Georgia Travel Guide: Plan Your Trip to Atlanta Georgia

Trip To Atlanta Georgia

Are you planning your vacation for a unique destination? And if you are a nature lover, a hiking and camping lover, an adventurous or an admirer of old architecture and love to enjoy the stunning views of high mountain range, landscape and bustling city life. Then Georgia has it all! Trip to Atlanta Georgia is the best choice to travel within a short span of time from dazzling countryside to vibrant cities and from flavorsome food to hospitable people.

Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and shares its borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. The best time to visit Georgia is the spring season from March to May and the weather is warm and sunny as there are a lot of activities to do in spring time. For winters the best time to visit is December to February. In Georgia you can spend 10 days without any worries about the travel budget as travel in Georgia is cheap.

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So, Here are the Best Reasons That Why You Should Plan Your Trip to Atlanta Georgia

1. Beautiful Mountains and Dazzling Scenery

In Georgia nature is very diverse and attractive. In Georgia everywhere you go, you will get stunning and amazing views of landscapes and mountains. Despite its small size it lets you explore so much natural scenery from black sea beaches to high Caucasus mountains covered with snow, lower lush mountains, green valleys, ski resorts to incredible caves.

The Caucasus Mountains are for walking, trekking and for river rafting in spring and summer season. The places like Kazbegi or Svaneti have mountains with snow- capped peaks. In the Caucasus Mountain there is a small village “Ushguli” which is Europe’s highest village and it is the Centre point for visitors and the Svaneti region is also a must visiting site for its unique culture. In the Svaneti region you can get the opportunity to stay with svan families in villages and make your trekking more adventurous in this region. For snow adventures Gudauri hotels are one of the best.

2. The Vibrant Cities of Georgia

The most busy, vibrant and worth visiting cities of Georgia are mainly Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Bojurime.

  • Tbilisi: Out of these cities Tbilisi is one of the best cities to visit. Tbilisi is capital of Georgia and lies on the banks of the Mtkvari River and is surrounded by a stunning view of mountains. The old Tbilisi is the center point of visitors. The most authentic and charming old Tbilisi town is craved of narrow cobblestoned streets, ancient crossroads, pretty squares, from hanging balconies to unique art buildings with glass structure and reflects a long complicated history. Its diverse architecture comprises of Orthodox Church, Jewish synagogue, and soviet modernist structures. Tbilisi is famous for sulphur bath houses where you can plunge into the thermal waters. Tbilisi gets its name from the sulphur bathhouses because its warm and the old Georgian word “Tbili” means warm. Tbilisi is a busy city and there is a lot to explore such as spa, great restaurants, hotels, national museum, state opera house and well great nightlife.
  • Batumi: Batumi city is a vibrant sea- side town and has charming old town, amazing botanical garden, beautiful mountains, street arts and the sea side resort with a pebbled beach.
  • Bojurime: Bojurime is known as the most relaxing town and famous for its source of mineral water. Bojurime National Park is the visitor’s main point with a stunning view of natural landscape.
  • Kutaisi: Kutaisi city is known AS THE CENTRE POINT OF Georgia culture and History. Kutaisi city is composed of beautiful cultural landmarks and has a lot to explore such as caves, cathedral, monasteries, museums and markets.

 3. The Georgian Food:

If you are a food lover then Georgia is one of the best places to visit. Georgia’s Food includes a variety of foods mainly involving meat, dough based bread, chicken, fried chicken, dumplings, cheese, nuts, yogurts, fish and cornbread. The best way to know about the Georgian food is “Supra”. It is a traditional Georgian meal which is mainly held on big occasions. The two most mouthwatering famous dishes of Georgia are:

  • The local bread is known as “Kanchapuri”. It is little like pizza bread .The most famous is Adjaran variety and it is a boat shaped baked bread filled with gooey, melted, tangy sulguni cheese, yogurt, butter and whole egg yolk.
  • Another mouthwatering dish is “Khinkali”. It is a version of dumplings stuffed with lamb meat and mixture of beef and pork and it is boiled or steamed. The meat juices are trapped within the dumplings and make it more delicious.
  • The other foods are like Ricotta Cornets(rolled into thin slices of cheese), assorted Pkhali ( spinach with ground walnuts and garlic garnished with pomegranate seeds), Chaapuli(light and liquid stew), Karacho (slow- cooked thick meat stew with tomatoes and herbs)  and the Salads with dressing of walnuts, eggplants, spinach, cabbages leaves are the famous appetizers of the Georgian food.

 4. The Georgian Wine:

Georgia is known as the oldest wine-making region in the world. It is believed that the wine has been produced in Georgia since 8000 years ago and that’s why Georgia is considered as the “Birthplace of Wine”. Most of the wine production comes from the “Kakheti” region of Georgia. 

In Georgia wine is made by traditional method using egg- shaped clay jars called “Kveris”. The wine is prepared by pressing the grapes and then pouring  the grape juice into clay jars “Kveri” and then the jar is sealed and buried underground for 5 to 6 months so that wine can ferment and after that wine is ready to drink. In Georgia you can get homemade wine everywhere at any restaurants or at any local markets as the wine is sold in coca cola bottles. The most common Georgian wines are like Tsinandali, Tvishi, Alaznis Veli, Mukuzani, Khikhvi, Khvanchkara and many more.

5. Georgian People and Their Hospitality:

The one of the best reasons to visit Georgia is their people. Georgians are the pleasant and the most cheerful people. Georgia is also known as the hospitable nation. 

Georgians have a national monument known as “Kartlis Deda” which means “Mother of Georgia” and they believe that it glaring the capital “Tbilisi” and is a mark of friendship and Hospitality. According to the Georgian people “Every guest is a gift sent from God” therefore the locals invite you to their homes and tend to be caring and they will make you friends for life. They will do everything to help you out in any way and treat you like royalty and make you feel more comfortable. They will proudly show you their city and the places of their country. According to Georgian Poetry Hospitality is valued more than bravery. Georgian people like to serve lots of food and more drinks to their guests and make their guests fall in love with Georgia with their great kindness and hospitality.

6. Beautiful Churches:

Majority of Georgians are the Christians and Christianity is the major of Georgian culture. Apart from the mountains, landscapes and the vibrant cities the most attractive part in Georgia are the Orthodox Churches. The orthodox churches in Georgia are the oldest one in the world. The Orthodox Churches are the mark of ancient tradition, history and culture of Georgia. The famous world heritage sites like Mtskheta’s Svetitskhoveli Cathedral or the Kutaisi Bagrati Cathedral are the incredible churches in Georgia.

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7. Budget Friendly and Safe:

If you are looking for a low cost and safe destination then Georgia is off the beat travelling destination. Georgia is very affordable in comparison to other European countries. Georgia is also 7TH cheapest country in the world. Georgia’s currency is the Lari (Gel) and you can easily spend around 10 days in Georgia without any worries about your budget.

Georgia is overall a safe country to visit and the crime rate is very low as compared to other European countries. Georgia is the seventh safest country in the world but while travelling you should keep an eye on your belongings and just be aware of the Georgian drivers as they can be a little crazy so you need to be alert as a wayfarer.


In conclusion, despite its small size the Georgia country is a full package for travelling. It is a country with stunning views of mountains and landscape with its rich tradition, culture and history which let you explore the old architecture, cobblestoned streets, vibrant city like Tbilisi, hiking, adventurous tracking, from great restaurants museums hotels, to delicious foods and great hospitality without draining your wallet. Book you ticket with Delta Airlines reservations and enjoy your vacation trip to Atlanta Georgia.

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