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3 Major Himachal Pradesh Airports

Himachal Pradesh Airports

Himachal Pradesh is among the famous tourist destinations. But how to reach here without less chaos? Here is a brief on Himachal Pradesh airports.

Himachal Pradesh is not just the epitome of stunning snow-capped hills but all those picturesque locations which make nature admirable. This state is located in the extreme northwest of India and is home to many beautiful rivers and snowy mountains. This place indeed resides on the bucket list of many wanderlust souls, and often one can find them roaming around in the picturesque locations on their Himalayan bikes, lost in the beauty of this place.

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Tibet in the east, surrounded by Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Punjab in the west and south, and Haryana in the south.

Himachal means clouds, and Pradesh means place of residence. Himachal Pradesh is well connected to the major cities of the country by roads as well as airways; it becomes adventurous when you travel by Himalayan Bikes. But to reduce the travel time most people prefer to travel by plane. With prominent airports in Himachal Pradesh, not only do you get an easy booking but reaching the airport is also easy.

About Himachal Pradesh Airports

The name of this place itself portrays its characteristics. It consists of two Sanskrit words, Hima, which means snow, and Achala, which means mountains, combined to form the word which means snowy mountains or snowy range.

With the feasible efforts of the government, the transportation system here is entirely compatible with tourists. The state is conveniently reachable by road, whether through personal vehicles, taxis, buses, railroads, or flights. Many functional airports are present all over Himachal Pradesh, considering this place’s popularity and the number of tourists visiting here yearly. Below are the airports currently all over Himachal Pradesh for feasibility in transportation.

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3 List of Major Himachal Pradesh Airports and Their Names

1. Shimla – Jubbarhatti Airport, Himachal Pradesh (SLV)

Shimla Jubbarhatti Airport Himachal Pradesh
Image Courtesy: aai.aero

First up on this Himachal Pradesh Airports list is Jubbarhatti Airport, located in Jubbarhatti, located 22 kilometres from Shimla. It has a single runway which was levelled and formed by chopping off the mountain’s summit.

Jubbarhatti airport additionally serves as a training ground for nascent and aspiring pilots, as many government institutions use this airport to instruct aspiring pilots as a part of their pilot training programs. Hence, it is popularly known as Shimla Airport among visitors.

This airport was made functional in 2017, and since then, it has been helping with feasible transportation services. Although this is not an international airport, it is close to international airports in Chandigarh and Delhi, separated by roads by approximately 100 km and 265 km, respectively.

This domestic airport in Himachal Pradesh is owned and operated by the Airport Authority of India and is approximately 22 km from Shimla. That is why they regulate all the imports and exports of goods and commodities. This airport lying in the hills is India’s one of the three table-top airports.

Highlights of Jubbarhatti Airport

  • With a runway that is asphalt-surfaced and has a length of 1230 meters, the airfield has space for two medium-sized planes at once. All of the tiny planes can be readily parked in a sizable area.
  • This airport has one terminal and can accommodate up to 50 people who disembark from arriving aircraft and 40 passengers who need to board the departing aircraft.
  • Private planes land at this airfield.
  • Helicopter services are also provided here.
  • This airport also includes a shopping centre that houses a few restaurants providing fresh cuisine.
  • It also has several stores on site providing all the necessities.

Due to Shimla’s high altitude, not a lot of load can be supported on the voyage, which is why only a safe number of passengers are permitted to fly.

On the airport scanners and security, monitoring is done efficiently to avoid inconveniences. In addition, the baggage services provided by the airport include luggage trolleys and escorts, which are well-monitored and examined for safety reasons.

The major cities and their airports are well-linked. There is a bus stop just a few kilometres away, and a railway station named Jatogh railway station a few kilometres away. Taxi services are also easily accessible from here. Due to good connectivity, one can reach Shimla in less than an hour. One can also make reservations for them in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

How to Reach Jubbarhatti Airport?

The nearby train station is where one may take a short distance to go to this airport. The taxis or cabs, which one may also reserve in advance, are another option for getting there. Since Shimla is nearby, transportation options are available to get you here from there. For improved connection, a bus stop is available close by. There are several government plans in development to reduce any further discomfort.

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2. Kullu And Manali – Bhuntar Airport, Himachal Pradesh (KUU)

Kullu Manali Bhuntar Airport Himachal Pradesh

Bhuntar Airport is the major Himachal Pradesh Airport, in the little town of Bhuntar, a part of the famous tourist destination Kullu Manali. This airport is situated alongside the river Beas, whose banks are 10 kilometres from the Kullu and 50 kilometres from Manali. The area is at a key access point to the mountain resorts of Manali and Manikaran.

The airport is also known as Kullu Airport among visitors and is also airport near Manali Himachal Pradesh. This airport has just one runway and exclusively follows a domestic route. Still, to reduce the inconveniences of foreign tourists, the main stopover is Indira Gandhi International Airport, situated in Delhi.

It is a challenging task for pilots to land and take off from here, considering it is situated in the heart of rising peaks that are significantly higher in height than the runaway.

The location of the river Beas does make the airport’s view serene, but it has consequences. Due to the airport’s position on the river bank, several cases of flooding hampered the airport’s functioning.

Highlights of Bhuntar Airport

  • This airport has 2 terminals for better feasibility; thus, it is better for managing numerous flights to and from across the nation.
  • The asphalt-surfaced runway this airport has is 3690 feet long.
  • This airport’s connectivity is incomparable compared to others in Himachal Pradesh. Cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Dharamshala, Chennai, Mumbai, etc., are well associated with it, which ends up giving pleasant travel experiences to travellers and helps the airlines.
  • All the required services here are to provide ease to whoever is travelling from here.
  • Free luggage service is provided to the passengers, and with every necessity provided, the journey can become efficient for the passengers. The security services are up to the mark, and everything is monitored well.
  • Here ATM services, coffee shops, post offices, a few bank branches, and STD-PCO are also available for the comfort of passengers.

So, the airport authorities provide travellers with every type of comfort while travelling from here.

The connectivity to the central city from here is excellent and full of comfort. Moreover, it has a good transportation connection to nearby tourist places. One can order a cab from outside the airport, or for their convenience; they can even book it in advance. Buses are available here 24/7 that take passengers from here.

Kangra is approximately 200 kilometres from this airport, whereas Shimla is 220 kilometres away via road. The bus stop from the airport is just a few kilometres away and only takes a few minutes to reach. A Kullu railway station is located approximately 50 kilometres from the airport.

Although people assume the road is a convenient way of travelling, you can consider the railroad the best transportation method. This is because it can help you reach long distances in less time than roadways.

How to Reach Bhuntar Airport?

The Kangra or the Bhuntar Airport is accessible through taxi or cab services. Since it is closer to Kangra, Shimla, and Kullu, those staying there should consider using this airport for their travel needs. In addition to the roads, one also needs to think about the trains because a nearby train station makes it possible to get here. Bus services are also available in this area, so one may think about using that as a way of transportation.

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3. Kangra – Gaggal Airport (DHM)

Gaggal Airport Dharamshala Kangra
Image Courtesy: aai.aero

One of the famous Himachal Pradesh Airports is Gaggal Airport, which is located in Gaggal, a town close to the Kangra district, which is why the airport is also famous as Kangra Airport. Furthermore, this airport near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It located southwest of the Dharamshala and is 13.2 kilometers away, which is why it is also popularly known as Dharamshala Airport.

Dharmshala is India’s most famous tourist location and has excellent air connections to all the major Indian Airports. This airport is close to Kangra, just 8 kilometres away, and many flights fly from here each day, connecting Delhi with Pathankot.

Due to the high altitude and the small runway, the airport suffers the load penalty; thus, it can not allow aircraft to take off at total capacity. Due to this, the airfares around this route are often higher and result in underutilization.

The airport mainly links flights to Delhi, Kullu, and Chandigarh. In addition, several airlines like Air India, Spicejet, and Jagson Airlines operate from here. The Gaggal airport is the largest in Himachal Pradesh regarding the number of passengers departing and arriving and the aircraft flow from here.

Highlights Of Gaggal Airport

  • This airport has just one Asphalt runway and is situated at an altitude of over 2000 feet. The runway is spread over 126 acres.
  • These are being taken for utmost security, including an airfield beacon with PAPI lights for safe night landings which are very helpful during navigation.
  • Proper luggage checking is done, and proper monitoring and scanning are done to avoid misfortune.
  • The terminal building of this airport can hold up to a hundred persons at a time, fifty people during departure and fifty people for arrival area.
  • It is situated on National Highway 154, which connects Pathankot and Mandi. So, this becomes feasible for the passengers to travel through many destinations thanks to the well-established connectivity.

The Gaggal Airport Authority is responsible for managing this airport and working under the Airport Authority of India. They oversee the airport and are in charge of all the services provided for a better passenger travel experience.

The schemes and developments linked to its expansion are also handled by them efficiently. They take numerous actions regularly to transform this airport into one of the best airports of their niche and fill it up with all the modern amenities.

It is well connected to the nearby cities, and one can reach there through the taxis and rental cars available right at the airport’s doorstep. To avoid the last-minute rush, one can schedule their rental cars or ask their hotels for a pickup before their arrival of the aircraft. Usually, travellers go to Dharamshala as it is close to here, but it is well connected to all the parts.

How To Reach Gaggal Airport?

It is significantly simpler for travellers to get to this airport because it is well connected to the National Highway. Even so, it is well connected to nearby large cities, so travellers may want to book flights from this location. The airport authorities, which handle the management and development programmes, constantly strive to make it one of the most efficient airports in its area.

Upcoming Airports in Himachal Pradesh

Mandi Airport

The Mandi Airport, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, is set to soar as an international gateway in Nag Chala, Mandi. Spread across 698 acres, this visionary project aims to seamlessly connect global travelers to the rich culture and natural wonders of India. With the Airports Authority of India at its helm, the airport’s imminent operation promises not just connectivity but a transformative journey, enriching both the local economy and the wanderlust of adventurers worldwide.


Currently, the list of Himachal Pradesh airports does not have any other international airport than these. However, because the state’s popularity is increasing among foreign tourists, we can see the inauguration of an international airport very soon. The tourists also prefer to fly into neighbouring places like Chandigarh and Delhi and, from there, plan their trip accordingly.

The beauty of this place lies in its versatility as there is everything for everyone, be it the ones searching for a peaceful excursion trip, adventure-loving people who get a wide range of activities to do, or people looking for quality time with their family, or solo travellers, this place can offer its serenity to everyone.

In a nutshell, it can be stated that this state has a lot to offer, and no tourist can be disappointed by the specialities this place can offer—no wonder people are favoured to be at least visited once. And lastly, airport connectivity reduces travel time without any hustle.


1. How many national airports are there in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal has a proposed international airport and 3 operational airports.

2. Which one is the biggest Himachal Pradesh Airports?

Kangra, Gaggal Airport is the biggest airport In Himachal which is located on National Highway 154.

3. How many airports are in Himachal Pradesh?

There are 3 operational airports in Himachal.
1. Gaggal Airport
2. Jubbarhatti Airport
3. Bhuntar Airport

4. Which is the nearest airport to Shimla?

The nearest International airport from Shimla is Chandigarh Airport situated at a distance of about 120 Km and the nearest domestic airport is Jubbarhatti which is 22 Km away.

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