6 Reasons Why Vietnam Is Perfect For First-Time Travellers

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Vietnam, a destination praised and adored by so many travellers, continues to delight visitors from all over the world with plenty of pristine beaches, spectacular scenery of mountains, or traditional values, etc. There are countless interesting activities to do in this beautiful land. For those who wish to experience the joys and wonderful things it brings about, just keep reading.

In this article, we will let you know 6 reasons why Vietnam is perfect for first-time travellers.

1. Delicious Food

Vietnam Delicious Food

Coming to Vietnam, means visiting the paradise of food, from cheap and tasty street food to unique luxurious dishes. To Vietnamese people, every dish not only brings flavour but also convey their traditional and cultural values.

It would be really hard for all travellers to resist the temptation of Vietnamese dishes. Its flavors have traveled the world and attracted famous names like Gorden Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain come to discover. Besides, if you are a Westerner, it would be a great chance for you to experience the chopstick culture in this country. There are plenty of delicious dishes to try here, but I highly recommend “pho” or Vietnamese noodles. So captivating, fascinating and rich in the history of its origin, “pho” is a great dish to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of Vietnamese cuisine.

2. Affordability

Vietnam Affordability

Even compared to other Southeast Asia countries like Thailand or Singapore, Vietnam is cheap. With the same budget travel, you can stretch your money wider and farther, having a more enjoyable trip. Food, accommodation, activities, transportation, etc, everything ends up costing much less than other countries in Asia. You can expect renting a hotel room for just $5, a nice meal for more than $2. If you are a fan of coffee or beer, this is surely a great place to go with various kinds of beer and coffee. A cup of beer in backpacker streets like Ta Hien in Hanoi city or Nguyen Hue in Saigon costs even less than 1$. So, visiting Vietnam, you can surely do more, eat more, and see more!

3. Friendly and Hospitable Locals

Friendly and Hospitable Locals

Local people in Vietnam are some of the most accommodating and friendliest people you will find around Asia. Here, you will be greeted with big smiles and sometimes “hello” from young people. It is a good thing to start your journey here, isn’t it? They are always to help any travelers or tourists. An amazing experience is that most youngsters here are quite good at English and they are open to share their stories and cultures. If you are lost or don’t know the way to a place, don’t hesitate to ask a local. You will get a quick answer for you. Besides, buying souvenirs here is quite pleasant as local sellers can speak even a couple of languages and you are free to bargain for a better price.

4. Breathtaking Landscapes

Breathtaking Landscapes

Vietnam holds within it a wide range of peaceful and flourished landscapes waiting to be explored. It brings a simple beauty with many kinds of natural landscapes. You can witness towering mountain ranges and hard-to-find terraced rice fields in Sapa, the limestone cliffs on the immense bay of Halong, or a number of caves in Quang Binh province. Unlike touristy Thailand, Vietnam is a new travel destination. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to enjoy pristine and untouched natural scenery. Unspoiled long stretches of beaches to majestic mountains in Vietnam would satisfy any travelers, even if you are a leisure or adventurous traveler. 

5. Interesting Activities

Vietnam Activities

Along with beautiful scenery, there are plenty of incredible things to do and see in Vietnam. You will definitely never grow bored. Coming to hill tribe villages in the north, it is an ideal time to get to know some of its 54 ethnic minority groups, experience great trekking as well as shop for handmade souvenirs made by skilful ethnic women. Visiting the beaches of Nha Trang or stunning islands like Ly Son or Phu Quoc, you can choose to enjoy plenty of available options like scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, or just simply swimming in the clean and refreshing waters. Sticking to the big cities like Hanoi or Saigon, don’t miss your chance to see traditional dance, listen to live music, and join some cooking classes. 

6. Pleasant Weather

Vietnam Pleasant Weather

As the country spreads more than 1000 km in length, it spans some different climate zones and the weather varies significantly by region. But, it is quite pleasant in general and you can visit year-round destinations. Vietnam enjoys subtropical and tropical climate. In the high northern region, you will experience a few months of cold winds and don’t need to worry about the cold. There are 2 main seasons including southwest monsoon from April to September and northeast one from October to March.

The 6 reasons why Vietnam is perfect for first-time travellers above are just some of numerous reasons. Words cannot describe how beautiful and wonderful Vietnam is. So explore the beauty of Vietnam with a comprehensive Vietnam tour package and I strongly recommend you to visit this place one time. There are many incredible things waiting for you there.

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