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Himachal Pradesh’s Study Of Rivers

Himachal Pradesh’s five major rivers in the state, which is constantly moving, Beas, Yamuna, Sutlej, Chenab, Ravi river.
Four of the five rivers that flow in HP is mentioned in the Rig Veda. At that time they were known by other names such as chandra bhaga (Chenab) Purushni (Ravi), Arijikiya (Beas) and Shutudri (Sutlej) Yumnotri fifth river Yamuna, which flows from the sun god is depicted by the mythical relationship.

In this series we will learn in detail about Beas

Beas:  The ancient name of the river Beas Ndi- ‘Arjikiya’ or ‘vipasha is. It originates from Kullu Beas Kund. Beas Kund, located in the Pir Panjal mountain range Rohtang Pass (3978 m) is in. This Kullu, Mandi, Hamirpur and Kangra flows from Kangra in Punjab goes to Murthal. Beas Satluj near Ferozepur in Punjab meets. Punjab, Pakistan, and later joins the Arabian Sea. Manali, Kullu, Bjura, Awt, Pndoh, Mandi, Sujanpur Tihra, Dehra Gopipur Nadaun and its major coastal location. The total length of 260 km is. The area of ​​approximately 18,000 sq km secrete is. Kullu thin Kulh, Parvati, pin, Mlana-stream, Hurla, Solang, Luni, Suketi and its tributaries is Sanz. The Mandi Ulh, Luni, Suketi, Tirthan, laughed and Rama’s tributaries. Kangra, tributaries Binwa, Nyugl, Banganga Baner, and mill yard. Hamirpur Kunah ravine ravine and values ​​are found in Beas. The river is named after the name of the Beas Rishi. This state is one of the vital rivers. Economically and commercially important river Beas. Generate hydropower dams on its tributaries is Bnnakr. The dam has been built at a place called Pandoh. Dehra Gopipur near (35 km from Kangra) made the Pong Dam on the Beas. Fisheries and tourism Uradyog which is world famous.

Yamuna: It is rises from Yamnotri. It separate Sirmaur from Uttarakhand and enters Haryana near Tajewala headworks. It flows in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. Tons, Pabbar, Girl and Batta are famous tributaries of Yamuna River.

Sutlej: It rises from Mansrovar Lake, which is in Tibet. It enters Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh at Shipki. Sutlej flow through Kinnaur, Shimla, Bilaspur and then enters Punjab. The famous Bhakhra Dam has been constructed on Sutlej River which is the biggest hydel project of the India. Sutlej is the longest river of Himachal Pradesh.

Chenab: This River is also known as Chandra Bhaga. It rises from Tandi in lahul Spiti which is situated in the height of 4891 meters, by joining Chandra and Bhagha rivulets. It enters from Kashmir valley at Sansarinal then After Kashmir it enters to Pakistan, then Arbian Sea. The length of this river in Himachal is 122kms. It is count the biggest river of Himachal Pradesh as per volume of water and flow in Chamba valley.

Ravi: The ancient name of Ravi River is Iravati. It rises due to formation of two rivulets Bhadal and Tantgiri in the Bara Bhangal area. Bara Bhangal area is in Dhauladhar mountain range. It enters Punjab near Kheri in Chamba and then enters Pakistan, 158kms is the length of this river in Himachal and total length of the river is 720kms this river is said to be very dangerous.


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