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10 Tips On How To Save Money For Travel

save money for travel

Are you thinking of traveling but still don’t know where to get money for your trip? Relax. Affording a trip abroad does not require magic or rocket science. Financial constrictions are everywhere, but people do sacrifice for their adventure. When you know the importance of traveling, you will not waste any chance that comes. By the way, you need to create these chances.

Saving for a trip is the major way you can create a chance to travel and explore the world while reaping the benefits. However, the question many people ask is how to save for a trip when the economy is so tough in the present time. When you have a passion, you would sacrifice anything to get what you want. The process may take time, but, ultimately, it is doable.

These are 10 Simple Ways to Save for Your Next Trip.

1. Start with Budgeting


I know you have a draft of what you want to buy when you go to the mall or at the end of the month. After a month’s shopping, you have thrown the shopping list and forgotten everything. The next thing you can remember is that you are broke and waiting for the next month to come to an end so that you can go for the paycheck.

Having a clear record of all your expenses is essential in tracking where your money goes. That is where you can find meaningless expenses that you should get rid of so that you can maintain a sustainable budget. Every time you spend on something, record it down – even if you had to buy a snack on the way. A side hustle like teaching English online is another great way to help your budgeting.

2. Stop Buying Unessential Items

Do you have a shopping obsession or unending love for gadgets and fashion? Then I can comfortably tell you that you are a slave. Buying trends of new arrivals can break your bank. It is necessary to do a thorough audit of what you want to buy. Must you get it NOW? If possible, you should consider a trade-in to get the upgrade without spending the whole amount and ditching your working devices. That will save you some bucks that you can set apart fro your trip.

3. Change Your Entertainment Options

How often do you go out with friends for some fun? Have you considered the amount you spend on those weekend sprees? It might seem to make a little difference, but the chunks can build up very fast. In a few months, you will have spent enough to book your flight ticket.

I will not tell you to stop your weekend-off activities. But you can considerably reduce the amount you spend by altering where and how you do it. Instead of taking friends out to the club or cinema, consider home entertainment. You can also opt for a less-expensive activity like mountain biking – which also helps to improve your health among many other benefits.

4. Create Automated Savings

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If you are salaried, and you have problems managing money when it gets in your hand, you can automate saving so that you do not spend above your monthly budget. With a savings account, you can deposit money that you can access when the savings period matures or when in need. Automated savings transfer money from your checking account every time you receive a paycheck. Saving little by little will eventually help you to realize your travel dreams.

5. Get Rid of Unessential Subscriptions

Seriously, who needs cable subscriptions when there is the internet? If you want to watch movies, shows, and content, you can find them online. Streaming TV and on-demand movies are available on various platforms online. You can also get news online or over terrestrial radio. By avoiding cable TV, you will also stay away from the indulging ads that force you to break your bank when unnecessary.

6. Eat at Home

Eating out is one habit that can easily drain your pockets. If you intend to travel, you should start reducing the number of times you eat at restaurants or wayside cafes. Instead, cook at home and eat to your fill before going out. You can carry packed lunch to your office as well. It will be cost-effective and the best experience eating home-cooked food.

7. Use Your Car Less Often

I am not going to tell you to ditch the car or sell it. Unless you live in NY or other major cities where Uber and Lyft operate, you will need a car because long commutes are not readily accessible in most areas throughout the US. The best thing you can do is reduce the number of times you go out with the car to save on fuel. If you usually go shopping far away from home, do bulk shopping, and remember your roof rack accessories for carrying the loads. For shorter distances, walk or bike to improve your general health and save the pocket.

8. Cut Down Your Indoor Bills

There is always a way to reduce the bills you incur every month. Reducing the amount of time you spend in your bathroom reduces the cost of water and heating. You can always open windows to let fresh air in instead of using an air conditioner. A sweat jersey is also beneficial to keep you cool during the day. Remember to switch off all bulbs when not in use and unplug devices you are not using.

9. Quit Alcohol and Smoking

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Your cigar packet is well-labeled that smoking is harmful to your health. Drinking is also an easy way to kill your liver. But even if you don’t care about your life anymore, quit for the sake of saving money for the trip you have been dreaming about. You will get beneficial lessons that will help you to improve your life after traveling.

10. Start Buying Secondhand Items

Pre-owned items can serve you right and save you some good amount of cash. Whether you are buying clothes, electronics, or cars, think of used items. While you may not feel great with secondhand items as you would with new ones, you will save a good percentage of the actual item price and still achieve the goals. You can then save whatever remains for your next trip.

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