Himachal Pradesh famous sights for adventurous auto-trekking

tourits trekking in himachal

If you are passionate about traveling and trekking then India is a best place where you can fulfill your passion. We are talking about Himachal Pradesh. It is a place where is a beautiful rivers, greenery mountains, tall snow-clad, climb, to fine tune from there by looking at the surrounding landscape is very good Experience. Here you can enjoy every moment of your life. Himachal Pradesh is the best ever place in India for adventurous lover. Here is some places which is famous for travelling and trekking in HP.

Mani Mahesh Lake:

Mani Mahesh Lake is located in Chamba district in the panjal range of the Himalayas and also known by the name of the Duck Lake. Its height is 4,080 meters. Mani Mahesh Lake Mansarovar due to have its own separate religious recognition. Mani Mahesh is also famous for the Indian god Shiva and in the front of lake there is an ancient temple. its trekking is follow the route for which 13 km far from Bhanlur-Hadsar.

Triund Glacier:

Triund, Bhagsu Nag favorite place of tourists coming from outside, it is located in 9 km away from here Maeclodganj in Dharamsla which complete 4 hours of arrival time. While tracking the Dhauladhar range of Kangra valley and meet lots of beautiful sights. Possible here without a guide is also trekking.

Chandratal trek (Spiti Valley):

In the month of June to November It really feels like the tracking on walking on the moon. It is located near the Spiti Valley in Lahaul & Spiti District. These bean-shaped lake is 2.8 kilometers. Trekking around the lake during the camp can also enjoy the beautiful views. Spiti is the most adventurous place in himachal. Tourits Love to come here and enjoyed their every moment.

Kinnaur Kailash Mountain:

Kinnaur Kailash is in the north eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Here you can enjoy trekking in all days of the week. This mountain is the perfect trekk to start from Shimla, from where tourists can Sangla. The height of the mountain is 6349 meters. At the beginning of this tracking is going Thangi of Sangla. After a few days of trekking Chalang La pass (5300 m), after reaching the deep valleys observes.

Pin Parvati Pass:

It is a challenging trekk the altitude 5319 meter  located in Kullu district. This trekking is in a forest wild way of Great Himalayan National Park which is can’t cross without the river bridge. The risks involved in trekking works reassuring, because the Himalayas are two completely different as trekkers are found.

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