How to Spend Five Days in Boston?

Spend five days in Boston

From world-class educational institutions to best hiking and biking destinations, Boston has it all. Although it is globally recognized for being the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States, Boston has been highly appreciated for having beautiful tourist destinations. This 21st most populous city in the United States has been considered an ideal place for art lovers. 

Boston is also considered as a place of educational significance with renowned universities and colleges. Therefore, this city attracts scholars, philosophers, writers, scientists from all around the globe. This city in the United States is a paradise for food lovers. Eateries at Boston satiates the taste buds of foodies from different parts of the world by offering them delectable cuisine of various types. Shopaholic will love to explore the shopping malls at Boston offering clothes of regular and exclusive brands.

With so many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do, it is hard to categorize the destinations which a travel enthusiast should have in their bucket list while making an effort to find an airline offering airline tickets best price.

When you are on a trip to Boston, you can’t afford to miss seeing the major sights of the city. The trick is to find a balance and to plan a proper trip for not missing the major tourist destinations in Boston.  

Well, this 5 day Boston itinerary will help you make the most of your trip.

Read on to find out a plan that will help you cover a lot of the place without feeling rushed. 

Day 1

Start the 1st day of your trip by making a visit to Boston Common and the Esplanade. The Boston Common is the oldest park in America. The Esplanade is a leafy park located at the edge of the Charles River. Both of these destinations are ideal to stroll around or to enjoy a run in the smooth green ground. These perfect relaxing destinations will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Relax in the sun and watch sailboat drift by.

After spending 1st half of the day relaxing in the sun, it’s time for you to satiate your taste buds especially when you are in a city known for offering delectable cuisine. Avail local transport or you can hire a cab to reach Quincy Market. It is a place full of restaurants. Although the number of eateries at Quincy Market is not limited to one, actual food lovers are advised to enjoy a meal at Union Oyster House. It is the oldest restaurant in America which is still in operation. 

As the evening approaches, get transferred to the place having world-famous museums. Being in Boston, you can’t afford to miss the Museum of Science or the Museum of Fine Arts. 

Day 2

Day two of your Massachusetts stay starts by taking a walk in the morning at the Harvard University campus in Cambridge. Don’t forget to miss the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Continue the second day trip by visiting the fascinating museums that are open to the public 24×7. After exploring the world-class museums to the fullest, give a pause to your day trip for lunch at Cheers Boston. 

Once you are done with the sumptuous lunch, plan a swan boat ride in the Boston Public Garden which is located next to the Boston Common right in the middle of the city. Boston Public Garden is globally recognized as the first botanical garden in America. Then, proceed towards visiting the other famous museums of Boston like the JFK Library & Museum, USS Constitution or Museum of Fine Arts followed by shopping on Beacon Hill. It is an ideal place for antique lovers. 

Day 3 

Here comes the 3rd day of your trip to Boston. It’s time to leave Boston for a day and travel via a ferry for a day to visit Provincetown on Cape Cod. This ferry journey is of 90 minute but the scenic view you can enjoy on the journey via ferry is breathtaking. Now, you can visit the famous Pilgrim Monument. This site is globally recognized for being the first landing point of the Pilgrims in the New World. 

Take a stroll at the Commercial street and have a thorough glance at all the shops, art galleries, restaurants and bistros before returning back to the place of origin. Make sure that you return to Boston by ferry to enjoy the waves of the ocean and to experience the beauty of nature in Boston.

Day 4

Now, you are towards the end of your trip. So, without wasting any more time, rent a car and drive northwest to Concord, Massachusetts. When booking airline tickets with a reliable and trusted airline, make sure that Concord in Massachusetts is in your bucket list. Here, you will get a chance to relive the American Revolution at Minute Man National Historical Park. This place signifies the opening battle of the Revolution. Visit this place of historical importance to witness the American revolutionary spirit via the writings of the Concord authors.

Also, manage some time to visit the Walden Pond State Reservation, the home of Henry David Thoreau. He was a famous American poet, philosopher and essayist. 

Day 5

Here comes the last day of your trip. Make sure that you plan a visit to Salem in Massachusetts. You can’t afford to miss The Salem Witch Museum. It is a unique museum that takes visitors to an era of 1962 when accusations of witchcraft scared people. 

On the second half of the day, drive towards the coast to spend some time in the Rocky Net. It is America’s first art colony.

Tips to Avail Affordable Flight Tickets to Boston

Boston is well-connected to other parts of the world. Traveling to Boston is an easy and trouble-free task. But it is also a fact that being an exotic destination it attracts visitors from all around the globe and therefore you can notice a hike in the airfare to Boston.

To avail cheap flights to Boston, compare the prices quoted by different airlines. Also, do some research work in finding a low-cost yet reliable and trusted airline.

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