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LGBT Family Travel : Here Are Some Tips For A Great Vacation

LGBT Family Travel
  • Double triple checking flight timings, local conveyance maps, packing medical box ,mom’s favourite hat, sunscreen or moisturisers, family trips are a happening event and need a lot of detailed planning. 
  • But there are more than these normal concerns that LGBT families have while planning a trip. 
  • It’s a tiresome and sometimes disappointing process to plan trips and vacations for LGBT families. 
  • But here are a few things that can make the process a little smoother and your vacation a more convenient experience : 
  • LGBT Friendly Destinations

    The most important thing to take care of is finding the right destination for your family vacation. Research about the official legal stand of the region you plan to visit regarding marriage equality and the political condition of LGBT community in that region. The last thing you want in your vacation is the surrounding people ruining it for you because of your sexual orientation. Several LGBT families recommend going to places with marriage equality and legal status to LGBT people. This ensures a feeling of security during the stay. And you can actually focus on enjoying.
  • Finding The Right PackageAnother thing to focus on is to find the right package for your family. Unfortunately, there are many cases of hotels, restaurants and other such service providers denying service to LGBT people and families solely on the account of the customers not complying with the cisgender heterosexual norms. Ask your travel agent about the details of the package or opt for LGBT specific travel agencies for better and more targeted itinerary.
  • Keep Your Documentation With You

    As unjustified as it may sound, it is advisable to keep your documentation with you on your vacation. Marriage certificates, adoption papers and other related documents can help you avoid any unsolicited trouble during your vacation and the travel. Although avoid taking physical original copies of these certificates as any mishap can increase your problems even more. Collect the soft copies on your cloud so that you can access them from anywhere
  • Read Some LGBT Family Travel Blogs Beforehand

    There are a lot of LGBT family travel blogs available online that you can read and be better prepared for your upcoming vacation. Reading such blogs gives you a better and clearer picture of the challenges you may face while travelling, LGBT specific or otherwise, because vacationing with family can entail a lot of challenges for anyone. SO read some blogs and their experiences beforehand so that there are less unpleasant surprises during the trip.
  • Know Your Rights

    Wherever you go, you need to know what legal rights you have on that land as a member of LGBT community and as a citizen. Be sure to abide by the laws and also know what may be an infringement of your rights in your home place. So make sure you know what your rights are in the state or country of your destination. 

In The End

Bring your inner enthusiastic vacationer with you. Don’t forget to get the camera. Family trips are a thing to be remembered for a lifetime. And while you’re at it, try planning a vacation to join a pride march happening in your destination and be a part of global pride.

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