10 Do’s and Don’ts That Every Oktoberfest Goer Should Know


Oktoberfest is a legendary beer festival for a reason! Over 7 million people celebrate it annually as it has the best of the best when it comes to food, culture, parties, performances, rides, and of course, beer. It’s simply the best beer festival that brings out the fun in everyone! It is heartily enjoyable because everyone in Oktoberfest knows how to have a good time. Good clean fun is the name of the game and Oktoberfest goers know how it goes! How is it even possible? The short answer is, Germans. The long answer is, everyone simply knows how to behave properly.

This post is perfect for you if it’s your first time to experience Oktoberfest. We’d enlist 20 Oktoberfest tips to ensure that you’d truly have a smashing good time. Enjoy! 

Here are the 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Oktoberfest Goer

Do # 1: Look the part!

Oktoberfest is best if you’d go out of your way to look the part! Shop around for a traditional Bavarian Tracht around Munich. Do this early as they get sold out quickly!

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DO NOT # 1: Do not wear Halloween costumes. 

Never, under any circumstance, opt for cheap Halloween costumes. You will not enjoy wearing gimmicky attires as people will look at you differently. You’d even have a very high chance of offending locals. To avoid this, please just skip on anything costumey and goofy. Remind yourself: you’re there to party and not to disrespect people’s culture!

Do # 2: Have money with you.

It’s easier to go around and go tent-skipping if you have enough cash with you. 

DO NOT # 2: Do not bring loads of cash. 

There’s no reason whatsoever for you to bring loads of cash with you. You wouldn’t want to get the attention of drunk and malicious people!

Do # 3: Be a responsible drinker.

Know your limit when it comes to beer. If you’re coming with a group, always have a designated sober driver. He or she may not need to drive (traffic can be insane during Oktoberfest, walking may even be better) but he or she will need to stay sober to ensure that everyone’s safe while having a good time.

DO NOT # 3: Do not binge drink. 

Avoid binge drinking if you can. You wouldn’t want to be a nuisance to other festival-goers!

Do # 4: Go on a food crawl!

Oktoberfest is the best time to experience Munich’s best delicacies! Enjoy traditional Bavarian food by going on a food crawl around the city! Check out Thirsty Swagman to get a list of foods and spots that you should check out!

DO NOT # 4: Do not drink on an empty stomach!

This is self-explanatory. Going on an empty stomach at a beer festival is simply wrong on so many levels. It’s so wrong, it’s a form of self-sabotage!

Do # 5: Enjoy beer to the hilt!

You have the best of the best when it comes to German beer so make it a point to explore each and every tent that offers varying premium flavors!

DO NOT # 5: Do not drink Schnapps! Please.

Schnapps will be served in some tents but it’s best to avoid them. You may not enjoy carelessly mixing your alcohol. Opt for delicious beers!

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Do # 6: Be polite!

You’d be partying with over 7 million guests from all over the world. The least you could do is to be polite and friendly to all!

DO NOT # 6: Do not be rude! Never.

If you can’t be nice, at least don’t be rude. Rudeness often stirs conflicts and fights. 

Do # 7: Enjoy beers inside tents!

Get the full Oktoberfest experience by drinking beers inside tents! 

DO NOT # 7: Do not smoke inside tents! 

Smoking is not allowed inside tents. Should you need to smoke, you would need to go outside.

Do # 8: Dance on benches!

Yep, it’s okay to hop on benches and dance along to German drinking songs! Just be sure that you’re not too drunk and that you end up falling on random people!

DO NOT # 8: Do not dance on tables! 

Never, under any circumstance, think of dancing on tabletops. Tent administrators will easily see you and you’d have them come for you in an instant. They may even escort you out if you’re already too drunk and quite a nuisance to other festival goers.

Do # 9: Have new friends!

Oktoberfest is the best time to meet other people. You’d have weeks to interact with other festival goers so do make it a point to be friendly and open to new connections!

DO NOT # 9: Do not be in fights! 

Avoid fights at all costs. If you feel that a brawl is about to start, best leave that area in an instant. You wouldn’t want to have to pay a hefty fine!

Do # 10: Look for souvenirs!

Go souvenir shopping! There are numerous souvenir shops in Munich where you’d get to buy all kinds of mementos or gifts!

DO NOT # 10: Do not steal Steins!
Germans are strict when it comes to their glassware. They won’t find it funny or cute if you’d bring home their steins. So much so that every festival goers’ bag is checked upon exiting tents to check for any glassware. To avoid being embarrassed, please just opt to buy your own steins and duly return the ones that you’d use inside the tents.

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