6 Things to Know When Visiting Switzerland

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Switzerland, also known as the Swiss Confederation, is located in central Europe and contains 26 cantons. Every one of them has its unique traits. Swiss is perceived as a country known for several national languages, diverse cultures, and widespread multiculturalism.

Many leading travel agencies promote this attractive and high-end location as the next best place to visit and enjoy, especially if you are a travel enthusiast. Whether your passion is food, sports (mountain climbing, skiing, ice hockey), or car enthusiasm, Switzerland has it all. Dont forget to explore top sights and activities, so you dont neglect some of this country’s treasures. 

1. The Alps

For most people, the first thing that people think of when talking about Switzerland is as simple as it sounds: nature- the Alps, waterfalls, numerous lakes and forests, and unimaginable natural wonders.

The Alps (referring to the Swiss Alps) itself present an extensive mountain system, including the highest masses. They are widely known for their beauty and mightiness, like the Matterhorn (the Matterhorn is the most-photographed mountain in the world), the Dom, Dufourspitze, and the Liskamm. All of these mountains offer an extraordinary view, soothing nature, breathtaking scenery, and different air quality dimensions.

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2. Water Means Life

Numerous scientific studies suggest that waterfalls literally make you happy (absorb your negative emotions), expel stress, and lower your blood pressure. And you are in luck because Switzerland has plenty.

 If you are a fan of large-sized waterfalls and enjoy the magnificence of great heights, you need to know about Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen. It is known as one of the highest waterfalls in Switzerland (approximately 300m). Staubbach Falls is only one of 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen valley, varying in size and shape. We highly recommend visiting at least the biggest one and experiencing a full activation of all five senses. 

When mentioning water creations, lakes present one of the biggest attraction not only for tourists. Swiss people like to relax by these lakes whenever they get the chance. The most famous are Lake Geneva, Luzern Lake, and the Zurich lake.

Besides mountains, waterfalls, and lakes, Switzerland is rich in forests and splendid sights. Depending on your interests, there is undoubtedly more than enough nature for all.

3. Spa Resorts and Wellness Centres

Travel experts recognize Switzerland as a world leader when talking about spa resorts. 

Nature is their prime asset and an excellent place to visit for those who are seeking pleasure, comfort and stress-relieving activity, especially after skiing. Spas are unique places where both nature and physiotherapy meet. Highlighting relaxation and healing getaways seem logic because Swiss love sport, and we all need some rest and pampering. Besides relaxation, thermal spas are a great way to improve your overall mental and physical health while surrounding yourself with beautiful esthetics. Most recommended luxurious spa resorts that indulge professionalism, hospitality and medicine are The Chedi, The Alpina Gstaad, and many more depending on your priorities when choosing the right spa center. If you are in for a full pampering experience, dislike taxies, and need a professional, safe, and comfortable driver and travel companion across the whole country swiss limo is the right choice.

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4. Say Cheese

Emmental cheese, Gruyere, Swiss cheese, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Swiss Tilsit, Sbrinz, Appenzeller are all widely famous cheeses made in Switzerland. Their taste and smell vary in strength, going from mild to very strong, hard to extra hard, soft, creamy, and melted. They also have a different percentage of fat, protein, and water. Since the Swiss make roughly around 450 kinds of cheese make a priority trying a couple of them at least. Regions of origin and production refer to the whole country. Almost every canton has its own cheesy representative. Unusual for the world yet familiar in Swiss is that some cheeses have a seasonal character. Some are made in winter, some in summer but the fact is that you cant find them out of season( like Rattler). You can either learn more about swiss cheeses at Cheese Buzz or go and visit Switzerland and try them yourself. The second option is our way to go, and trust us – you won’t regret it.

5. Sport Fanatics

Swiss are very fanatic about sport events. Some stats suggest that around 10000 football matches are played every single weekend. They also practice bicycles (biking is a trend in family activities typical for the Swiss), swimming, athletics, hockey, tennis, etc. 

Roger Federer is a professional Swiss tennis player currently ranked as number 4 on the men’s world’s list, has been on the top for years, and is widely recognized as a Swiss brand.

When talking of passionate sports ice hockey is necessary for Swiss folks. Although it is rough and demands a great deal of effort, the majority of Swiss people consider hockey as a national tradition along with skiing and love both cheering and participating fiercely.

6. Clubbing

Switzerland is almost a synonym for luxurious nightlife. They are famous for their expensive lifestyle and love showing what they have. It literally is one of the best places in the world to live in and has a high earning potential. This trend has been constant for years. Cities like Bern, Bazel, and Zurich are concrete jungles where money symbolizes the primary motive in everyday life.

Zurich is mainly known for its ideal venues, events, festivals and offers a breathtaking experience regarding clubs. The Swiss like to work but love to party. Style, esthetics, high-end fashion and luxury are a must if you want to blend with the crowd but still stand out. We recommend visiting a couple of clubs and guarantee an unforgettable night. Greatest clubs and festivals include Kaufleuten, Street Parade, Alice Choo and Blok (18-22+), all located in Zurich. If you are planning on a full clubbing experience rent a swiss limo, be a part of the luxurious Swiss elite, and party in style.

The best time to visit Switzerland depends on what are you interested in most and the weather you prefer. 

You can plan out trips between April and June if you want to focus on raw nature, go sightseeing and perform your favourite activities effortlessly. 

If you’re going to avoid large tourist groups, the ideal interval for you to travel would be from September to October, when the weather is best.

And if snow sports are your passion just visit this beautiful country in the winter, but be prepared, it can get very cold.

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