Reasons Why the Philippines is the Best Travel Destination

Philippines Best travel Destination

The Philippines is full of beautiful places and it has become one of the most popular travel destination in the world. Along with its hospitable people where they are best known. Their extremely beautiful scenery will never cease to amaze you. But this isn’t the only reason why the Philippines became a beloved place.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting the Philippines.

The Locals

As stated earlier, the Philippines is known to have the most hospitable people. Even after arriving at the airport or one of their many beautiful beach resorts. They would greet you with a smile that seems to be never-ending. While staying in beaches. You shouldn’t be surprised if the locals invited you to have lunch or dinner at their house. Even with the people not being well off themselves. They would offer whatever they have just to show you how welcome you are.

Their Many Festivals

In most places in the Philippines, they would always have their own festival. Each originating from their patron and saints or legends that came from their vicinity. Their colorful parades will bring cheerfulness to you. Along with their lively street decorations and other events. They also hold programs that show off their talents and fun-filled activities.

Huge Selection of Islands

The Philippines’ most prominent selling point would be their breathtaking islands. They have more than 7000 islands each with their own unique beauty. No matter where you go, the breathtaking islands would always be there to welcome you. There are a lot of popular places that you might have heard already such as the Banaue’s Rice Terraces, chocolate hills of Bohol, the hundred islands and of course Boracay.

The Exquisite Selection of Food

You will see a wide selection of food in the Philippines. This is not surprising since the people there love to eat and cook. Each place that you will visit will have its own specialty dish. One of the examples is Bicol express which will bring spice to your palette. There is a lot of uncommon food that a lot of people haven’t even known of.

Their Exciting Activities


The Philippines is probably one of the best places to dive. They have a wide selection of beaches that you can take your diving gear into. You can even swim with whale sharks in Donzol or in Oslob. Although frowned upon since it can disrupt their natural activities, feeding habits and their migration route.

Strut Along Volcanoes

Being in a part of the pacific ring of fire. The Philippines has a lot of hikeable volcano areas that are also surrounded by beautiful lakes and caves.

Chill at the beaches

The beaches in the Philippines seems like something that came out of a magazine. This is also why a lot of people from around the world travel through great lengths just to visit it. The tropical vibe will surely take away the stress that you have accumulated from the busy city life.

Key Takeaway

The Philippines is a premier place, along with its beach resorts and other fun activities, it is definitely a must to travel there. Experience true relaxation and fun activities in the country located in the pacific.

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