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Best Places To Visit in Ottawa

places to visit in Ottawa

While the rest of Canada offers you extensive wilderness and great biodiversity, Ottawa provides beautiful heritage and glorious art. One of the top cities in Canada, this city is blessed with vibrant cultures and magnificent experiences. This beautiful city is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle and will surely offer you a relaxing break from your mundane life. Sits beautifully alongside the Ottawa River, it is a great place for both culture and art freaks. The capital city of Canada, Ottawa is a wonderland for the holiday-maker and popularly known for its breathtakingly beautiful Victorian architecture. This city is home to the numerous tourist attractions that fascinate globetrotters worldwide. Visit here and enjoy an exquisite vacation in Canada. 

Famous Places to Visit in Ottawa to Make the Best Out of Your Canada Trip

With world-famous museums, recreational centers, shopping malls, architectural marvels, art centers, scenic landscapes, and significant landmarks, this city has everything to keep you busy throughout the day. Below are mentioned some of the stunning places to explore in Ottawa to make your trip interesting and memorable. 

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  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Let’s unwrap the list of top 6 places to visit in Ottawa with the prominent destination which is none other than Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Home to more than 130 military and civilian aircraft, this museum will take you on the journey of aviation and space history. One of the major attractions of this place that you must not miss while visiting here is the famous Avro Arrow from the 2nd world war. Make Delta Airlines reservations now and fly to your destination with ease. 

  • Canadian Museum of Nature

The second-most famous tourist attraction in Ottawa to explore is the Canadian Museum of Nature. If you are a nature enthusiast, then this place is perhaps the best place to be. This museum boasts some of the world-class exhibition galleries where you can discover nature at its best. Here, you can get the chance to witness iconic Canadian mammals, enormous blue whale skeletons, dinosaur fossils, gemstones, minerals, and much more. This museum offers plenty of guided tours, workshops, 3D movies and exhibitions to entertain the visitors. Do you know that this museum was once a major headquarter of the Canadian government? The artifacts of this museum will surely leave you astounded. 

  • Parliament Hill

Constructed between 1859 and 1927, this political masterpiece houses Canada’s government. This grand building is home to three edifices namely – East Block, West Block, and Centre Block. This iconic building is designed in Gothic-Style architecture and, therefore, fascinates architects from all around the world. It has an observation deck as well from where you can witness the unrivaled vistas of the city that will surely keep you spellbound. 

  • Rideau Canal

Yet another charismatic tourist attraction to explore in Ottawa Rideau Canal. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this canal is 200m long and mainly connects Ottawa to Kingston. Built between 1826 and 1832, the Rideau Canal is unarguably the best place to visit in Ottawa, especially in winter. One surprising fact about this canal is that when it freezes, it serves as the skating track for the visitors and looks stunningly beautiful. You’ll be glad to know that this skating rink is known as the world’s biggest skating trail and truly offers a magical experience. 

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  • National Gallery of Canada

How could one forget to mention the name of the very famous National gallery of Canada on the list of top places to visit in Ottawa? This award-winning masterpiece boasts some of the largest Canadian collections from the eighteenth century. This iconic gallery is an ensemble of glass spires and pink granite that lures the tourists from every roof and corner of the world. Inside the gallery, you’ll find two beautiful courtyards and alluring Rideau Street Convent Chapel. 

  • National War Memorial 

Built with an objective to honor the sacrifice of the Canadian Military Forces, this National War Memorial is counted amongst the worth-visiting places in Ottawa. This memorial is undoubtedly an epitome of heroism and thus attracts tourists of all ages and preferences. 

  • Notre Dame Basilica

Designed in the year 1840, Notre Dame Basilica is the largest and oldest church in Ottawa and therefore, holds great significance. It is embellished with stained-glass windows and Biblical inscriptions. In addition to this, Notre Dame Basilica is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture and reflects Canadian religious art. Don’t forget to add this beautiful attraction to your itinerary and get ready to be fascinated by the mesmerizing views of the church. 

  • Royal Canadian Mint

Last but not least, the tourist attraction in Ottawa that you cannot afford to miss is the Royal Canadian Mint. If you wish to take some precious gifts for your near and dear ones from Ottawa, then this must be the best place to visit. Created in the year 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is famous for producing world-finest handcrafted collectible coins that you can bring back home as a memory.

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