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Nepal Travel Guide: Why Should We Visit Nepal?

Why should we visit Nepal

Nepal is one of those countries that don’t often come up as desired destinations. However, it’s a mistake to overlook it. It’s a beautiful place with a rich, vibrant, and complex history. Nepal is also the country to visit as a part of an internal spiritual journey since it’s an epicenter of traditional eastern religions. Check out here complete Nepal travel guide and reasons to visit once in a life.

It’s also important to note that there are obstacles to visiting Nepal that may be somewhat challenging and that you need to prepare for in advance. These include making accommodations for traveling across the country and avoiding harsh weather. Let’s check out the reason below for why should we visit Nepal?.

Nepal Travel Guide: 7 Reason To Why Should We Visit Nepal

In this Nepal travel guide, let us know some of the primary reasons given below that will compel you to go on a Nepal vacation.

1. Diverse Cultures

As many as 35 different ethnic groups are living in Nepal. They all have their language, culture, dress, food, and art. Learning about them can be an experience of a lifetime, and it can also take a lifetime to truly immerse yourself in these cultural melting pots.

Most of these nations are unfamiliar to a traditional western traveler, and meeting them can be a cultural shock. However, that unique and new experience is probably the most impressive memory you can take home from Nepal since it’s the best reason to visit it.

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2. Cultural Heritage

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Those who are enthusiasts of history and the arts know Nepal for its UNESCO world history sites. The most famous of these are Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini. If you plan to take your time and explore these sites at your own pace, the best way to go is to get an international driving permit Nepal authorities will acknowledge. But, of course, this can be done only if you carry your national driver’s license with you as well.

The birthplace of Buddha is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world and one you should visit with your spiritual growth in mind.

3. Friendly People

It’s often talked about Nepal’s culture and history, and those are truly inspiring. But, on the other hand, those who visit usually say that it’s the people who have made their stay so enjoyable and have inspired them to come back.

Nepal has a warm and friendly culture that welcomes foreigners and strangers. As a result, a visitor will feel right at home. There are rarely any incidents, even when visiting large and bustling cities, and there’s virtually no crime. However, seeing the mountains and the remote regions usually includes the warmest encounters with the locals.

4. Local Cuisine

Another reason for why should we visit Nepal is famous local cuisine. Cultural diversity usually leads to an interesting cuisine and food culture. That’s the case with Nepal as well. Neighboring India and China have had the most profound influence on Nepal; however, the cuisine isn’t simply a mixture of the two. It’s very much a unique food that can’t be found anywhere else.

Dal Bhat (lentils with rice and curried vegetables) is the most common national dish and one you’ll have most often. Momo is another popular local dish, and it’s a form of dumpling, usually bought as a snack and found on every street corner.

5. The Mountains

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As we know, the mountains of Nepal are an important part of the Nepal Travel Guide’s list. Nepal is a small country, but it has some of the world’s most stunning mountains, and those who enjoy adventure sports will have a blast visiting. It has the world’s tallest mountain and deepest gorge, and a tourist can visit both within a span of a short trip. It’s important, however, to know your way around the safety equipment to do so.

Mountain trekking is a common activity for tourists visiting Nepal and 8 out of 10 most popular mountain treks can be found right here. Rafting, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and diving are also available.

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6. Wildlife

The country is often called the Amazon of Asia, and there’s a lot of truth to that saying. The lowlands of Nepal are home to a variety of different wildlife animals. Chitwan National park is the biggest and most popular one in the country, and also the one you shouldn’t miss during your trip. There are as many as 544 species of birds alone.

Remember that since the park is so popular, it’s not as pristine as others. Bardia National Park, for instance, provides more opportunities to observe the wildlife in its natural habitat. The animals found there include blue sheep, yaks, and snow leopards.

7. The Prices

Even though it seems exotic and expensive to visit such a remote and different place, Nepal is rather inexpensive once you’re actually in the country. For instance, the trek experience is just as good as it would on Kilimanjaro or Inca, but it is far less expensive.

Shopping for local foods and finding local accommodations to mix in with the crowd and experience the country firsthand is also much less expensive than it would be in most parts of the world. An average western visitor can therefore plan for a long trip and take the time to know Nepal inside and out.


Hope our comprehensive Nepal travel guide contains all your essential travel info, from Nepal cultures, cultural heritage, destinations and cuisines to what to see, know, and do in you Nepal Trip.

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