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6 Documents to Carry for Your Next Trip to India

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Traveling to India allows you to explore multiple nuances and gives you a chance to diversify your interests. The uncertainty and unknowns of a foreign country make the experience even more exciting.

According to While traveling to India, it is mandatory for you to follow a certain set of rules and regulations to avoid any accidents or mishappenings . A few documents are required for a safe and easy vacation. Also, the required documents differ depending on the destination country. This makes it mandatory to understand the documents you need to carry while traveling to India. Here is a list of necessary documents that you must carry with you.

6 Documents to Carry for Your Next Trip to India

1. Passport

This is a generic document that many people are familiar with. A passport is one of the most essential documents that recognize your nationality while you are traveling to some foreign country. It makes a passport an always-to-carry document. However, there are some tips regarding passports and travel.
If you travel frequently, it is necessary to keep your passbook updated and it must have enough pages. This eliminates the need to renew your passport along the way, even on long-distance trips.

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2. Visa Process

Another important requirement for traveling to India is a visa. Although the process feels very complex, you can easily complete it if you provide the right details. Read here about the application process.

However, some countries can issue visas on arrival, while others require prior application. Therefore, check visa requirements when planning your trip. The process takes almost double the time if your visa at the time of arrival gets stuck. Hence, it is advised to take a tourist visa in advance. In some cases, visas may also be refused.

3. Air Tickets

These may seem like commonplace documents, but some people forget they have them. While flying abroad, air tickets are the most important. Without these tickets, you won’t be able to proceed with your journey. It is also recommended to keep copies of your flight tickets just in case. Proof of accommodation may also be required at immigration when traveling to certain countries.

4. Identification Documents

An ID card is essential for domestic and international travel. These are very important as they serve as proof of identity and citizenship. Identity documents must be stored digitally. These documents include birth certificates and identification cards. ID may be required for travel, attending events, checking into hotels, etc. This makes it important for you to carry your original documents along with their photocopies.

5. COVID-19 Documents for Travel

Post-pandemic travel comes with many restrictions. You may need to bring additional documentation, such as a COVID-19 test report or vaccination certificate. Required documents vary by the destination country and airline. In addition, different countries have different basic vaccination requirements. Hence, please find and reconfirm the mandatory documents in advance.

6. Travel Itinerary

You can create trip details for your itinerary in both digital and printed formats. The reason for carrying these documents is that countries require proof of intention to travel before entering the border. Keep your travel plans under control and ready to announce.

Additionally, these documents act as a good purpose when they help visitors find their way around. They allow you keep track of your timetable and the next destination.

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