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Places You Can Visit in Mecca During Hajj or Umrah

Holy City of Mecca

Hajj and Umrah are the two most important pilgrimages of the Muslim community. Millions of Muslim devotees travel every year to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah to receive Allah’s grace and catch a glimpse of the most sacred spaces at least once in a lifetime. 

Mecca is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. It is a desert valley city with numerous holy locations. Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia where only Muslims are allowed to enter. If you plan to perform Hajj or Umrah or simply visit Mecca, your travel agents would have to make a permit from the Saudi Arabian government. 

As beautiful as it is, the city of Mecca brings peace to your mind and overwhelm your soul with its sacramental air. Whenever you decide to come and visit this holy city, you need to have a detailed plan. Mecca has a relentless list of offerings but your trip advisor and travel agents need to be equipped well and proper to let you enjoy the true beauty of the holy city.  

While choosing your Hajj and Umrah packages you can make a list of the places you would like to visit and choose a plan accordingly.

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Here We Shall Discuss About Some of the Most Important Places That You Should Never Miss if You’re on The Holy City of Mecca. 

Masjid al-Haram

The most important place in Mecca is Masjid-al-Haram, visited by countless Muslim devotees who come with the ‘niyaat’ or intention to perform Hajj and Umrah. In the middle of this pace is the Al-Kaaba, the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. During Hajj and Umrah devotees perform Tawah of Al-Kaaba where they make circular rounds around the tomb and pray to the almighty Allah. The Masjid-al-Haram also has the sacred Zamzam well whose water is considered to heal many ailments and render purity. Whenever you visit this place it is a must that you take some considerable liters of the Zamzam water for your family, friends and loved ones.  


One of the holiest mountains in Saudi Arabia, Jabal-e-Noor is located in the Hejazi region which is near Mecca. It is the location where Prophet Muhammad is said to have received the first revelations from the angel Jibra’il that consisted of the first ayats. The Cave of Hira is located in this mountain where Prophet Muhammad is believed to have spent many years meditating. It is important for all Muslims to visit the Jabal-e-Noor Mountains and the Caves of Hira once they are in Mecca. It is not only a place wrapped in historical and religious significance, but also exudes the beauty and grace of nature. 

Mount Arafat

Mount Arafat is one of the busiest locations during the season of Hajj. This place is visited by thousands every year during Hajj. Hajj pilgrims have to offer their prayers at the Mount Arafat in order to complete their Hajj duties. The Mount Arafat has a great religious significance as it is believed to be the mountain where all the Muslims will be gathered on the day of resurrection and would be held accountable for their deeds. Hence devotees pray to the mighty power to lead them to the right path so that the mercy of Allah stays upon them.  


One of the oldest cemeteries in the country, Jannat-al-Mualla is the burial ground of many important people in the community. It is visited by devotees to remember all these great figures of history. Locate on the north of the Masjid-al-Haram, it has the tombs of Prophet Muhammad’s mother, Khadija, first wife of Muhammad, Abu Talib ibn Abdul-Muttalib, uncle of Muhammad and father of Ali, Rahmatullah Kairanwi, 19th-century Indian Muslim scholar and author of Izhar ul-Haqq, Abu Turab al-Zahiri, 20th-century Muslim cleric and many others. Visitors pay their tributes to these great souls everytime they visit Jannat-al-Mualla.


Masjid-e-Aisha, also known as Masjid-e-Taneem, is one massive and beautiful mosques located in the vicinity of 10 kms from the Masjid-al-Haram. It is the second largest mosque in the country and is an important location for all the Hajj and Umrah travelers. The Masjid-e-Aisha is the place where pilgrims put on Ihram, the sacred clothes and get up that one needs to start Hajj. In case of Umrah pilgrims, they can renew their Ihram at this location and continue with the divine journey. 

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Battle field of Badr

One of the most glorious locations in Medinah, visited by thousands of travelers every year, the battle field of Badr houses the memorials of several Islamic martyrs who laid their lives to fight the great Battle of Badr. This place also has a mosque that pays tribute to Rakah Nafl. However, the main attraction of Badr is the battlefield. Filled with the history of devoted Islamic warriors shedding their blood, the place gives chills to the visitors as they pray for similar strength and vivacity to protect Islam.  

Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah

Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah is one of the most auspicious lands in the country of Saudi Arabia as it is the birth place of Prophet Muhammad. Initially a hill town, this place has been turned into a library in the recent years and holds a good collection of Islamic books. A place of knowledge and havoc historical importance, Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah is not a site to miss once you are in Mecca.


The city of Mina is a beautiful valley located 3kms away from Mecca. It is the place where all the Hajj pilgrims build their tents when they first come to Mecca to perform their divine pilgrimage. It s a place worth watching as there are thousands of tents with air-conditioned facilities built around the place and looks like a field of lights during night at the time of Hajj. It is the nearest resting place to Masjid-al-Haram and thus pilgrims performing Umrah also find it accommodating to visit this place and stay in the tents as a temporary accommodation.  The places mentioned above are some of the most important and auspicious locations at Mecca that visitors and pilgrims have to visit if they enter the holy city of Mecca. Some of the other places in the city are Masjid-al-Nawabi,  Jannat-al-Baqi,  Masjid-al-Quba,  Mount Uhud , Al-Madinah Museum,  Masjid-al-Kiblatain and  The Deserts Of Saleh which are also visited by pilgrims and travelers.

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