it is a delightful thing to accompany you.

World Heritage Sites in Himachal Pradesh

World Heritage Sites in Himachal Pradesh

Did you know India has a total of thirty-eight world heritage sites?  And out of 38 world heritage sites, two are in Himachal Pradesh i.e, Kalka Shimla Railway Line and The Great Himalayan National Park. 

The Kalka Shimla railway line was constructed in 1903 by the British.  It is the most startling place that one must visit on their Himachal trip. Also, you can enjoy the ride of a toy train. It crosses the 806 bridges, 103 tunnels, and 18 stations.  Amazing, right?

The Great Himalayan National Park is a wonderful site also. Here you can find many endangered species of birds and animals. Tourists from all over the globe come to see the intrinsic attraction of this National Park. You will not find such places in Uttarakhand. I guess it will be easy to choose Himachal over Uttarakhand. 

Not only these, but you can explore upper Himachal ranges, delicious foods from various parts of the paradise,  international festivals like Maha Shivratri, Kullu Dussehra, Winter Carnival Manali, ice skating festival, and Halda and Losar in District Lahaul, etc.  Himachal Pradesh is always a better choice if you have to choose between Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The charm of Himachal Pradesh would not allow you to blink your eyes even for a second.  It’s the winter season in Himachal Pradesh and the best time to enjoy snowfall. So what are you waiting for, pals?

The beautiful valleys and pleasant weather of Himachal Pradesh are waiting for you with open arms!

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